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  1. We really felt hurt, we entered into conquest 1 day and a half later. with little to do, the other alliances already had 150 points when the system entered us and in case it was almost almost no place to build we had. really disappointing.
  2. My Alliance is Siniestros and we can't play conquest.
  3. Why did they leave our Sinister Alliance without conquest if they meet the requirements to participate?
  4. I attack but it is as if I do not attack, I win the battle but he does not tell me the skulls only counts the battle.
  5. In our Alliance a lot of players are hope your rewards. And élites is not active.
  6. Sorry yes. But the event is very hard. A hard week and rewards are very bad. Pro league in an hour has better rewards.
  7. Lo mismo en nuestra alianza. Se tomó una semana y las recompensas fueron malas. Y las élites no están activas.
  8. The game disconnect including in middle of battle. When will they Solve the problem? Our Alliance cant fights for this problem
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