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  1. skellz

    Tartarus invo at the gate

    Not a good sign for their recently announced new and improvement player relations. 😂
  2. skellz

    Tartarus invo at the gate

    Maybe, or maybe not. Some official response would be welcome.
  3. skellz

    Donation bug

    Can this be looked at again please? It has been going on for too long not to be fixed by now. Thanks.
  4. skellz

    Tartarus invo at the gate

    Two months since I first posted and I know there were more before me. Sad.
  5. skellz

    Tartarus invo at the gate

    Why does there continue to be no response to this issue? Just dead silence. Very frustrating.
  6. skellz

    Olympus Overlords

    3 spots open!
  7. skellz

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    Totally agree. Numbers are far too low. Please make some adjustments.
  8. skellz

    Tartarus invo at the gate

    Please fix this! Getting extremely annoying now.
  9. skellz

    Hero Powers in 2018

    Agree with pretty much everything dumpster wrote. Fist of Power definitely needs another level or two, or wider range at higher levels. Shield slam would be nice if it wasn't directional, just circular effect. Some of the 'boring' spells are quite useful (styx and fleece are quite nice imo), but it is true, they are boring....which is part of the reason I don't normally play those heroes.
  10. skellz

    Olympus Overlords

    Made some room after last war!
  11. skellz


    Really? Is that what you think would happen? lol
  12. skellz


    I agree it would be nice to see some differentiation though I’m not sure blessings would work. People demoted would just leave the alliance. But something would be nice though I don’t have a suggestion just now 😀
  13. skellz

    War info during war

    Thanks for the info, Campaign if I remember right is 18 hour strike and 8 hour cooldown, so slightly different.
  14. skellz

    War info during war

    Thanks for the reply. Could you (or someone) please post (or point me in the right direction if posted already) a rundown for the current war? I think I remember strike length of 16 hours, but want to be sure of length and cooldown for planning. Thanks.
  15. Why does the war info disappear once the war starts? Please add the i (info) button on the war overview page so we can see strike length/strike cooldown/max fury etc etc.