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  1. Since 42 is the final answer, why would you need anything else?
  2. This was one of the most hilarious statements in a long time...
  3. IGN is: albert the clasher 1) The sport is "Skeleton" 2) Team Southampton 3) How many players can play at the same time (11 out of 16 on field, 6 for the ice hockey), The ground type (one has ice), Shoes vs Skates, the dimensions of the field, and so on. 4) The Knight 5) Running, Fencing, Swimming, Shooting with the pistol, Horse Riding, 6) It's Malaysia 7) Team Mumbai 8 Martina Navratilova 9) London & Mumbai 10) The combined World Cup of 2002 which was held in Japan & South Korea. Together they had 20 venues.
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