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  1. Thankyou guys , for reply and support But i don't know how to contact developers and they very rareky reply to presonal messages I lost my 2 5* titans and millions of gold to forge them from green and time all wasted with a single mistake
  2. IS there any way to cancel a refine if it is done accidently , If not then there shiuld be system like this because refining takes a lot of time and golds .
  3. @CaptainMorgan will you say something on this topic ??
  4. Hey this is Shiva ravi from Texas Blood Forged People are saying that war blessings are extented max up to 42 days Then how do we get it for 61 days If it is a bug , pls fix it and return our money back.
  5. I am using windows 10 pc and was trying to download this game using bluestack But it is showing your device isn't compatible with this version Why ??
  6. The decision of limiting on forging boosts is the worst decision ever by flare games. most of the players are angry with this decision including me. Now for me it is wastage of time if one could not forge good items??
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