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  1. Iceman7

    Trophy system discussion (Suggestions for a Fix?)

    That's about the laziest response I've ever heard. I want gold but I don't want to look for it. Flare just need to show me all bases with high gold in treasure chamber then I will play again. There is no problem to fix for Flare the problem that needs fixing is whether you want to spend a little time to play the game or you don't. None of which has anything to do with Flare.
  2. Iceman7

    Trophy system discussion (Suggestions for a Fix?)

    This is definitely correct. If you can attack much higher than your trophy rank you have focused too much on offensive upgrades. If you win a bunch of battles then go off line and lose 80%+ of your defenses then maybe it's time to focus on defense upgrades. True trophy count should be a range of player you win and lose against in offense battles and defense battles. If you don't want to put the time in to upgrade your defense then you can't really complain when your trophy count doesn't increase.
  3. Iceman7

    I just found another hidden "improvement"

    Tap Joy works great though 🤷‍♂️
  4. Iceman7

    Trophy system complaint

    If that's the case and you have an issue then just make it known in your alliance there is someone they need to attack that is too low for you. I don't think it's an algorithm problem it's geared that way purposely to keep stronger players from attacking weaker players non stop with no risk of losing trophies and/or significant gold since that will also be lower payout if you attack weaker players.
  5. Iceman7

    Trophy system complaint

    I would imagine trophy count was quite significant in your favor only way I can see that happening. Other example with Lacuna looks to be an error though.
  6. Iceman7

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    Not bad for Rank 2, I got Rank 1 and got terrible rewards from chests 100 gems 2,000 pearls 20 crystals (yes only 20) 1 pro item (already have but omega gear) 2,000 pal food from pro chest 5 pals (2x Tammy, Bucky, Archimedes, growl)
  7. Iceman7

    Blacksmith meltdown bug

    Thanks Paul I wish I would have known that they were getting ready to start melting so I stopped them and lost out on the gold I used to start but no big deal.
  8. Iceman7

    Blacksmith meltdown bug

    To follow up I aborted meltdown in the order of which I had queued items for melting and now in my inventory it shows the correct items I had but of course I have lost the 2 million plus gold it cost to start them.
  9. Iceman7

    Blacksmith meltdown bug

    I am having a problem with meltdown during blacksmith event. I started a zelos helmet for meltdown then did battle and melted down a legendary army piece. It changed my zelos helmet to match legendary armor. I did another attack got rare boots in chest started meltdown on that and now showing I have 3 boots melting it switched both my pro item and legendary item to all rare boots. That is a difference of over 2k pearls lost please help.
  10. Iceman7

    What What What? How to get aska in the festival?

    I also got Aska in regular chest and Fritz during pal collector event. I took Irmgard in this event and have 3k beach balls leftover. I did not get anything but beach balls in chests during event I thought I was the only one 😂😂
  11. Iceman7

    N-Design is OP

    My point on this is the design has nothing to do with OP. It's the defensive level/forging of towers/troops/traps etc that make the design difficult not the path design itself.
  12. Iceman7

    N-Design is OP

    What is the point though? Are you suggesting that just because certain people can't beat a design it's OP? Maybe try some variation or better yet skip that design path when attacking. Why is the thought always nerf/buff rather than learn/change. Keep upgrading/forging etc. then eventually you will understand how to make changes to counter things that are "OP".
  13. Iceman7

    N-Design is OP

    How can a path design be overpowered? Doesn't seem to make much sense to me. Isn't the idea of the game to figure out your best defensive strategy that your alliance boosts will make most effective. What do you want them to do ban certain path designs?
  14. Iceman7

    Video bug has been fixed

    I never had the 6 hour cool down problem with ads (android user). I could watch back to back for every boost and upgrade and never have problems. Then this morning all of a sudden normal routine wake up start watching video to get my free chest, then start tavern boosts then bam after 2nd tavern 6hr ad cool down. It kind of cripples anyone's ability to play effectively.
  15. Iceman7

    What about ProTickets donation?

    I'd like to know also, not being able to donate really hurts middle and smaller alliances. It can be easily fixed with donation cooldown when emterimg/leaving alliances. Solves the multi account problem and allows teams to work together to have most participation possible to get boosts.