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  1. Jehlanus

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    Guys I Update 4.2 on Google play but what's new in this update ??
  2. Jehlanus

    Funny Moments

    All This Fury's For Persus Hahahahah
  3. What's Is That Flare ?? Map Changed And I Don't Have Any Fury's And 2 Strikes Gone ??
  4. Jehlanus


    Can Any One Explain This To Me Thanks
  5. Guys Normally We Need To Win 15m Gold That's True ?? But We Won Only 300.000 Gold
  6. Jehlanus

    ⚔️ Viribus Units ⚔️

    We Looking Too For A Merge If Any Alliance Interested Contact Me Here Or Line My ID : Ouissaden
  7. Jehlanus

    Héros Xp

    Thank u Guys Odyssey Is The Best Idea Yeaa I'm Working To Lvl Up Prestige I'm Now Lvl 24 And I'm Working To Make It 25
  8. Jehlanus

    Héros Xp

    GUYS What's It The Best Strategy To Lvl Up Ure Héros Fast
  9. Jehlanus

    ⚔️ Viribus Units ⚔️

    2 Places Available
  10. Hello Everybody Our Alliance Looking For Active Members To Help Each Others We Have Line Groupe To Communicate Between Us And All Blessings Active Importants Ones Are Active For 150 Days My IGN : Jehlanus
  11. Jehlanus

    Funny Moments

    Torches Hahahahhahahahha
  12. Jehlanus

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Looking Awesome When The Update I'm Waiting For Like 15 Days Hahahahahahah