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  1. SAtiSfACtiOn

    This week w/o ingame event?

    yes no special event/portal for this week I guess
  2. SAtiSfACtiOn

    saber e aprender

  3. SAtiSfACtiOn

    Why those are not real cards

    Those are minions. I'm not sure if flare will consider making them cards but its a good idea to make them cards I guess?
  4. SAtiSfACtiOn

    Flaregames you want kill game Evoker?

    If the game dies, I feel sorry for those that have spent money on the game. Imagine all that money just gone in a flash, all the hard work grinding flushed away.
  5. SAtiSfACtiOn

    Flaregames you want kill game Evoker?

    I see the evoker forum has become very quiet these days. I guess the game is in its dying stages
  6. SAtiSfACtiOn

    new to game

    In this scenario its possible that the neighboring card to your slave medic may have taken some damage from a 'damage reflecting card' (such as will o the wisp etc). Note that healing cards will not heal neighboring cards that have taken reflected damage!
  7. SAtiSfACtiOn

    Flaregames you want kill game Evoker?

  8. SAtiSfACtiOn

    No Easter event?

  9. SAtiSfACtiOn

    Easter event

    These pictures seem like they were taken from last year's Easter event
  10. SAtiSfACtiOn

    No Easter event?

    well, there was one last year. Sad to see that there's no Easter event this time around
  11. SAtiSfACtiOn

    No Easter event?

    Hi. Does anyone know if there is going to be an Easter event for this year?