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    the thread you are bringing up is about a dude who played pro league twice in different account and single device? no way around those silly things. its a good job for flare.,,, damn, look in the mirror hacking the game then having a face in the community to keep asking for a pardon for months in the game. have some shame good entertainment folks hope you cheats get tired soon, and a piece of advice flare wont give a damn for leeches in their game, the responsibility they have is to clean the game from guys who dont play fair their still some leeches around but eventually light will shine upon them eventually
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    get a life. grow up. society is build through rules and moral. stop playing against the rule, no need for pop up warnings its on the rules in their website about multi's,hacking, abusing or selling stuff, etc. got banned? you guys isnt special what about the players who play by the rules? start over fresh and stop those modus operandi. problem solved
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    cant play

    anyone else cant play in android device since 12hours ago ? im on GMT+8 error message that im getting could not establish a connection
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    NEMESIS - new pro pal

    I am just hopeful that flare would atleast check top 50 on monthly leaderboard for pro league and top 50 or 100 weekly to weed out those cheaters with that new pro pal in play.
  6. ampleczar

    Pro Cup Pal

    does the pal in pro cup the have the same level of my own same pet or everyone has same levels?