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  1. When will it be fixed!! How long should we wait?? Number of my alliance have losen their chest, cannot finish Pro league, and the festival.........
  2. Disconnection happen to me as well. I cannot go into game at beginning. IGN: bezzang78sg Samsung Galaxy S8
  3. Why there is no item for the stun spell? It may be good to add its distance and effective time. Wish to see an item soon.
  4. Thanks for removing the adds. There are other ads doesn't work properly. Please remove those as well. Is it impossible to fix the problem permanatly? The error have repeated very often, and it have bothered me a lot...
  5. It comes up again... please check the updated reply. ------------------- Hi Flare, The problem have happen again..: No rewards after warching advertisements (even 4-5 times). See the attached files for examples. My in-game ID is bezzang78sg. Im using Galaxy S8. Please kindly fix the problem. Best,
  6. There are a number of members waiting for next alliance party from months before.. Hope to see the active flag this week.
  7. Hi Flares, At least 3 members report me that their connection was lost when they tried to participitate. This have happened for two days from starting the War. Korea_Junior vs. Kammelot! (12/1) Game IDs: 용호다크호스걸, 정갱, kbsha, 민쥰니 (he had 2 times error, but rest was ok). Korean_Junior vs. Golden Samurai (12/2) Game IDs: 다슐이, kbsha Please advise. Thanks.
  8. We only use the flag function for indicating, 'please move to the tile, anyone?'. This is because we do not know the specific reason of a flagging created by a general/sergeant. If there is the creator info. of a flag, it will be much easier to ask the reason. Wish to use the functon many ways in near future.
  9. The search system needs to be improved to find more IDs and alliances. The current system only allow to find the query-related characters without space, underline, etc.
  10. While I was playing as a general, it was very difficult to find the location/enegrgy of an appropriate player in Conquest. Can you consider to add the current info of every players in a menu for generals and leader? Th current tile info is essential, and his/her energy is also needed to play smoothly. It takes too much time to find all the occupied tile info everytime. Thanks,,
  11. How long do I have to wait,,,,, Someone even lost his connection after using his gems to open a chest..
  12. I think incresed attack range would be enough for the balancing if the duration is enough,, i.e.10 sec for the effect and 5 sec cooldown (Wow!!) No need to have damage. ? My hero can go to destroy,,,
  13. Hi Flares, I've enjoyed playing this wonderful game than any others. Many thanks for developers. The only thing that I have felt negatively is mainly because this game has affected my eye health and feeling faint too frequently. It will be solved if I quit this game, but I do not want to do so. I personally think that the highest motion effect while attaching may be the main reason for me. If there is some option for deducing the graphic effect, it would be very helpful for me and for other user having the similar problem. Plus, it probably helps to play this game with a low spec smartphone. Thanks for your consideration! Best,
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