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  1. HeliosSRB

    Conquest rewards

    I am really disappointed,like the most players. Stress,chaos and lost time for nothing. Conquest boosts are joke,I thought they can't be worse than pro boosts but they are...
  2. HeliosSRB

    higher lvls always present

    We aren't alone guys,all members of my alliance are disappointed and I believe in that is the same situation in your alliances,too. 95% of players hate it. Only those who profit and have benefits of new war and league system crap can't understand us and some of them are rude enough to underestimate us. They play a completely different game and can't even imagine how we are forced to play.
  3. HeliosSRB

    higher lvls always present

    We want old war system back! Every alliance had chance to get Chaos gate or Phalanx Wall. Now ONLY elite and FG favourites can have them constant. 4.0. was the worst choice and they created social class! The strenght of those blessings was determined by torches and 4.0. did nothing to change way of fighting in a war.Only good thing is prolonging the blessings and they should just add that on old system.They heard the wish of their lapdogs and made it true.
  4. My friend declared battle against opponent,but now he can't fight there. There aren't names of players in this war.
  5. HeliosSRB

    unfair titan league

    They can't do that now. 12 alliances is perfect for all types of wars(12 is divisible by 2,3 and 4). And please no,we don't want all wars 1vs1.
  6. HeliosSRB

    New perk idea?

    I know the main sugestion are perks which will facilitate the fight against statues,but here is another sugestion for perk for casual battle. Anathema perk. It will give certain % of chance turning enemy troop to our side after its demise with 50% of it's health points.
  7. HeliosSRB

    New perk idea?

    I agree,these are strong powers especially against certain troops and towers. High value range perk (high %) would give interesting effect of Talos on Nyx in a parallel path,for example.
  8. HeliosSRB

    New perk idea?

    Range boost perk? It would boost range for troops and powers(Talos,Okeanos,Siren needs some range boost...).
  9. HeliosSRB

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    @CaptainMorgan Can we get a detailed explanation of forging unique items in future 4.1.0 version? Currently,it's better to forge those items on every 5-10 ascensions levels,so I have plenty uniques to forge and we need to know is it better to forge it before new version and forging system?
  10. Finally logged in,just to saw changed Duel war map. What is this? And only 4 fury per hero?
  11. Since the launch of the 4.0 version, every beginning of each war has been extra stressful.
  12. Wtf is this? Double players? I was in top 600 and right now I am not in top 1000...
  13. Our strike is back,but it isn't stable....it keeps reconnecting and our points on islands are changing every second,literally.It isn't normal behaviour like before.
  14. and our attack has returned,it's ok now
  15. It's 3rd time in a row about wars with serious bugs! MISSING STRIKE,AGAIN! Srbija Carevina1389