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  1. Hi all, You know that unikates can drop more than 1 times and the most of all players get uni's double, and more... Unikate's drop: - First we were unlucky when unis drop double - than we can with 5 star titan items reroll and with luck we get another one - now we need 5 star titan items for: 1) reroll unis 2) upgrade unis to max 3) for refining So now we need 5 star titan items more than we can regenerate it... My question: Is it now possible to fix it that unis can drop more than 1 times the same? Actually we have 24 different unis and to get all is nearly impossible. And those who have all can get it double and so on... Greets ;-)
  2. Sry bro - come from work and was angry... Sure we all want fair wars and in "megathread" i wrote every weekend what works wrong - construktive enough? Maybe i have more time now for forum but in the last i nearly play ingame and read here whats new and tell whats wrong... Hope like all others that the time of "compensation" ends and we can all do a fine working season ?
  3. Lol, how many players are crying.... RS got nearly 20 torches presented and give nothing back, but when others will get the same they crying.... ^^ Only lol. First look at you before you look to others. Have u ever thinking that seal & gow like GA not can enjoy Konfrontation- hear u someone crying???? Fair at Acmon will it be when RS are at 115-120 torches and not more - but player like you only cry about fairness if only others get something... Its sad for GA, Seal and GoW - not for you, you can enjoy war (Konfrontation and not face-to-face war between 2 allis) but all what u are interestet that you are the only one who get presents from fg... Btw fair is nothing in this season... we get kicks, resets, ect... only rs profited with over 20 torches more than before.
  4. Hello? Whats going on? War map buggy? On our map one alli is eliminated, one have +4 and we +3 torches at the beginning of war. "Your alliance is eliminated" message is shown too. Thought u have fixed that??? Should we wait (for restart f.e.) or whats wrong again??? Greets ?
  5. War with no bugs??? - lol - on the screens u see what i mean... So its impossible to get all war-treasures if pts are resettet...
  6. Another minimal bug is that the info button about war is missed ? If u dont screenshot it before war starts u cannot look about reload time, attack time and all other war Informations. When u fixed all other probs then it will be easy to fix them too ?
  7. Next bug i seen is @ the treasures you get with daily titan points. If u get these one who you have to do 750.000 donation - it doesn't work with the new donation bonus. If u donate f.e. 410.000 - after relogg the treasure show you 425.000 last - but really it should be 340.000.... Maybe wished, maybe a bug ?
  8. Hi, in the first fight GOW against HeROeS i fight against this 3 members (in grey): Selecta1, Sound Wave and bloody-T (see in screenshot) I fight against them and beat on all 3 fights 100%, for my personaly points it was listened but for war it don't scored. Finally i had ~17k points but gow vs heroes i was listened with ~14k The points of these 3 fights missed.
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