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  1. Hi . Two weeks since last message away but tartatus is still not working. I do not know how much stounes i lost cheking it but it is very much. So can you give any info about when tertarus will work properly again? Thanks.
  2. And about trophies!!! Yes for players with a less amount of trophies is a good change, the can now make trophies much quickly then before, each island now have 2 or 3 trophies more, it is good. But for the players with a good amount of trophies is only a bad change, for them now at islands the players level are more big now but the trophies is the same as was before. For example if you have level 100 and 6500 trophies all islands now 5-10 levels more but they all still have 3 trophies for each islands. So for them is more hard to take this islands now for getting the same 3 trophies. And for them this change is very very bad.
  3. ares2012

    Funny Moments

    O yes to buldt a 48lvl is very hard, it need many years of a hard work and you write you must hide this iformation from the hakers?????
  4. Better we all wait then again we will be kick out from war?
  5. This is a game of a olimp gods and there are a lot of grecce godas and heroes which can be add. The gods from india, asia or from others continets is no place in olimp. This is what i think.
  6. ares2012


    But it was never so that to make 5 skulls is impossible. Last duell war was easy to have a 5 skulls strike.
  7. Before was always that time of a strike was the same as a time between to make a new strike, now is is so that at beginen we must make two strikes of 1 and 2 skulls and at the last strike will open only 3 and 4 skulls islands and to make a strike at 5 skulls is impossible. Is it a bag or you chang the gsme rulles? What is it???
  8. Yes, but i thought i also get an unique item with 4 powers according to my level
  9. So and now for 20m gold and 150k books i had curse tis item and finaly i get this . And now this unique item is less then any gelb item i have. Is it a joke or what is it?
  10. When i was at level 88 i had made tis item use about 20000000 gold and 500000 books and lot of my time and my power. Now i am at level 94 and ofcouse this item is small and i want upgraid it. But look yourself what is going on. I only had use one week this item and what now should i do. It is horrible and unbelievable.
  11. ares2012

    upgaiding a super item

    Or you must do it only when you have level 131
  12. ares2012

    upgaiding a super item

    If is so it is not interesting to do it, becouse i thought that i make it once use a lot of time gold and books and then i can always apgraid it according to my level
  13. ares2012

    upgaiding a super item

    O sorry do not read correctly all what you had write, now i understand the system. Only by the next time the prise will also up?
  14. ares2012

    upgaiding a super item

    And in your build it again down a power of item or this is a old picture?
  15. ares2012

    upgaiding a super item

    Yes, i have 120.000 books. And if then once more upgrade the preis will stay or i will need more next time?