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  1. Well I don't know Who you are and which alliance from! But you can't call this bad attitude because you or your friends aren't satisfied with this fact that these comments are all purposeful not for the problem of GA!! We play our game & don't care about torches if we lose in fair wars...so calm down & don't get involved where is irrelevant to you bud!
  2. buddy I understand it exactly Mostly You talked about the torches that Seal & GoW received, nothing much about GA! And there are many enough active chats that you can write there about these issues & not mention any team if you're talking in general. So let's stop this conversation and do our own business! Thanks!!
  3. No need for that! I knew that and told the guys Yea just seemed that VPs reset.
  4. Well about GA they really got damaged But it's not a new happening after these several wars, is it? Many allianes encountered the same problem so far. But It seems a bit purposeful to me when you find Seal & GoW and talk in the title of justice for other teams now this time when you're not even involved in the map! Every team has some membs and can talk about his team if needed I think! Btw as I said GA has got damaged & we don't want that...
  5. I've no problem with fair wars too Hope that happens and some just do not pretend as a fan of fair wars!It only takes place when all play fair. I'm Mohammad from GoW.
  6. Hello bud I found out that you lost some torches but that was because of the bugs & wasn't 14 torches I think, am I wrong? And if you wanna know last war when all VPs were reset, we lost 7torches as well! Means FG still is indebted to us!!
  7. oh awesome @Acmon7 in the beginning of the bug season (that still is continuing!!) Red Squadron got 14 free torches due to the bugs happening and everything was OK that time! Now you've become a justice man??
  8. Hi all supporters I'm Mohammad...Arman in game Gods of War alliance's general ? Athena is our Officer, seems she had requested to remove all extra access on her account and by mistaken you've prevented her access from the account too. We're in the middle of the War,you know how important it is for the team,want you to support & give the account back as soon as possible pls. As she said the problem is that only her last purchase has been from a friend's side but she doesn't contact that anymore, while all other purchases & all account's details are available & she sends or has sent, shouldn't be any problems to support & give it back. We're waiting for it,hope you attend logically & support as soon as possible. Thanks @GalaMorgane @CaptainMorgan
  9. Hello all olympians After a long time playing OR still there are too many bugs in this game & they are even increasing more & more!! By Ignoring all previous bugs,this last update's issues have been the most disastrous of all! Too many bugs in the new update after a long time working on it is a big disaster for a 2year lasting game! And what's the worst part? Rewarding game players and say sorry we can't fix this due to technical issues, this is unacceptable! You guys have messed up the entire war balance & team rankings in a way that has lost all its fairness. By last war's wrong team divisions in the leagues - some have gotten many free torches in a system where every torch comes with great struggle & has tremendous value to each & every clan. It obviously seems unfair that some handed over several or even one torche(s) while the rest of alliances had to fight hard to gain a percentage of that or normal number of torches! It seems you've taken this too easy!! Gotta make some revisions @CaptainMorgan @GalaMorgane some amount of gems doesn't make me ignore these injustices in the game in charge of our team. Some alliances have taken advantage of it & some got damaged probably, hope you all understand what I'm saying & attend it neutrally. ✌
  10. ==> Mohammad...Arman https://www.dropbox.com/s/deuhzy71vc3d7xi/Mohammad...Arman Hades%2CZeus challenge 3%%2C0% Done!.mp4?dl=0 ==> ?princess sahar? https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qg2d6ecgmdfri9/princess sahar%2Cchallenge.mp4?dl=0 ==> Feu de I olympe https://youtu.be/pBiVEZgr5-o ==> behzadsargazi1369 http://www.aparat.com/v/CUrGK ==> prince-of-persia http://www.aparat.com/v/UtVDg
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