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  1. Iam not sure how you get scores in conquest. I have only played it once. So ignore this topic if it is useless. Adding beacon to conquest will be fun. 4 beacon at each corners and 1 in the center. When you start your main objective will be to capture beacons. Capture more beacons as soon as possible. Capturing beacons will increase your scores at regular intervals. More beacons means more score. If you have less beacons than your opponents you lose scores. You also have to protect it from other alliances. They can capture your beacon. The central beacon is main beacon. It's the most hardest beacon to get and most easiest to lose. Alliances fight for this central beacon. If your opponents are too good they can capture your corner beacon. So be vigilante. If a alliance captures all beacon they win and they get rewards early and their boosts last long. Hope you like the idea. Thank you
  2. True21

    Reverse battlefield

    I haven't played RR1. Does it also work on offensive wave?
  3. I was thinking about a reverse battle field. Where you start from the castle gate instead of tent and wins by destroying the tent. There are more interesting things related to this. A witch is interested in your kingdom. And she took over your defense unexpectedly. She locked down the troop academy and wizard tower. It's now your job to retreat it. This happens unexpectedly. Not informed before like other events. So you can't change your defense. You go to battle with no troops and a spell slot that changes spells randomly. And you have to defeat the whole tower you created. How do you win with no help from your troops and with a random spell? Well you are not alone. You cant summon troops but you still have help from troops. Iam talking about castle guard troops. They are there to help you. But they will summon in the wave order and there is time interval for the next wave to summon. If you lost your alleys you have to wait for a long time for the next wave. This event is very difficult event. There's a lot of chances that you lose. Don't worry even if you lose the witch will lost interest in you and your defense will be free. You get rewards according to your toughness of your defense and percentage you won. If you get 100% you get a very very rare and special reward. It says reverse battlefield and it happens in you kingdom but such an event can also be implemented on certain levels. Starting from a tent and ending in an gate.
  4. True21

    Kingdom Map

    It's not the whole map that changes. The kingdoms tiles and production tiles will be uneffected . Your neibours will be always your neibours. It's the resource tiles and event tile that is affected by the change.
  5. True21

    Kingdom Map

    We now have conquest events. I liked the principle it works. Exploring each tiles to gain something special. I liked it very much. So I thought of implementing on kingdoms. Implementing this idea requires great amount of food. So we need a better food production and storage. For the readers info This may look more like conquest but there is way without explaining them. When you start your RR2 adventure, you have to select the area which you wan't to build your kingdom in a map. Select it and your Kingdom will be registered. The map have no end point. This map never ends, means your choice never ends.You can see your kingdom on a hexagonal tile on the map. Assess the map by pressing a button. You can also see six other tiles 'round your kingdom. Beyond that is just fog. Move to a tile by pressing on it two times. And the area 'round that tile becomes clear. Exploring requires food. You can only leave if you have at least 250 special alleys. Explore the tiles. You will earn something special. However, you need to upgrade your kingdom in order assess them. The special alleys are built to help on your journey. Scouts, Spies, Delivery, Soldiers, Workers, post etc... scouts help to reveal an area. spies and workers I will explain later. Delivery helps to get food if you are away from your kingdom, post helps to know about your kingdoms condition. There are many tiles of which some tiles are important. Resource tiles, Production tiles, Kingdom tiles , Event tiles..... Resource tiles have many resources in it. And you can get one time resources without battling if you are on this tile. Needs workers to claim the resources. Production tiles produces loot for you if you defeat that tile defense. And it will still produce if you're not on the tile. Make sure to defend it from other players. Kingdom tile is a tile of another players kingdom. Defeat it and you will gain loots. You can plant spies if you manage to gain 3 stars. Spies will steal some of their wealth every time and will make their defensive towers work not properly. They will not detect them at first. Theyhave to figure it out and eliminate them. Event tiles are tiles where events like ninja event and festivals happen. These tile changes every time interval. Map is updated on every 2 weeks. Beware of players, they can steal your carrying wealth. If you lose you will lose all your alleys and food, forcing you to go to your kingdom. In order to gain wealth you must explore to gain wealth. Most of the time you will not be able to explore more far away regions. So players have to attack their neibours again and again. Neibours will become your enemy. You don't want that. I have a remedy for that. Make lot of friends away from your kingdom. You can rest and regain food from their kingdoms. And if you wish you can start exploring from there. In this way you will grow your friendship.
  6. True21

    Pal Flute Spell

    Iam a medium level player. Only have medium level pals. Pal Flute is a spell I use more often and it is very powerful also. You just need to find a pal that works for your combo.
  7. True21

    Make Ninja Event great again.

    I think they did great making ninja events duration long. You know I was getting bored playing ninja events. Making them rare event is a method of making them precious. Everyone wants a precious item with them. Now I am eager to fight in ninja events. I am missing them a lot in their abundance. And of course Flare need to increase their stats I guess and make the levels hard.
  8. True21

    New Boosts

    I think you misunderstood this idea. If you place a frost tower like this in your defense, then the group of path in which the tower is present (the blue circle) is protected by slowdown. Not the single path in front of the tower. If you place the tower in a corner this boost won't work.
  9. True21

    New Boosts

    I would like to share some new powerful boosts with you. It can be either elite, war, conquest, pro boost. Your choice. Trishooter:- Boost of firebolt tower. As the name suggests it aims 3 targets at a time. Boosts damage and attack rate by 25% Frozen lane:- Boost of frost tower. The lane in which you add this tower is protected by effect slowdown. When the king and enemy troops enter in this lane they're affected by slowdown. Blue fire:- Boost of pyromancer. Deals additional ice damage along with fire damage. Causes both slowdown and firerun. Increases damage by 25%. Nightmare:- Boost of warewolf. Gives battle cry to friendly and Incinerate to enemies when it howls. Increases battlecry and incinerate by 150%. Laser blaster:- Boost of Archer. Shoots laser instead of arrows that deal additional electric damage. Damage +50%, Attack rate +50%. Invisi witch:- Boost of Necromancers. Necromancers and skeletons are invisible to all melee damage. Health +50% Battle cannon:- Boost of cannon. Cannons aims all troops. Virtual spikes:- Boost of spikes. Creates a hologram of spike on all the four direction 3 path long each. These virtual spikes cannot be destroyed directly. You have to destroy the real spikes in order for you to destroy the virtual ones. Virtual spikes deal -90% less damage. Real spikes deals damage without no change. Invisi barricade:- Boost of barricade. Melee damage does not cause any damage even from the king. Spells and ranged damages work. Swift bombs:- Boosts of skull tower. Increases attack rate by 150% and range by 30% Arrow waves :- Boost of arrow tower. Arrow waves summon a arrow rain that cause damage and knockback at regular intervals in the range. Damage 20%. Knockback 2 tiles.
  10. True21

    Skeletons as troops

    Skeletons are weak when compared with knights ! I always felt it was quite strong. Okay, if it is weak a strong boost can make it stronger. Upgrading and forging will make it strong. This will be only possible if you have a slot for skeletons. What is so wrong just to have a slot for skeletons in the troop academy?
  11. True21

    Beasts Balancing Suggestions

    I thing Untamed kaiser has a blind spot. When I go to the back of Untamed kaiser he won't damage me that much. Push him to your army and attack from back. I always manage to kill kaiser by doing this.
  12. Currently skeletons are only obtained by the summoning of necromancers. When we upgrade necromancers skeletons also get upgraded. We don't have a slot in troop academy for skeletons. I don't know what do they call such a troop. I suggest to add a special slot for skeletons. And instead of getting upgraded when we upgrade necros, we should upgrade it separately and forge separately. So we can control them how we want. And there should be separate boosts for skeletons. The only way to obtain a skeleton in a battle is by using necros. So it means it have no morale points. So it cannot be copied with black or spirit morale. And cannot be used in defense directly. And we should replace the knights summoned when a surprise mummy dies or ruthless pharaoh calls, etc... with skeletons. So there can be more uses for it.
  13. I remember a video of Flothaboss asking for a really hard combo that is very hard to win when used in a raid. Many commented and one won and got 2000 gems as reward. Similar questions are also asked by RR2 in our facebook page. The answer they think is really good is elected and they are rewarded with gems. But many players miss these events. Such questions can be implemented on ingame. Not outside the game. By doing so many people won't miss such opportunities. Just add such questions in the game announcements. And everyone can participate and enjoy gems.
  14. True21

    Instas in defence

    In my view defense is a lot weak than offense. And several boosts are only useful in defense or offense alone. Making boosts be used both in defense and offense is the best way to balance the game in my opinion. Insta boosts are only used in offence. Using them in defense can be used to balance the game. Off course there are other boosts like insta boosts like dragon boosts, and portal troops. They also needs to be implemented in defense. And yes implementing them in defense don't increase the toughness of defense. It just add a surprise attack on king. Yeah kinda like jester boxes.
  15. Insta troops are very usefull in offence. They're absent in defense. I thought a lot 'bout implementing instas in defense. I didn't got any ideas. Implementing insta troops is very hard but what 'bout implementing insta boosts. Yes Insta boosts in defense. It's very simple. You arrange them in ordinary fashion. Just enter the guard and arrange them. When the boost is active they become invisible in defense. And when the king is near they turn to visible. (They won't attack troops if they're invincible.) The same application goes for mummy. (No boosts required for mummy since mummy is already instant spawn.) The next thing I wanna say has no direct connection with this topic. I'am talking 'bout gargoyles. Gargoyles are the most useless troops in RR2. Making them insta without boosts and reducing the attack a little bit can make them useful and balanced I guess. If they do, then the same insta application goes for them. If you find a solution in implementing the insta troops (the troops which your friends gives you) then please tell to me. Hope you like my idea, thank you