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  1. from what i observed is that the VP difference is only player level difference dependet and approx +/- 6 points per level. every ~5 levels +/- 7 maybe due to roundings. (maybe its also 1 point less, did not check screenshot to be sure)
  2. maybe not only the player level should be considered but also the number of upgrades of the defenses. e.g. high level can also have badly upgraded defenses and vice versa.
  3. i have not tested it (by checking island points and then kick one), but it is at least either a joke that is talked about - or the truth how its working. on the other hand: if you have a spy inside your alli who turns of his defense so the other allie can attack and make good points - it would be good if it works as described, if you realise this... so every coin has two sides. shall the devs decide/explain.
  4. yes, i mean the scoring team. if players are kicked, their points can/should be removed from your team - thats ok. but dont take away points from the other alliance - unless this should really be the case.
  5. @Cyrusthegreat are you trying us to say that nothing happens (the screen stays as it is) if you press/click on one of these two items shown (both are missing) and therefore you only either can reroll or skip?? (like dumpster also asked)
  6. @dumpster what about kicking players during alliance wars: if the VP points that have been made by attacking those players are then also removed from actual islands... should not be the case, exploits possible -> another point to your list?
  7. @Cyrusthegreat this video here might also be useful for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j57wEz_l42Q (or just google: "youtube olympus rising masteries", it is the first hit) therein also the possible perks for each slots are published. [i got this hint from a player here (and also a picture that has been released somewhere here which shows this), when i was asking a question in the developers section (https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/48044-qa-questions-januaryfebruary/?do=findComment&comment=244601) related to masteries, bc. e.g. LoH on slot 5 is not possible... so thx again, i am also still learning...] edit: there is also a video-guide section here in der forum: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/37232-video-guides/
  8. concerning visual bug: if i choose the gk layout 3 (where i posted the pictures before) i see this when i click on my defense to attack: in this setup 3 the protection from ice is zero - but the picture above shows ice protection like i would have choosen my gk-layout 1 ... i did not make tests how the gk now behaves like layout 3 or layout 1 (e.g. i did not put on only green items to be sure...)
  9. thx, so you also made test how the gk behaves in combat? i know that in the layout before attack the display shown always corresponds to the GK layout 1 and the GK stats always correspond to the choosen layout. but which of them is now the (visual) bug? edit: i mean it does not help if the stats are shown correctly for the chosen layout, but in combat you face the GK from layout 1. therefore i always equip and choose layout 1 with the items i want my GK to wear. edit 2: if it is a visual bug it can be exploted in such a way, that i chose a setup different to the one a player sees when attacking. this can give a nice surprise and therefore it is not only a visual bug and should be fixed asap. it lasted already too long...
  10. no, i did FB and demo forging since the first test i did with herkules after the update and also odysseus. it felt so good even with old uniques. it is frustrating that it seems to be a bug now. but what i am taking advantage now is i use the area damage bug (i did it long time not, but enough is enough and it is just a minimal counter to the hores of autoplay attackers kadmos/helen/ariadne). but not very serious, i just put on some old items from the inventary - i was surprised yesterday from the test that the combo above gives me better AD results (without a singe item with AD equipt) then i use actual on my gk. but LoH was always related to health. so this is like dumpster already said... pure mathematics and planning when forging (like archimids is also praying). if it is unbalanced now it is the fault of FG. but i agree: 1 LoH as mastery is worth more than two good item perks... so it is not only LoH, it is the relation to masteries or masteries itself and i always thought, ok - thats the way it should be.
  11. what do you mean with gk gain % with refine? omg - i am so behind in the game... i mean what i see is that (not only gk) the base values of items benefit much more than perk values. but that is the mechanism of the forge i thought - ofc gk benefit here when you choose the strength and health items first for refinements... so please dont tell me that this will also be changed in near future. i am waiting for this to do when i raise up - to expensive and useless to do it now... edit: i was wondering some time ago if the trinkets have a drawback here bc the normalization works different there.
  12. thats why i did the edit... and of it has nothing to do with the item stats and forge now... what i meant is the pattern: bug, after a period of time a fix (sometimes not a good one), and everyone who had the luck or chance or gems to get nice items can keep them... what wold miss sophie and her buttler say? "same procedure as last year, miss sophie?" - "same procedure as every year, james" *joke* nothing personal - i am questioning myself if i am a fool bc i might see patterns or if i would be a fool if i did not see them.
  13. some idea just popped up in my head... what about if we could raid defenses with 1 or 2 players from allies (or global)... like in moba games, just shorter. 1 tank, 1 damage dealer together... could be fun, but would be something totally differentfrom what is now... maybe a fun mode for farming... just a thought, i dont know if this would work in a stativ defense...
  14. a lot of issues comes from the individual possibility of designing items and masteries... hard to balance, but it makes also the game interesting. the problem is also bc you have to pay for your individual designs they cant take them away if something is not propper or an unintended issue pops up... but its a free game, you dont need to pay for a season pass or whatever. and somehow they have to earn money...
  15. this all so reminds me of: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/40470-server-update-11-oct-2017/?do=findComment&comment=176564 with a slap in the face fix for all who did not raise their accounts early with the help of gems... guess why so are hunting for max level... edit... sorry this fix came out recently after the introduction of the forge... but the statement we do not take away ... is still valid Server Update - 11 Oct 2017 Hello Olympians! Today we had a Live Server Update with the following changes: Important Information: This update includes a fix for an issue with the Hero Item Forging system. When Forging a Cursed Hero Item until it increases in Rarity, any Unique Item perks (Demolition, etc.) which were on the item would be increased to double the amount that they should be. We needed to fix this issue as soon as possible, before it led to a complete rebalance of the game, due to widespread overpowered items. However, please note that we will not be changing or removing any items which players have already made. Pay special attention when upgrading these items, as upgrading them again will reduce the Perk to normal levels, it may be the case that it is not a good idea to upgrade them as you may not reach the same power as before. As an additional note: The unique Perks on Cursed Hero Items are still balanced to be incredibly powerful and useful in Hero builds (though Unique Items will still have stronger Perks), and it will still be possible to create strong builds using them.
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