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  1. A few Beasts have upgraded a level, and we have a great group of heroes in our ally! Apply to join!
  2. I like improvements. Hope devs add a prompt to triangle map, in Conquest, when matchmaking has only 3 alliances on a map, in the near future. This has happened to us twice now, and it is not fun to do conquest when you are in the middle of the other two alliances.
  3. Josslynfire

    3 Alliances, AGAIN

    Please have the devs fix this issue. Last conquest we were again on a four corner map with only 3 alliances, and AGAIN we were the ones in the middle. We took 1st place, but it was a 24/7 battle every day on multiple fronts. We do not have fun with this type of situation. I guess we are just unlucky, but a prompt to a triangle map when matchmaking has only 3 alliances, would be VERY appreciated. Of course the other 2 alliances would not complain, since they had no opposing alliance on one side of their's!
  4. We unlocked the Celestial Phoebe beast, and we are looking for more active players. Come Join Us!
  5. Josslynfire

    Only 3 Alliances in our Conquest???

    Thank you Madlen. A prompt to a triangle map for this type of issue would be much better, because I do not want to play another Conquest like that again. I am sure that the other 2 alliances matched with us were very happy with their placement on the map. Only the alliance stuck in the middle would find a problem with this issue, and rightly so.
  6. Josslynfire

    Only 3 Alliances in our Conquest???

    Could be possible. Then we had a very unlucky matchmaking experience. Devs need to look into having a prompt to triangle map or circle map, if one or two alliances disbanded or go inactive right after Conquest starts. I would think with this being a few events down the road that they would have already had a solution to this issue. Not a good game experience on a square map with only 3 alliances, for sure.
  7. Josslynfire

    Only 3 Alliances in our Conquest???

    Only 1 of them were greedy, but we were able to claim the areas needed to pass. We did not get blocked in, but we were fighting 24/7 to claim and keep what we claimed.
  8. Josslynfire

    Only 3 Alliances in our Conquest???

    Is this a bug? Why are there only 3 Alliances in our Conquest. One corner empty (opposite corner of us), and my alliance is the unlucky one who got stuck between the other 2 alliances. So they have lots of territory to build, claim, and move easily, but we have to fight both to get anywhere. No way we can claim any stone resource that is that far away with waterways and two alliances free to move through opposite unopposed corner. Never want to be in this situation again!
  9. thanks Invizzzible, I just re-read that and said wat???? I revised it.
  10. Come join us. We considered our loyal members as family, and we take care of our members!
  11. Can you please add an icon button in conquest mode that lets us know if someone messaged us in friend chat? Can you please add some type of reminder notification that tells us our resources are ready to send or full for Conquest, and one to remind us of free pro-ticket? Impossible to play against Large alliances matched with lower alliances in Conquest. Can you please change how you rank tiers or add more tiers in Conquest tiers? Conquest map seems to be getting bigger, as resource tiles like Ancient Libraries have decreased. The added special tiles for +Conquest Score create larger scores for those who can claim and hold onto them. However, lower level alliances struggle to fight over scarce resources to build watchtowers and research to gain in score. This issue seems to need more balance. (personally I liked the first conquest where there was a Library to claim closer to everyone's stronghold) Please decrease time it takes to fill our personal resource buildings. 2 days is a long time in a 5-8 day conquest. I know many of us complained about the cooldown period in the first conquest. However, the change that was made to energy cost in movement is a tad worse, since we use energy to fight too. It becomes very boring when you are stuck from moving for such long periods as map gets bigger. Even worse now, with added 100-150% bonus in battle, and you can't get to and help your team member, since you are still waiting for energy. One man army does not work anymore, so those getting attacked as scouts while others of same level are stuck in battle or back in stronghold from losing a battle, is a big problem. As a Leader, I am seeing more losing interest in this game from boring and long waits to play it. Maybe just a tad increase on energy regeneration, or slight decrease in costs to move with bigger maps? (I deleted a prior suggestion in this post, since the current conquest has a much better adjustment to costs of upgrading towers, in Novice Explorer tier of Conquest) Thank you
  12. We are working on unlocking Celestial Phoebe, and looking for Active members to join us!! Apply to join.
  13. Josslynfire

    Update 4.1 not showing

    Same thing happening with my Microsoft Surface Tablet 8.1 RT. Won't let me access game unless I download update, but Microsoft store shows no updates available. Please fix this before Conquest starts in about 15 hours!! I am the Leader of my alliance and I need to be able to access my game!!
  14. Josslynfire

    Conquest Technology Question

    Hi Madlen, Thank you for the quick response. I can not remember what the cost was for the research I posted about, nor can I remember if our gold increased in our Alliance Treasury, on Friday. As leader, first day of war is always a bit wild. So I can not answer if we received the refund. However, I appreciate getting a heads up that an update was done to address this issue. One other issue was that I could not assign the +20 Troops from completing the research to Watchtowers. I hope that issued is addressed, before next conquest, and a refund issued.
  15. Josslynfire

    Conquest Technology Question

    Thank you for response orko. Wish they would have refunded our alliance gold we spent on that researching.