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  1. skellz

    Skull difficulty

    Nice. Thanks Dumpster
  2. skellz

    Skull difficulty

    Can someone please remind me of the defending bonus for each skull level during wars? Thanks in advance.
  3. yes, I'm surprised at the lazy response from flare (though maybe I shouldn't be). There is an obvious problem in the game that directly advantages some teams over others and there doesn't seem to be any concern or motivation whatsoever to fix it.
  4. A bit late now as the war season is over, but would've thought there would be a reply by now. Hopefully this issue is solved so it doesn't happen again. I know that some alliances are still able to prolong their war blessings longer than the current season so there are still issues which need to be fixed.
  5. Maybe in the future they shouldn't make any major server updates/game changes and then go directly on holiday. Or have a two week war break over Christmas/New Year since they aren't around to deal with problems.
  6. How long is flare closed for? Do they not have ANYONE working between Christmas and New Year? You'd think they'd have someone checking things for a day or two.
  7. Yep, did that too. A few days ago
  8. 🤣 I could probably let it slide then.
  9. I know it’s the holidays now but we haven’t received a reply and now lost 2 of our war blessings. What a joke. Can’t seem to fix one thing without breaking something else.
  10. Hmm, is there any change to normal war schedule? Because if not it means my alliance will lose 2 of our 5 war blessings for the last war. 😩
  11. Can you please fix the recent bug which won’t allow us to extend our war blessings to the end of the current season? Posting here as no reply in the thread for the server maintenance yesterday which caused the bug. Thanks.
  12. Can you please fix it so that we can extend blessings that are not currently extended to the end of the season? At the moment we have 2 that only have 4 days left but there is just under 12 days left in the season now. We are unable to prolong them past 4 days.
  13. Thank you for sorting out blessings. Good to have an even playing field. However, there still seems to be some bugs with duration. There are 12 days left in current season. You can see that my alliance still has more than that on a couple blessings (showing max duration reached) and a couple with fewer, at 5 days) but also showing max duration reached. we also have the phalanx wall which is 5 days also but has the button to extend (as it should be).
  14. skellz

    low skull level difficulty

    Please check the difficulty of low level odysseys. I'm doing a level 6 (granted is with Ajax) which seems as difficult as a level 10 or 11 which I normally do with other heroes. I'll admit my Ajax is fairly weak, but even so, the difficulty is pretty ridiculous for a level 6.
  15. skellz

    Olympus Overlords

    Still looking for new and active members! Send us a message here or apply in game.