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  1. We are in league of Gods, war with Into The Light vs Держава 1. A new strike is opened, but we cant do. 2. We reseived this sms ?
  2. Good, thanks, your war was cancelled too? We are still fighting after cancellation, map changed, now we are in another strange abnormal map.) I always intering to war with 3 heroes but at second war now i'm with two heroes, (game shows two heroes) one of them went to CaptainMorgan to help with game bug?
  3. Hi, Acmon7 my friend ) How are you) My Cadmus wants to beat your clan alone???
  4. Cap Morgan stop our war, we still fighting) clan Держава VS Texas Blood Forge
  5. The munant war has began anew )) War was cancelled but we are begin a new war? Our enemy is Texas Blood forge))
  6. If you dont fix bug with super forge and all players keep they cheated items, Rise lvls of towers and ascension. I said to my clan dont donate to game. its useless untill fixes
  7. Hi FG. Delete or make weaker super forged items. its cheat. bug. Destroys game strategy. We didnt know about this cheat untill people wrote here about this, and we all lost interest to game, becaus they easily win us 100%! Asad. General of clan ДЕРЖАВА! Thanks.
  8. i didnt read about taking away ))
  9. okey thanks, i dont ask again ))
  10. Players can join to every clan they wish, its they chose. But shairing accaunt login and passwords like this its very mean...
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