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  1. Let's say it was a choice made with the heart. Many legends of this game have occurred in my land.. Sicily. of which flag is represented by a gorgon with three legs. So it was a must install this app. Then the time did the rest and I fell in love with this game...
  2. TheSicilian

    Another war, another bug

    @ Acmon7 I don't worry. But it is nonsense to publish screens of other teams and say not to spy.. Anyway... If being a cop in the other alliances makes you feel better. Good luck and have fun! Good night!
  3. TheSicilian

    Another war, another bug

    Yes I know it comes from Gow... But I wanted to know who is here publicly so we can do normal wars and not with infiltrates around. It is not fair to pretend to be honest and to have infiltrated for future wars..
  4. TheSicilian

    Another war, another bug

    @Acmon7 I have nothing to say to you... I just wanted to know why you publish screens of other alliances that don't concern you...
  5. TheSicilian

    Another war, another bug

    Hey @ Acmon7 Why u post a screen from others alleances? Who gave it to you? Spying on other alliances is so childish...
  6. TheSicilian

    Another war, another bug

    @CaptainMorgan For me you have a sabotage in the company... Impossible all these months of bugs... Good luck!
  7. TheSicilian

    War points Doesent Count !!!

    Mmm... Here it stinks of yet another war canceled... 😢😮
  8. I understand you.. But I think it's pointless to write a threat to uninstall... It's like buying rotten eggs from the same shopkeeper every day and threatening him every day to not return. Uninstall the game and stop
  9. I do not understand why you complain and weep 24/7.. If you no longer like the game just uninstall and do not use this forum just to threaten to abandon. Just uninstall it. Sorry for English but I use a translator.