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  1. I'm playing this game long enough (for almost 2 years) to remember good old days. Those days when war blesings were fairly distributed. Those days when war matchmaking worked much better. Those days when 99.9% players weren't terrorized by elite privileged players and their Gigas Trebuchets,Sirens of Pyyrha and Spartan Warriors.
  2. Totally agree!In RR2 we have mighty and deadly Phoebe beast and in OR there is another threat equally dangerous...same pattern.
  3. Maybe it is war blessings bug with unfair blessings distribution and suffering huge number of attacks from players with blessings they shouldn't have?
  4. HeliosSRB


    Indeed,but which one will be implemented first? 😚
  5. HeliosSRB


    There and here will always be toxic posting until devs fix unfair war blessings distribution and help the victims of Gigas Trebuchets terror.
  6. HeliosSRB

    Unique Weapons with Elemental Damage

    This is great idea Tomaxo!! It looks like that someone is playing different game than us...
  7. HeliosSRB


    You're right,I totally forgot about Siren 2nd blessing and how it can be useful.For warriors,too. At the end of the current season,their favourite team will get Gigas Trebuchets forever as we heard that some teams helped and pushed them to the victory. It is so unfair to fight against those teams in the same league,they will have huge advantage.
  8. At first,you took Phalanx Wall and Chaos Gate from the most alliances out there. 99% players will never have the chance to try 3 new war blessings. Now,there are too many alliances with Gigas Trebuchet activated and prolonged blessing and soon more teams will have them,too. Is it intented to constantly punish all players outside of the Titan league? I constantly suffer from attacks of privileged players who harvest/grind trophies ,they destroy everything from a safe distance with their Gigas Trebuchets! Please don't wait,give to all teams in Titan league this blessing now.We are waiting them to take all our trophies,as they took all blessings away.We only exist for them!
  9. HeliosSRB

    Should I Continue to play thsi game as a New Player?

    @CHALLENGER Keep playing if you are happy with the current blessings that you have and war blessings that you can win. After 4.0.update,99% of players can't have Chaos Gate at all,never will try 3 new war blessings because,sadly,only old elite players use them permanently. Later,when you find these players on your map,you will see difference between classes.
  10. Not a fan of this latest version. Gameplay is now distorted and strenuous. Pause button is too small.Health bar of our tent is too short. I don't like this random system of pals/guardians,like many players.It is so unfair.
  11. HeliosSRB

    Teams with wrong war blessings

    They are waiting that their favourite team with favourite player(s) get Gigas Trebuchets,prolong them for 3 years and maybe then they will fix this bug!
  12. @HOLYDIVINEThank you.Thank you for this objective and rational point of view. In League of Demi-Gods,matchmaking is terrible.Teams ranked 17,29 and 131 still can be matched together. There are plenty teams which belong somewhere between leagues. War blessing distribution is awful!Old war format was better and more fair to all,not just to elite. And I really hope that Boomshaklaka will brake this wheel and mess with the plans of the old elite.I want to congratulate you on the first victory in the League of Titans! 😊
  13. HeliosSRB

    Teams with wrong war blessings

    Wow,you're such a caring person,deary. 😘
  14. Will war blessings ever be more fair and better distributed among leagues in future?Will Chaos Gate and new war blessings always be in the hands of elite players?