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    Instas in defence

    In my view defense is a lot weak than offense. And several boosts are only useful in defense or offense alone. Making boosts be used both in defense and offense is the best way to balance the game in my opinion. Insta boosts are only used in offence. Using them in defense can be used to balance the game. Off course there are other boosts like insta boosts like dragon boosts, and portal troops. They also needs to be implemented in defense. And yes implementing them in defense don't increase the toughness of defense. It just add a surprise attack on king. Yeah kinda like jester boxes.
  2. Insta troops are very usefull in offence. They're absent in defense. I thought a lot 'bout implementing instas in defense. I didn't got any ideas. Implementing insta troops is very hard but what 'bout implementing insta boosts. Yes Insta boosts in defense. It's very simple. You arrange them in ordinary fashion. Just enter the guard and arrange them. When the boost is active they become invisible in defense. And when the king is near they turn to visible. (They won't attack troops if they're invincible.) The same application goes for mummy. (No boosts required for mummy since mummy is already instant spawn.) The next thing I wanna say has no direct connection with this topic. I'am talking 'bout gargoyles. Gargoyles are the most useless troops in RR2. Making them insta without boosts and reducing the attack a little bit can make them useful and balanced I guess. If they do, then the same insta application goes for them. If you find a solution in implementing the insta troops (the troops which your friends gives you) then please tell to me. Hope you like my idea, thank you
  3. Royal Revolt 2 was updated several times but there was no achievements added in these updates. Add more achievements to make the game more fun. Add achievements about collection of pals or battling in pro battles. And add daily quests and quests.
  4. True21


    IT'S A WORLD WAR .Yeah you heard right. I was reading 'bout world wars then I got struck with this idea. A alliance clashed with another really badly. They created a mega alliance for defense. Both of these requested you to join to their mega alliance ( Not necessarily 2 mega alliance maybe 3,4 at a time). Each mega alliances have different names and different offerings. Like the first offered you gold protection and free scrolls in battle, second offered you pro boosts until the end of the war ( There will be more offers and these offers will be available only in these world wars not in a ordinary battle nor in official battles). Players select which offer they want. If you sign to a mega alliance then there is no turning back. When you press go to war the game will automatically find 5 opponents for you in the opposite mega alliance. These opponents will be the same level as you. Click again go to war. and you will be in the battlefield, with two other kings. Yes this is group raid. But the special 'bout this war is that you have to beat the defense of your 5 opponents continously. Means that when you disarm your first opponent you will find yourself at the base of your second opponent. The king will not update his conditions when moved to the next base. Means when your king have half health and slowdown in the first base then king will start the next base with half health and slowdown. You can't also change the troops spells and scrolls in the next battle. Troops will not follow you in the next battle.You have to make your army again. But when you finish the previous base with recharging spells and scrolls the spells will be still recharging in the next battle. NO RESSURING Now moving to the rewards. You'll get amazing rewards when your mega alliance win. You'll also get rewards according to your perfomance. If you survived your first opponent then 1 point. If you survived your second opponent then 3 points. 3rd=5, 4th=9, 5th=15 points. You'll find more prizes when you have more points. Hope you like my idea, Thank you.
  5. In my later post I mentioned about soldier league. I will give some details about that. Like that of P.L you need tickets to enter in soldier league. When you enter the menu you'll find all the troops arranged in random order in a line. In the bottom center there is an arrow. You'll find a button named spin under the arrow. Click it. You'll use 1 of your ticket for each spin. It will spin and when you click again it'll slow down and stop. The troop on the arrow is selected as your league. For example if the necromencer stops on the arrow you'll enter necromencer league. You win the league by competing in 3 battles. What makes it different from that of normal battle is that it have challenges and conditions. In the battle menu you'll see the conditions and challenges in the right side. It will written in some kind of riddle language. You have to find what that means. You can find the challenges and conditions below. Level 1 have a random challenge and a condition. Lv 2 have 2 challenges and 1 condition. Lv 3 have 3 challenges and 2 conditions. You have 5 battle chances for all 3 battles. What is the reward? Well it is not determined. I was thinking to give troop gears as reward. But most of them disliked that idea. So the reward for your victory is all the available boosts except pro boost of the selected troop for 5 days. (Please note that it is not a alliance challenge. The rewards will be only applied only on the players. Not the whole alliance). I hope you like my idea. And good luck playing the league. Challenges :- For the convenience I haven't named the challenges and conditions in the riddle form. Discription is available too. Resistant troops:- Enemy troops have 50% resistant on every kind of attack. Blood troops:- Troops that drain life from king and his troops. Permanent Rage:- Enemy troops and towers are covered with permanent rage. Ability shift:- Troops and towers can change their stats with nearby ones. All boost:- Battle with all the boost Speed boost:- Boosts speed and att rate by 50% Translocation portals:- summons a translocation portal randomly. Dual beasts:- Chance that you'll face double beasts. Concentration life:- Troops give their life to specific troop like that of dragon channeling dragon energy to others. Slowdown:- King is hit by slowdown ( Not a slowdown created by ice damage ) randomly Knockback wind:- A wind hits you and your army randomly. This creates knockback effect. Etc................................ Conditions :- No spells:- Spells are banned 2 spells :- only 2 spells available single spell:- only 1 spell available. Troop version of the above conditions. No hero scream No event troops Do not touch towers:- If the king touches any tower you lose. No insta Speed decreased by 50% Attack decreased by 50% Etc..........................................
  6. True21

    Better troops.

    I don't think coloring troops can create a problem in battle. You'll only have low chance of fighting someone who is exactly colored like you. There are almost 15 main colors. And each one of these have many shades. You select your combo by adding 3 colors. How many combo you think there'll be? There will a ton. So you'll have only very very low chance to battle with someone who is exactly colored like you.
  7. I wan't to share some features that can be implemented in rr2. There are 3 in total. Some of us dislike some color combination of troops. This doesn't mean that I hate present troops. I like them. I am talking about the some people who hates them. For those this feature will be handy. This feature doesn't change their models but their color. When you go through the troop academy you'll find 3 buttons. One for forging, One for upgrade, and one for extra options. In there you can change the color of troops in defense and offence. There are 3 tabs to select color. These 3 tabs combine together to get your like troop. The extra option button will do other things as well. You 'll see it more clearly when you read further. The 2nd feature adds kingdom flags. In my knowledge every country have their own flag. So why not in rr2. You can change the model of your flag. And you can attach your kingdom flag or alliance flag to your troops in the extra option button. The 3rd have a low chance to implement in rr2. You can now attach troop items like that of king gear to the troops. And modules for tower and obstacles. You can attach them in extra options. There are 3 types of gear. weapon, armor, and headgear. It is different for towers and some troops. What does it do? It affects the look of troops and towers. It also can increase stats. Decrease negative stats. And some will add new stats. And one more thing you can only attach specific gear for the specific troop only. You can't get troop gears from chest. You have to fight in a special challenge called soldier league to get gears. More details about this challenge will be available later. I hope you like my idea. Thank you.
  8. I would like to share some ideas. I have named the boosts but my naming is terrible so you can suggest better names. Troops:- Magician- This troop is very special. It can teleport to the king like ninjas. What makes them different from ninjas you ask, it also makes other troops in it's ability range also teleport to the king. It deals normal damage and have 10 morale points. Bombardie- It's just an advanced gargoyle. It don't commit suicide. But it will explode when destroyed and will damage nearby troops. It deals ranged blunt damage and have 8 morale points. Origami- As the name suggests it is a living paper art. This troop gives enemies featherlike effect. It will also boost speed of the king and friendly troops by 10%. It will not stack. It deals piercing damage and have 12 morale points. It is weak to fire. Effect featherlike- This effect makes troops light. Makes them take knock back when they get hit by any kind of attack. The knock back distance is proportional to the damage taken. Towers:- laser tower- This tower has infinite range and can hit every target on a path. The problem is that it'll only fire in the direction it faces. Shield spell have an advantage as it can only take less damage from the tower. Troops with shields are also resistant. It deals normal fire damage. And is weak to ice. poisall-pult- (poisonball-pult) This tower shoots poison ball at the enemy. This tower attacks similar to bomb tower. Poison ball can be kicked. It is weak to electric and blunt damage. crystal tower- This tower shoots crystals at the enemy. Attacks similar to bomb tower. Crystals will lie in the ground. It'll not inflict damage by hitting instead it releases sonic blast aura that inflict damage. Crystals cannot be kicked but can be destroyed. Crystals have their own health and be increased by upgrading or forging. All melee troops and king can destroy crystals. Archers and Arblasters will not attack it. Crystals also inflict effect magnet. Effect magnet- This effect makes troops in the ability range get attracted to source. The troops cant escape from this effect. The troops is released when the source is destroyed. Spells:- Zap cannon- This is spell version of the damage electric. This spell can also stun enemies. Duration instant. Stun duration 5 seconds. Cooldown 20s. Petrify- Spell version of damage petrify. This spell also deal damage to towers. Duration instant. Cooldown 16s. Invisyshield- This spell creates a circular area around the king. In this area the king and the friendly troops will not take any damage except electric. The area is fixed means it will not move when the king move. Duration 5s. Cooldown 15s. Forcewind- This spell creates a sudden updraft and downdraft wind. All the incoming attacks are back fired. Enemy troops will experience knock back. And the friendly troops will experience effect levitation. Effect levitation- The troops will rise a little for a little time. When they rise they will be able to pass parallel paths directly. These troops will also experience a negative effect. They will be much weaker than normal. Bombs, Poison balls, spikes and skull bombs don't damage these troops. The king can't be affected by levitation. Event troops:- Aliens- They come from distant planet. They have the power to summon portals. They summon portals in every 30s. Having more of them means more portals. In defense they summon translocation portals. Deals electric damage. Cowboys- They deals knockback on the enemy. There is 5% chance that they will KO the enemies in one hit. Deals blunt damage. Half lords- They got their name because they are half dark and half light. In offense there is 5% chance that they will give you effect good luck. In defense there is 5% chance that they will give you effect bad luck. Having all 5 means 25% chance to get hit by good luck or bad luck. Translocation portals:- These are portals that will make enemies go where they started. All enemy troops that enter it's ability range is teleported. Effect good luck:- When you summon any spells when this effect is active the spell will last longer than normal. Troops summoned in this time will also be doubled. Effect bad luck:- This is the complete opposite of effect good luck. When this effect is active the spells and troops summoned by the king will fail. Means it will not get summoned. You will waste your morale and time.
  9. True21

    2-Day Event

    I know this idea requires some fixes. I also understand that it might be a problem for some players. Thats why I made this event really short. Maybe 2 day is still long. But this can help to determine best players. The final rewards will be epic. It sure sounds like pro league but this is between players.
  10. True21

    2-Day Event

    This is a very spacial event and it is rare as festivals. I haven't named this event yet so you can suggest names. You may don't like the first part of this event but this idea is really good. Please read it completely. This event only lasts 2 days. Every player is part of this event. When the event starts every boost gets temporarily deactivated. Pals and beasts get locked means you can't use them. Every players troops, spells and towers becomes a fixed level. You can't upgrade anything in these days. Forging also locked. Castle gate's level also gets fixed. Tower count, waves count, obstacle count, wave morale, path count becomes max. You can buy and change new towers for free in these days. The level of the new towers will not be 1. It'll be that fixed level. You will not receive trophies. Same for medals. Leagues are temporarily disabled. You will also not receive money. Farm level will be fixed. Now entering to the interesting part. There will be 2 new currency. One is got in offence. One got in defense. The gain and loss of offensive points and defensive points are equal to that trophies. At the end of the event the one who with greatest amount of defensive and one who with greatest offensive points will be rewarded with special crown and awesome rewards. And there will be also rewards for other ranks. In these days you can't get money. But you'll get pearls from offence. You 'll get 25 pearls from each battle. But there is a problem. You will only gain when you score 100%. Even if that percentage decrease by 1%, then you'll not get a single pearl. All players in these days will be equal. There will be no stronger and weaker ones.There will no Newbies and Experienced ones. They are all equal. This event will be challenge for every players. Newbies will have problems experiencing strong power. Intermediate players will have problems battling without pals. Advanced players will have problems battling without boosts. Your winning strongly depends on your skills and combo and how you set up your defense. I hope you like my idea. Thank you
  11. Alliances have nothing to do other than fighting in wars and playing in ninja events. I have an idea that can make bored players go crazy. Alliance will now have to collect boost cards. All war ,elite and pro boosts will be temporarily eliminated from the boost menu. Alliances have to acquire them by collecting boost cards. Once you collect a boost card then the boost will stay in boost menu forever. Alliances still have to activate it normally. Elite boosts activated by paying alliance gold, war boost activated by winning the war, and pro boost activated by winning pro leagues. The difference is that to get boost activated you must collect the boost card first. To collect the boost cards alliances have to play in new modes of battling. Or you can simply buy them in the alliance shops. This system will only if there are lots of boosts. So I suggest adding 2 Elite, 2 War and a Pro boost of each and every troops and towers. Getting a boost card is really hard. Elite is the easiest to obtain and is activated as normally. Pro boost are almost impossible to obtain. There is a level for the boosts also. Leveled boosts will much more efficient. To level up a boost you just need collect a boost card twice. Thrice to level 3. You can forge boosts. Forging is done using a special currency named Ruby. Forging of boosts will unlock in level three and can be only forged by alliance generals and leaders. I hope you like my idea, thank you.
  12. True21

    New Boosts

    Spells are only used offense and they are very powerful. Boosted spells will be too much powerful for any defense. Spell boost can cause an imbalance in the defense and offense.
  13. True21


    I just bought Janus from the pro shop. His pal form got portal but his beast have ability named translocation. What is translocation?
  14. True21


    The alliances have nothing to do other than competing in wars and fighting in ninja events in RR2. In this topic I wants to share an idea that can increase the teamwork, co-ordination between the members. In this system the boosts (both elite, pro and war) are removed temporarily from boost menu. But don't be afraid they're not removed from the game. When you start a new alliance you'll only have a single boost, Holy Paladin. (you can change this) And you can also find 5 more boosts locked. They can be aquired by leveling up. You can get more boost cards through various means. You can get cards by competing in special leagues like festivals, alliance leagues, events, war, pro leagues, alliance shop and pro alliance shops. To get cards you have to work with your teammates. You'll see the boost in the boost menu when you collect that card. For example if you collect a Tribal Archer card then you can see that boost in the boost menu. (war boost menu) Only then you can activate it. Getting a card is really hard. The boost cards have 5 ranks. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Bronze is the easiest card to aquire and don;t cost too much to activate. Platinum rarity is very hard to get. All pro boosts are Diamond rarity. And can be only obtained in pro leagues. Diamond rarity boosts are almost impossible to get. There is one more thing. The boost have level. Every boost have 3 level. You have to collect a boost twice to upgrade it to level 2. Thrice to level 3. This system will only work if there is lots of boosts. So I prefer adding 2 Elite boost, 2 War boost, and a pro boost for each and every troops, towers and obstacles. And of course more battling modes like festivals, alliance leagues, events etc. The war boosts before the war activates freely. You don't need to collect them. But to prolong them you'll need to have that card. And if you want to win a war boost, you have to do two things. 1-Rank 1-3. 2-Collect the war season boost. I hope you like my idea. Thank you