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  1. Game name :Royal Revolt 2 IGN:saipawan124 Answers for the trivia 1A)skeleton("a winter sport") 2A)stock city football club 3A)Differences between field hockey and ice hockey are Field hockey: a)field hockey uses a ball b)it uses 11 players per team c)Here goal consists of two 7-foot high posts spaced 12 feels apart ice hockey : a)ice hockey uses a puck b)it uses 6 players per team c)Here goal stands 4 feet high and 6 feet wide 4A)Knights 5A)Fencing, Free style swimming, Show jumping, Pistol shooting, Cross country running. 6A)Malaysia 7A)New South Wales 8A)Roger Federer 9A)Mumbai and London 10A)South Korea and Japan in the year 2002
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