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  1. HeliosSRB

    Sea chests on Ithacan Harbor levels 9 and 10

    Thank you Archimides! 😊
  2. HeliosSRB

    Sea chests on Ithacan Harbor levels 9 and 10

    My harbour level is 9 and I wanted to decide will I raise to the max lvl soon. If I do,I must upgrade storage buildings first (there are more important things to upgrade first,for me) and this information would help me.5 sea titan chests are 5 titan sea chests! 😁😊
  3. HeliosSRB

    Sea chests on Ithacan Harbor levels 9 and 10

    And how much fame is needed for each chest on Ithacan Harbor lvl 10? Anyone? 😊
  4. HeliosSRB

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    Everything that elite ones who desperately defend indefensible wrote here can be summarized into this: 1. We can have all war blessings,you can't! (Yes,you heard well.Before,we weren't able to get them because we lost too many wars from almost same teams like now,but at least we can have basic war blessings permanently!) 2.This league system is-Training camp for League of Titans,come join us! (Your alliances still exists? Anyway,thanks for your former members,you trained them well!) So,what is really rude and unforgivable is that elite members know that this game is dying and they just don't want to admit-currently war blessings distribution is failure. Greed and their selfishness will kill this game.
  5. HeliosSRB

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    This situation requires in-game survey as all active players should vote and express their opinion on this subject.The sample must be relevant.
  6. HeliosSRB

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    LOL funny and irrelevant rivalry...Djokovic is #1! 🏆
  7. HeliosSRB

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    @Philstar Great suggestion as always! You may have those war blessings,but you are not selfish like some other players from Titan league that we can see and read here and there. It seems that one alliance from the highest league has the most number of selfish members. They won that achivement.
  8. HeliosSRB

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    OMG those privileged elite players must suggest anything just to pop here as everywhere...we already know that they want to this distriburion remains the same,because they have all basic war blessings permanently. And that isn't enough for them. They want it more and more..but that is ok. It is not ok that they want less and less for all the other teams.
  9. HeliosSRB

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    Great,if some insignificant poll with wrong options showed that gems are more desirable than war blessings,give a opportunity to all players to earn all war blessings. War leagues aren't just tiers in wars,they are classes which have huge impact on all segments of the game. Is it fair that for the more than half of the year some teams have permanent blessings?With some blessings like gigas trebuchets and blessed warriors,they're terrorizing all players without a chance to get at least some basic war blessings. We played and still are playing under these dreadful and unfair conditions,so give a opportunity to all player to get most of war blessings,and rise the amount of gems in Titan league as they like it. I agree with the players who are suggesting that you should make war season more interesting.Give war blessings at the end of the season based on placements. Titan league should have blessings on the max level,each league below 1 level less/weaker.Each team would decide which earned blessings will (If) they prolong. It isn't more unfair compared to the current situation when alliance lose blessings which they don't want to prolong during the half of the war season or before season.
  10. I really like these changes.Thank you for listening and accepting players feedback via forum and survey. Ninjas more often 👍 Festivals are more significant 👍
  11. HeliosSRB

    [Feedback thread for] - War blessing Update

    The second compensation for privileged ones...this really shows too much care and compassion for real victims.Great job,once again.
  12. HeliosSRB

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    This current war blessings system is very unfair,depressed,boring and discriminating. Let's be honest,it is too far from ideal and fair game/war gameplay for players in each league.There are alliances with extra war blessings in wrong leagues already,though. Even Titan league isn't ideal when you distribute 3 new war blessing to only 3 teams. So,every and each alliance should be able to win and recive each old war blessing for limited time.I think that war blessings were perfect just before version 4.0,where we could choose which blessing we will prolong until the end of the next war and we had some chance to get that blessings almost every time. Distribute at least old war blessings (Chaos gate,phalanx wall...) to all leagues and alliances could get them: 1.through placements,achieved place at the end of the war season , or 2.via number of total collected torches at the end of the season (adjusted for each league). The new 3 blessings could stay in league of Titans.
  13. HeliosSRB

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    IGN:Dr Hipotalamus Sliding through danger...
  14. HeliosSRB


    Sadly,toxic posts are unavoidable consuence after version 4.0. But what is toxic if someone nicely express dissatisfaction against unfair system?
  15. Absolutely not! This should remain here as a feedback. There are a new levels for barricades,Apollo gate and units,making some war blessings even more stronger as Chaos Gate,right?