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  1. Hai ... my ING is Troel and i play Royal Revolt 2. This evening the event stopped ... and we still had 16 hours to go. Now the prise and the upgrade time is as it is normaly. What happend 🤔and please fix it 😉

  2. Troel

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    hai there For me is the first time i visit this and i do not know were to put the answers to the trivia questions... So here are my answers.... 1) Skeleton 2) Southhampton 3) Ice hockey uses 6 players/ team. There goal stands 4feet high and 6 feet wide .Ice hockey uses a puck Field hockey uses 11 players /team.There goal consists of 2 7foot high posts spaced 12 feet apart. hockey uses a ball 4) Horse/Knight 5) Fencing ( one-touch epee) Freestyle swimming (200m) Equestrian show jumpping ( 15 jumps) and a final combined event of pistol shooting and cross country running ( 3200m) 6) Malaysia 7) London ( World cup x4, ICC champ Trophy x 2) 8) Roger Federer has won an all time record 20 grand Slam singles titles and has reached a record 30 Grand Slam finals ( 10 consecutive and anothher 8 consecutive - the two longest streaks in history 9) London England and Mombai India 10) South Corea and Japan in 2002 ( 20 venues) I forgot .. my IGN is Troel and i play Royalrevolt 2