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  1. Iceman7

    Trophies calculation ?

    The only time this happens is with severe trophy manipulation on attacker/defenders part. If you stay in "normal" trophy range use the matchmaker it will never happen. Now some players don't do that and attack way above their range and are either pretty skilled at attacking or the defenses they attack aren't very strong. In that case the result could be a "defense victory say 40%" but the trophy system calculated that they shouldn't have been able to get that far on path when you compare attacker/defender levels.
  2. Iceman7

    Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

    I understand how to do it, and main part of the problem was timezones. But when you have 10-15 in the tile defending and 7 solo spam attackers that's alot of time wasted. Our people couldn't be online to wait for a supreme victory even if it was 10-30 minutes they were not online. At one point we did what you are saying and were able to get an advantage by attacking their spam players unfortunately we needed everyone online and ultimately that's what makes this part of the game undesirable to many and frustrating to generals and leaders because you can't control what players do or when they are online.
  3. Iceman7

    Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

    We had a situation where enemy was guarding tower (level 4) with 10-15 teammates at any given time and continually trapping our chance to all attack at once by spamming 1 attack at a time (great tactic worked beautifully for them) downside was every now and again we would have an opportunity to try and attack their tower and only 1 or 2 players max would make it out before they spam attacked again. The result was 2 vs 10-15 in a level 4 tower. Funny part was just to do one raid the energy cost was 3k+ energy meaning no attack was possible at all and they only needed to gain 1 skull to win battle. Even though I get the difference in troops and defense multiplier was really high seems strange that our players couldn't even attack 1 time with full energy. Basically a guaranteed loss and nothing you can even do if your defense is amazing.
  4. Iceman7

    Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

    I don't necessarily think the cost is too high I think the cooldown is too long.
  5. Iceman7

    Did you notice? No more Uber Pal in Daily Rewards O.O

    My last 2 chests are also green gem chests not even an uber chest
  6. Iceman7

    Did you notice? No more Uber Pal in Daily Rewards O.O

    I just got my pal chest for last day today so I will find out tomorrow if mine is same
  7. Honestly the only thing I would like is for energy cooldown to be faster or less energy per move. Other than that I think this has been a good conquest even though we are in 4th. Goes to note also the 2 alliances leading our conquest are actually the weaker 2 on paper. We are rank 100 in 4th place, 3rd place is rank 50 while 1st and 2nd in conquest are both rank 200+.
  8. Iceman7

    Skull forging on a pro cape

    I've got lucky 2 pieces of gear I changed perk and received skull perk after first forge. I don't forge gear much at the moment except to try for skull gear if it takes more than 5 times I quit.
  9. Aslan777 is very coordinated team. The screenshot above is actually around resource tile not wiping off map. In this case they got their first with more players built strong towers first we try to take it but not enough players to be effective. They spam attack with open base 900 trophy accounts non stop so you are never out of battle. As I said good strategy and works well because they had tower first if other way around they probably could not win battles because lower ranks.
  10. I am in Enigma (general) yes we are rank 100 but we are very international alliance never very many on at same time. We have people from all over world and cannot coordinate battles as well as our rank would seem. In wars we have no problem because game can be played anytime in 24 hours but in conquest we don't have enough on to coordinate battles. On the other side while Aslan is much lower rank all players are constantly on and very coordinated with good strategy almost as if many are controlled by same person. In regular war would be no match conquest is much different though.
  11. Iceman7

    This should NEVER happen!

    I get that but I'd have to open my base non stop. Easier to just lose battles non stop and not have to continually remake path.
  12. Iceman7

    I thought this was a festival

    I don't even care what gold they have just need to learn the art of the trophy drop. 😂😂
  13. Iceman7

    This should NEVER happen!

    How do you keep trophies down? Just constantly lose on purpose? I usually do opposite when I attack alot my trophies go down when I stop attacking and just defend back up they go.
  14. Iceman7

    This should NEVER happen!

    Throughout all the days of the event I haven't seen one raid less than 640 medals on my end. Majority are 750-850 so it could be worse. Now you know what I was saying in the other thread.
  15. Aslan your strategy of stalling works great I'm wondering if you control all small account in your alliance? Seems strange the coordination for a beginning player would be done that well. It seems also like all of your "scouts" are always online. Very good strategy I must say.