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  1. @Madlen As seen below we have the blessings provided for alys of this league. According to this we can see that there is the blessing of war on the barricade, however as seen in the next image we have an ally with the blessing of war from the barricade unduly since they won in the top league. In addition to the war blessings not being removed, the players have won gem awards according to the members. This other image shows an aly that received the award of gems received, without having had any blessing removed, not to mention that it does not even have the possibility of having a blessing of war that could be extended, I know this fact since I have an account in this aly . I would like to know the real criterion that determines the alys that will receive awards since, as seen in the previous prints, we have an aly with the blessing of undue war without having been removed, we have an aly that had no blessing removed since neither blessing of war is entitled. And yet they won awards. Absurd this selection without criteria of those selected to receive the award.
  2. Sure, players are not to blame for the bugs so they can not be penalized. but what happened was rewards for using the bug, definitely something totally contrary to the rules of the game and the rules of conduct available in the respective forum area. The return of the gold spent, is already equivalent to the expenditure of gems, if the player chose to use all the gems he had for donations is not the fault of the OR, the time that in addition to having the gold returned, receive gems as a reward, are being rewarded twice.
  3. Yeah , but the spent gold was returned, that's the fair, gems are rewards for taking advantage of developer mistakes
  4. This is the only game where those who take advantage of bugs are rewarded, alliances that had prolonged blessings beyond what they should receive gems and those who play correctly receive nothing? more an absurd error of management.
  5. GuerreiroLuan

    Olympus Rising Birthday Challenge - The Brothers' Revenge

    Hi @CaptainMorgan Game ID: Guerreiro Luan My video link for this challenge : Thanks for this challenge! Is a big chance to up gems!