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  1. if war chests are opened with full resources you should mostly get 11 items. sometimes 10 and 1 with gems. something like this. but who has nowadays full resources... maybe only during war break if the buildings etc. are timed good.
  2. this is great! from the other threat you see the values and increase (for 2 levels) i used for perseus_20 - not the same you have, but close to! i admit that using just one calculation is not good, but it is so booooring to copy paste values manually from screenshots - an value export feature would be great >_< and i should also do a better kind of database, but i am too chaotic and lazy to do this constantly... but i agree with you. if you collect datas over years and have a good database setup you can figure things out. it can be fun too, but i would prefer transparancy how stuff should work. and i am afraid of major changes done to the game (e.g. frostbite) when data become obsolete...
  3. yes, that thing with one base-forge is a cool idea, i like it. yes, the base-values for resistances increase more (~5% each level) as damage (~2.5%), health (~2%) o leadership (~1.3%). and damage can drop because of the reduction of attack speed perk, as we discussed. imho health (and its combination with LoH) is important when leveling. yes the pure damage output we have an idea of how it works. but what about damage per second (e.g. does a hero with higher attack speed sings his sword more often per second as a hero without, and doing therefore more damage, etc.)? or it would also be cool to verify those calculations. but i am also more interested now in an understanding of how e.g. an apollo tower deals out damage to an hero (or what is refected, absorbed, and so on) and also apollo can be dogged - so when do you get hit and when not... and things like that .
  4. i think we are using the same calculation now, or maybe we always did :-) above i wrote: health = ("base health" + sum(items))*(1+("natural bonus of hero"+mastery)/100) ... for 1 mastery which is the same as you do - the only thing is i use always 100%+ "natural bonus of hero", otherwise if the natural bonus is 0% you end up with zero. if you do not add 100% always but use 100% if bonus is 0%, you end up with different base values for (most) every hero, even if they have reached lvl 20. if you observe this witchin your calculations you should try - i like it when i can use same base values for every hero and madlen said somewhere that heros do not have inherit weaknesses, so imho bases (if they reached max lvl) should be equal.
  5. items become old over time not at the point when you level up. their values do not decrease. so i am interested in the mechanism behind how things are affected and why some heros have the tendency of being weaker while others feel stronger. of course constantly forging is necessary to unleash the strenght of heros and of course with the last update they also changed something with the perks (e.g. regeneration or frostbite) which is (instantanly) good for some heros.
  6. in the real excample above without doing anything damage decreased from 13.552 down to 13.418 due to the reduction of attack speed and its effect on damage. but if i would not have used attack speed as perk, the damage would go up, true. thanks, that is also what i observe - at least with your notice regarding to damage and health. what do you mean with micromanaging troops? personally i also prefer to level up slowly with constant forging and preparing items. but the other side of the coin (i assume gems are needed until a certain point; maybe you also get a lot because you have a better def/troops/... than most players...) is, if you reach high/ max level fast you a lot of time to really forge good stuff until the next levels...
  7. this is what i observe for an hero (perseus) with exact the same items for 2 levels: (134->136; i did not make calculations for lvl 135, stupidly). the green values are calculated (phys. resistance has a cut of at 90% and are an approximation of what can happen due to observations. i dont have the formulas/tables or what ever and FG wont tell us. i/we have asked) all base values have been increased (attack speed and resistances more than leadership, healt and damage), but the overall output of e.g. damage decreases (because the role of attack speed) while leadership and health increases (mastery of health unchanged). the % values of resistances also decreases of course... so to answer if a hero gets weaker we need also the way how to calculate damage output of towers /units/... and sadly i have a feeling that FG wont tell us. but i ask now... Q: dear devs: can you please give us a fictive example of how the damage a hero receives is calculated? or also the damage output a hero gives? Q: is it possible to answer the question if a hero gets weaker (or maybe also stronger) when leveling up?
  8. but how (just gave also en edit above... i hope we are not taking over this thread now...)? i mean, in game the different damage sources have to be reduced by the different protections and the overall result reduces the health of the hero. if protection get a bit lower, but health a bit higher (or also life on hit), it should be kind of equal... but i am also interested in an answer of madlen how this really works, or if heros getting weaker when leveling.
  9. agree - as a machanism of protection when miss clicking. yes. but lets say the multiplier comes from an internal base-value... if we stick to your numerical excample it is 400.000 base resistance (bc. 50% = 200.000/400.000*100). when leveling this base value changes - it increases due to higher level.... in your excample it becomes 445.000 and therefore 200.000/445.000*100=44,94% or rounded 45%. but when the resistance is calculated in game (they need absolute values, i assume), you still get the same protection. so the question is: how is the resistance (or damage...) calculated when playing... you cant compare just % ... edit: sure.. not exact the same. because after calculating the resulting damage from all sources this number reduces the health of the hero... but the base health of heros also increase. isnt it? so unless there is not any huge gap between offence / defence items one should be ok, right?
  10. Q: when a player levels up (e.g. lvl135->lvl136), we see a reduction on the %-values of resistances or strength and so on. i always hear complaints that heros getting weaker when leveling up. but in my opinion the reduction of the % values is because the BASE-values (which are a part of the % calculation) got up, while the actual values of the items remain the same... Do heros get weaker or not? (i think they remain as powerful as before level up, but of course they have not reached their full potential without forging better items)
  11. but one does not have to forge with such an item. save ressources.
  12. they say the values wont get down when using a weak gold item... but they do now specify what happens when using a bronce item on a 4 perk unique...
  13. hey Dheth - it is just my opinion / or what i observe from the values on these items and i am ok with this rules... if you start (have started) forging 5* titan gold items (with 4 abilities) they will not be very powerful when reaching the actual player end level of 150, so the only good thing to do with them is to use them for forge/refine uniques since they changed this process in such a way that for uniques only the forging cycles count, not the values of the items. so plan your perks "wisely", because the system works like this. and i assume they want it to work like this. do not hunt for refined items, you will have some in a few month/year when you need them. my strategy is to forge/refine now (lvl131-lvl140) items that can be used for uniques when i reach lvl150 and maybe start refining items for normal use when i reach lvl140. that is what i do, because they are so expensive and i also cannot invest more than some hours a day and i dont want to invest tons of gems. i think this is intended because the game is designed for years of play and joy. but i could also be wrong.
  14. in the first screen you forgged with a fully refined item so you also get some boosts due to this. if you now try to forge with an item of less power, you cant expect to get the same boosts (in my opinion) - the normal values just gets distributed to the 4 existing perks. so to keep up the higher values, keep on forging with fully refined items (of equal perks if you want to keep them). for me it looks fine (otherwise you would get a lot of overpowered items), but if this is really so, only the devs can tell. the other thing with the website certificate: i sent an report a few days ago, but they are on hollydays... edit: it is funny that your values have been increased from 3 to 4 perks... i just see a reduction when i try uniques to refine... maybe because you already used a silver item before. interesting, thx. edit2: just to compare (lvl 135) two screen shots of an apple if i would forge normal and once with an fully refined item (which was not made for this purpose, so i wont do this...). this apple was also not forged for some lvls now (i think the last time at lvl 130 or 131)
  15. NaN

    Another "what do you prefer" post :)

    atm i dont use any of them. but i think about to use petrify for quit some time now... imho it works good with cadmus and medusa.