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  1. Finally logged in,just to saw changed Duel war map. What is this? And only 4 fury per hero?
  2. Since the launch of the 4.0 version, every beginning of each war has been extra stressful.
  3. Wtf is this? Double players? I was in top 600 and right now I am not in top 1000...
  4. Our strike is back,but it isn't stable....it keeps reconnecting and our points on islands are changing every second,literally.It isn't normal behaviour like before.
  5. and our attack has returned,it's ok now
  6. It's 3rd time in a row about wars with serious bugs! MISSING STRIKE,AGAIN! Srbija Carevina1389
  7. Srbija Carevina1389 MISSING STRIKE AGAIN! If another alliance lose their attack,we will not get war chests!
  8. HeliosSRB

    Forging system suggestions

    If you really want to be fair to everyone,you have only two choices: 1.) Return old forging system back 2.)Destroy all overpowered items of all players Consider the lost time and gold when we made those items,so just restore the old system.Anyway,you will add new levels for everything like you said... It is normal that we are not all the same and that someone will always be stronger than the other,it's like it should be. But the main thing is that ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE EQUAL chances to reach the top.
  9. HeliosSRB

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    So,Devs called 'smart' those players who used forging system to improve items. The same system they made and which lasted for almost a year. I guess that players on max ascension lvl who overpowered their equipment are the smartest,luckiest and the most protected by you. The new ascension levels will not fix this chaos and inequality. I must be very stupid because I am lvl 118-119 for months.IF I KNEW that you will make this huge change I would lvld up. I am so sorry because euphoria about 4.0 version is overshadowed by this decision.