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  1. drFranjoTudjman

    Missing event chest?

    I had 2 chests (did not open last one) after opening one of them, other chest has gone. Did anyone see something like that? I'm sad a little bit since now I think I will not get pal and I played every day.
  2. drFranjoTudjman

    Trivia n°13: Football Fever

    1. Rusia, Brasil and Columbia 2. Once, Geoff Hurst, England vs. W. Germany 3. 1938. held in France 4. Egypt - Urugvay 5. Produced by Adidas (name is Telstar 18) in Pakistsn and China. 6. OFC 7. England and Netherlands 8. Brasil, W. Germany and Brasil again (my favourite team after my home team - see the name of my Alliance in RR2 ? 9. It was 2014, Brasil, 14 goals 10. Senegal
  3. drFranjoTudjman

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    IGN: dr Franjo Tuđman in RR2 1) Skeleton 2) Southampton 3) played on ice/played on grass, with puck/with ball, Andrea thirdnis number od players 4) Knight 5) fencing, freestyle swimming 200m, equestrian show jumping (350-450m, 12 to 15 obstacles) and 4.5mm air pistol shooting in standing position from 10m at stationary target combined with 4x800 run loop. 6) Malaysia 7) New South Wales 8) Steffi Graf 9) London, Mumbai 10) 2002 South Korea/ Japan -20 venues