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  1. Hello I am Eskroto , I load the game correctly I can play odissey , the map but when I load the war map all is empty and I can t do anything , even to go back to my map . Also I can see the attacks to my island but all they show 0 seconds My device is a surface with windows 10 , I tried to connect to different wifi but the result is the same . Is there anything I can do? thanks
  2. Ok , thanks for your time . the chosen could began to play 10 skulls odisseys before than the rest ( I could began after , but sooner than the most so also I have an advantage ) the chosen leveled up to 131 so they had a lot of time to forge strong items with the old system , I only could did it for a few days in 128 level before forge nerfe And if we cross the line we receive hundreds of attacks in few hours , and I feel insulted because of this , I am playing for too long against top teams to be treated in this way , for FG I am a regular player . How can be I can be the top scorer at wars in titans league , but I suffer a cap if I play my island??? As I already said , I will wait to see against which team we play against this coming war to decide to close my account now or in the end of this season after 2 days . And I recommend to do the same to the rest in my situation
  3. @Madlen First of all , I must say you are doing a good job as community manager , almost you answer most of guestions making a big difference from the past But would be a better way to redirect things in a correct way beginning to admit that there is a cap for 129 players to down in the 20.000 T , while the rest does nt have any , instead of using euphemisms with...the number of attacks......the game system.... After I want to know if this cap will be removed or not Because if this "random" situation was different , for example like the 130-131 players had a cap in 20.000 T and the rest did nt have any one , we would see how many "top" players would complain here , as they used to do from the beginning and FG has helped them to keep their "STATUS QUO" , althought most of them does nt even know how to set up things to be a good scorer , pathetic but true If the developers will follow their job in the same direction , trying to pleasure certain players , I will finish playing during this next war or in the end , depending on the rival , because FG had been doing the things so properly that only 4-6 teams are interesting to play against . bye
  4. Is not about me , it s about any player below 129 level who tries to pass the new cap of 20.000 trophies , that FG moved from 18.000 at the same time they removed the cap for 130-131 level players so they can be free for farming with his heroes attacking all they want and to place easily in the 100 first places that gives 3 titan points.....better phemes....and so on Im sorry , but I don t believe that is a randon mistake , because it s from long ago this game is more interested in taking care about old players than the rest An unfair situation that is forcing me to leave this game soon
  5. Hi @Madlen , here Esk again , a poor bottom player and short minded who still thinks that to lose 600 trophies in 5 h and 40 m is a cap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I really posted you valuable feedback with real pics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And still my trophies are still dropping , in 4 h and 30 m I have lost 500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this is not a cap , then what is it?
  7. every 2 minutes I receive an attack , to not have a cap is almost surprising @Madlen
  8. @Madlen , if there is no trophy limit , then which is the reason of this ............. 3 hours before I passed the 20.000 trophy limit , and this is the result
  9. No problem even for me . If players till 129 level can have a pheme of 29 level max , while the rest can enjoy a 33 level pheme ( now this is the max till we see if there s a new cap) then I would understand that my place is not between the top teams , althought I am the top scorer of my team for too long ( and I hardly use any invo) Why I don t level up ? because of the forging old system gave me better items that I can obtain with the new system , and if I want to play against the strongest teams is much better to follow as 128 level player , while most of 131 players forged the best items with the old system
  10. @Madlen, seems that for players below 130 level there is still a cap in 20.000 trophies . Stava2 from my team , texas blood heroes , is trying to break it for some days without any success I reached the 20000 trophies limit some hours before and this is the consequence.....now I have 19.861 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No player below 130 level can go further the 20,000 trophies cap and keep them And before somebody post some comment here , I should say that Stava2 and I had been the 2 top scorers of our team against cccp this last war , so this is not about top players or whatever , this is just about an unfair advantage to a bunch of players that has 130-131 level that can go further on trophies and enjoy stronger pheme while almost all their heroes can be farming without problems and playing odisseys at bighest level faster than the rest Thanks
  11. @Madlen thanks for your answer , if there is no cap , then a bug is happenning to some players , like stava2 ( below 130 level) from texas blood heroes yesterday when he reached the 20.000 trophies he received an attack every 3-15 minutes till he lost more than 100 trophies finishing in 19920......more or less. This problem has happenned to other players below 130 level , and about this one , (stava2) happenned less than 24 h before , and i saw all the ss of the attacks......................and was the same than before when we reached the 18000 limit I will see when i get the 20.000 trophies what happens to my account , I will report if I have cap or not Thanks I
  12. I have been playing in texas for more than a year against teams of "top players " like it seems you are but I am not....and being a top scorer week after week , I have the right to ask about the trophy cap , not to cry as you are saying . If you want to defend that 130 players does nt have any cap on trophies , but the rest they should have it , that s ok , but it sounds to me that somebody fitted with a nice white shirt with a little bit of hormoned tits/pectorals is near to cry
  13. @Madlen I have one question , maybe you answered before , but Im unable to find it . Is there a trophy limit for players 130/131 ? now seems they can pass the 24k limit.............while the players till 129 level has the limit in 20.000 , and others like 123 in 18.000.... I hope it is not that 130 players does nt have any limit for trophies so they can enjoy a pheme every time stronger , while other players we are forced to drop trophies to not cross a border that will make to receive multiple attacks to take back home some of our heroes avoiding them to farm resources....... Because I can accept some differences , but I won t accept is to have 19995 trophies and to drop some to another player that maybe has 25995........that would make me feel like a ***** thanks
  14. I was looking for a game about greek mythology like age of mythology and I found OR , and this next november will be 2 years I am playing .
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