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  1. DineshGodkiya

    About update for skull tower boost

    Yaah but I'm taking about we will make boost like lighting towers or bombers towers etc.....
  2. I think flare need to make update for skull tower boost, bcuz we can't get any boost related to skull tower
  3. DineshGodkiya

    UPDATE: Blacksmith Event extended

    Without pears whatever time u extend, it's West for me, ????
  4. DineshGodkiya

    ninja event

    I think flare need to restart ninja event..... bcuz flare already banned pro tickets donetion so between two teckit 30 day so we can't get pears from pro event. so we have only one way to get so many pears for forging is only ninja event...... What u say about this guys......
  5. DineshGodkiya

    Summer festival details

    How much time still remain to start this festival
  6. DineshGodkiya

    Speed gear

    I also need that sward
  7. Why u doesn't start any events for speeds
  8. DineshGodkiya

    Speed gear

    Hey how can I get speed gear i haven't any speed gear and flare doesn't give it in rny chats and also doesn't start any events for speed. Than how can I get it........... can any one suggest me bcuz as per my lvl mini. 70% speed is need my hero LVL is 108 lvl so it's requirements for me plz help me.........
  9. DineshGodkiya

    Connections issue

    How many people face connection problems, bcuz I can't stay in game more than 1 mini and my daimond league is over in short time and I'malready leading 15k at a time but if problem are continue than I shall loose it........
  10. Ign:- DRG8 Hero lvl:- 107 Ally tower:- 250k Sp:- 19% I need more than 72 lvl ally
  11. DineshGodkiya

    Add me ı need friends

    Friends code: CGCJQXDGCZ
  12. DineshGodkiya

    Upcoming pro league

    What is in the upcoming pro league chrono cup
  13. DineshGodkiya

    Change the pro shop items

    Please change the pro shop items I think this was continue last more than one month so we needed some more power full items
  14. DineshGodkiya

    level difference

    Yaah right I'm also interesting to see the difference between this