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  1. The goal to get the highest rewards is not very hard to reach if your alliance is balanced correctly. If your alliance is a mid to upper level with many players under or around 1k trophies you should encourage those players to upgrade as their ninja score will not be very helpful in reaching your goal for a level 60+ alliance.
  2. I have not upgraded anything that doesn't use pal food specifically because of the list above. The guardians are great bit definitely not worth that price tag compared to using pearls to strengthen towers, gear, spells, troops etc. With how many items use pearls for upgrades the cost should be reduced by 1/3 to 1/4 of the price otherwise you have the same problem you have with nemesis being super weak for the price.
  3. Iceman7

    Wars still the sad issue.

    Topic on fiefdom dumping while admitting to fiefdom dumping 🤔🤔😂😂
  4. IGN: Iceman 7 Android I just had a raid in which I completed at 99%, I received no gold or skulls for raid. It did not count the raid towards my 5 raids allowed during conquest but took my energy (42) and took my gems 33 total (2 time warp and 1 battle cry) used during battle from my total. I would think compensation of gems is needed at very least. I have screenshots of battle if needed but can't figure out how to upload here.
  5. Iceman7

    Farm, Tavern & Blacksmith Boosts

    It just means there are no advertisements to watch in your area. Keep trying eventually you will get an ad. Sometimes restarting the app helps. Some areas get more offers than others also. I think it varies by platform too.
  6. Iceman7

    Absolute Trash matching for war

    It doesn't look nearly as bad when you look into the teams. The 1k rank alliance dropped all their players. The 300 rank has abnormal amount of 2k and lower probably 2nd accounts more used in conquest. Also the lower ranks have the same fiefdom as the highest rank so you got a little manipulation on everyone going on here.
  7. Iceman7

    Absolute Trash matching for war

    Would be interesting to see alliance names on this one should be easy to tell what was done from that or if there was a massive mess up.
  8. Iceman7

    Absolute Trash matching for war

    Pretty bad for sure someone had to have dropped players or massive amounts of trophies though, in wars there is never that much difference in level.
  9. Iceman7

    Absolute Trash matching for war

    Never heard of a war season being that mismatched not even conquest was ever that bad. Did some on drop a ton of players before the war? What are alliance levels etc. Gotta be something else going on.
  10. Iceman7

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I wish mine looked like that I have 0 holiday chest showing as of yet
  11. Iceman7

    One Time Offers

    I agree I have noticed since I hit 100+ I get almost no offers anymore and when I do they are never good like they used to be.
  12. Iceman7

    Sudden mandatory logoff

    How long are you online for this too happen? Never had it happen to me so you must be online 2, 3, 4 hours straight? What do you do for that long?
  13. Iceman7

    Un-assign troops in stronghold

    This is a great idea and should be implemented with next conquest
  14. Iceman7

    One Time Offers

    Maybe coincidence I just received offer this morning or maybe not 🤔🤔
  15. Iceman7

    One Time Offers

    I haven't even received any of those offers yet. In fact I have noticed I used to receive special offers fairly regularly now I am lucky to see maybe one a month or every other month.