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  1. Hello @Jesper, thanks for pointing this out. We took a look at the current behavior and decided to leave it like this for now. The reason is that unlike your Pal, your Guardian is not shown in the Throne Room next to your hero. This means you cannot immediately see which guardian you have equipped in each loadout slot whenever you cycle through them. We feel that it is more convenient only having to remember which single guardian you currently have equipped for all slots. We are also reluctant to change this behavior now that players have gotten used to it already.
  2. Hello @bigfastfox, the meltdown-time in your example is indeed ~4,6s (your calculation is correct @Dena4). The game rounds down to the first decimal number in the info-screen of the blacksmith, in this case to 4s, but this does not affect the actual meltdown time (the issue is purely visual). This will be fixed in a future version of the game.
  3. Hello there @ShadowsGuardian, as the other players have already pointed out, this is a display issue only - your items are actually not lost, the server still holds the correct information. We are aware of the fact that is issue is quite annoying and has been in the game for a long time now. We are still looking for a way to reliably reproduce the issue so we can properly fix it. @Dena4 thank you for your detailed description, we were able to reproduce your specific issue. It turns out that after sending an item to the melt queue while having a particularly slow connection in that moment, the "send to melt queue" button is not greyed out for the next items in a chest. If the player then attempts to send these items to the queue and has no slots left, this indeed results in all items after the first one being sent that way getting lost. We will fix this with a future game version.
  4. HI again & sorry for the confusion that arose after my post. To shed some more light on what has been happening: The food cost reduction perk on items was changed to now work in Dungeon Battles. This is an intended change we made to soften the blow of the upcoming dungeon replay block a bit. However, as some of you have already pointed out, the food-to-medal ratio currently is very high in the dungeon, now even more so with the buffed food cost reduction perk. Because of this, we will reduce the medal gain in dungeon battles with an upcoming server update. This is unfortunately necessary to encourage players to progress through the dungeon normally instead of just farming medals. By the way, the dev who forgot to tell @Madlen about this when it was implemented was dragged into the dungeon for an hour as punishment 👹
  5. Hello, the issue described by Surviva and ARREBIMBA is indeed not an exploit, but a display issue that will be fixed with the release of the next version. In other words, the food cost reduction perks currently work as intended in the dungeon, but the displayed food cost is wrong.
  6. Hello Pixels, As Alumbri already mentioned, sucking units from across path borders would potentially be too strong, so the behavior is intentional. Also, we don't want Goruc to eat too much, he might explode.... again
  7. Hello Aslan, Thanks for pointing this out! We'll take care of it.
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