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  1. joshcali

    Crashing constantly... Oreo

    @Maestro nice to hear! when I first messaged them they didn't know about it. it was the day after the oreo release on the G6
  2. LINE's great for alliances. easy to create chat rooms. lots of people use it. This is the first game I'm in that I haven't seen more guilds using it. Try being in a guild who knows how to use it before basing a decision on the website
  3. joshcali

    Crashing constantly... Oreo

    @Archimedes did you see @Maestro had the same problem? Imagine all the people not reporting... @maestro... is this also on an LG G6 after the update to oreo?
  4. Do any of the top alliances in Royal Revolt 2 use LINE? I'm used to playing top guilds in other games, and most of them have LINE rooms set up for discussion and coordination, and I was wondering if any guilds here do that? if anyone does, LINE id is curiousjosh. send me a message.
  5. joshcali

    Crashing constantly... Oreo

    Thank you Archimedes! and um... no thank you other guy... lol
  6. I just updated my LG G6 to oreo (verizon) Now royal revolt is crashing CONSTANTLY. It's crashed so often entering the dungeon levels that I'm having to play on my windows tablet instead of the phone. blech.
  7. joshcali

    Knights Who Say Ni

    UberBiff seems like a pain in the ass. William22, I see why you guys got rid of this guy. Can't account for people with behavior problems in these games. We had one in my guild in another game. So glad we got rid of him....