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  1. What I’d like to see, and this has probably been discussed elsewhere, is a greater spread in VP depending on level difference. i.e. more points for beating higher levels and less for lower levels. Firstly, it would encourage high level people to attack similar or higher level people to get the most VP. At the moment there isn’t a lot keeping people from just hitting the lowest levels and easiest targets. Second, it would encourage alliances with a lot of dedicated mid level players fighting against the small but very high level alliances. We faced several teams the last couple of seasons who either had only 10 high level players (135+ in kings league) or who kicked all their low level players in order to reduce our targets. Both scenarios are frustrating for active alliances with mid level people.
  2. Well, the point is, it does happen (however rarely) and should be looked at by the devs (just waiting for an answer now). I don’t really care about ‘what ifs’ and ‘almost’. I’m not (and don’t think anyone is) demanding something be done about it today, but it does need to be looked at in the next update.
  3. That's sad. I know this game has been out a while and these things always run their course eventually, but still..... I do hope the game does keep getting attention and a new and exciting things are still in store for us. I guess flare doesn't get enough revenue to keep enough support for each game?
  4. I agree it's rare, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be looked at.
  5. All I’m doing is bringing attention to a problem. It’s flares job to fix it.
  6. Is there anything helpful here at all? I actually posted on Thursday as soon as war started so check your facts. And whether or not the war is over has no relevance. Should we just not post so the same thing keeps happening in the future? I know flare can’t predict alliances disbanding or dropping members, but hopefully there is a solution. It’s not fair that some teams should only get one opponent in a 3 team war, especially if the other team is vastly superior.
  7. My team only got 1 opponent this war. Is that because the third team lost some players or something and didn't qualify this round?
  8. Cool. Thanks for the reply! In the meantime I’ll make sure everyone in my alliance gets at least level 2 Phoenix ASAP 😀😀
  9. Ok good, but I’m still curious now how long we’re talking for the new version if Madlen has an idea. Thanks Madlen 👍
  10. Thanks for the reply! I guess I missed it.... when is the new version scheduled for release?
  11. I never said they were making a change. You said they were happy with it which they’ve never said anywhere that I can see. In any case, it’s a good idea (manual powers) and I hope they do add it some day.
  12. This is what they said in December for all those interested: Can we modify the Auto-Play a tiny bit? Can you split it in 2 parts as follows: Semi-Auto (where the heroes moves and attacks with normal attacks but YOU must use the spells) and Full-Auto (As it currently is). This is something many players have asked for, so it is certainly on our watch-list. However, we can’t guarantee that such a feature would make it into the next version.
  13. I told you what they said in the latest one. It’s on their list.
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