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  1. HeliosSRB


    Agree 100%!!!He should be happy that they were not 4th place,because their conspiracy gave them good result. So pity...
  2. Why remove trophy system? If new players can't reach amount of fame as veteran players,so that should mean that we need to remove fame system,too? No,players earned their trophies and fame fair and square. The only question is how to reward and motivate those players to keep on. I think that top 10 players should be rewarded more than just getting +5 titan points per day because they invest a lot of time everyday playing this game. Making trophy system less relevant is bad for motivation when there aren't many things that we aim to reach. If someone is getting attacked more,it means that they should raise their trophies for their level.How? Just like everybody else...
  3. I saw one,too. In Chamber of Fortune,but I can't find anything about it. It would be good to know are there more new kind of tokens?
  4. The Conquest is the best event in this game,with great rewards.It requires teamwork,good strategy and it is 1000000x more fun/better than regular war. Nobody is forced to play it. Everyone who does not like it should focus on other aspects of this great game (upgrading your hero,grinding trophies or fight for gems in leagues...) during this event,which is only once per month.
  5. Wow,this is really awesome sunday surprise! Thank you for x4 xp per battle!!! 👌🤩
  6. I will try someday to add something useful on unique shield.I agree with you that the extra speed might be good against some (maybe especially against weaker/easier) defenses,so I can use both shield according my opponent.Thanks!
  7. Currently,this is the equipment for my Cadmus.He is one of the best heroes,for me. What is the best choice to choose from masteries,is it cooldown mastery? Is it worth to choose his unique shield with speed perk (until I refine it) over damage reflection? I use bia power and pheme.
  8. FB/Demoliton mix isn't bug.It is working as intended. Only elite players yammer and cry around here about that... These elites should keep their "knowledge" for them and save themselves from more embarrassment. Where were they while they forged their super buggy equipment? Why they kept that as a secret? Why they didn't want to share that with us,if we are community? And guys,please send the the best regards to Vasudeva.He will always be present here and never be forgotten!
  9. This is even worse than current distribution. You repeat yourself for a thousand times in this thread-give even less chance for other players to earn some basic war blessings and more for you/elite privileged players. 🤮
  10. My harbour level is 9 and I wanted to decide will I raise to the max lvl soon. If I do,I must upgrade storage buildings first (there are more important things to upgrade first,for me) and this information would help me.5 sea titan chests are 5 titan sea chests! 😁😊
  11. And how much fame is needed for each chest on Ithacan Harbor lvl 10? Anyone? 😊
  12. Everything that elite ones who desperately defend indefensible wrote here can be summarized into this: 1. We can have all war blessings,you can't! (Yes,you heard well.Before,we weren't able to get them because we lost too many wars from almost same teams like now,but at least we can have basic war blessings permanently!) 2.This league system is-Training camp for League of Titans,come join us! (Your alliances still exists? Anyway,thanks for your former members,you trained them well!) So,what is really rude and unforgivable is that elite members know that this game is dying and they just don't want to admit-currently war blessings distribution is failure. Greed and their selfishness will kill this game.
  13. This situation requires in-game survey as all active players should vote and express their opinion on this subject.The sample must be relevant.
  14. LOL funny and irrelevant rivalry...Djokovic is #1! 🏆
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