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  1. Razortooth

    discord Apology to the Discord server

    Quick update! My discord friend, Megajoemama, is talking to Areisp and Heroesflorian about me getting banned, and that they might unban me
  2. Razortooth

    trade Do you want trading?

    oh jeez, i might delete this post
  3. Razortooth

    Shortcomings in the War System

    What is Fiefdom dropping?
  4. Previously, on the RR2 discord, another server, "STRMEK Legion" was raiding the server, spamming pings. I was in the raid, telling them to stop spamming, and that they were going to be banned. No names shall be listed, however. they told me to start spamming, All I spammed was a monologue from Star wars repeatedly, then i was spamming white bars. I hope the moderators read this, and if they do, I'm sorry about this and it won't happen again, and if it does... I will discourage the raiders. Please unban me, this is my apology to the server. I hope you've cleaned the server by now, since I want this server to be normal! Thank you for taking your time to read this.
  5. Razortooth

    music Game music

    Thank you for telling me!
  6. Simple! Watch Flothaboss' video on it.
  7. Razortooth

    Annoying video AD problem

    I'm not sure, you should ask the Flare Games customer support. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. Should we implement a trading system in the game?
  9. What is your favorite pal or troop.
  10. Razortooth

    music Game music

    Really? Send me a link, please. Thank you! reply quickly or aki will be A N G E R Y
  11. Razortooth

    music Game music

    Hi, can someone give me the music files for the game? Music files would be the music that plays in the game during battles, being at your castle, and the Dungeon.