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  1. Laza83

    Pro Festival

    Why do you think nemesis is so good? I never heard that someone is glad of this purchase 😆
  2. Laza83

    Pro Festival

    hmm... items are not so crazy. Pro pals also not very popular. There is always possibility to buy things for gems on every festival. But i think every festival is very good, especially for new players and the one who still build things 😊. And that is most important for this game!
  3. There is an exact description how to calculate SV in Game Guide section
  4. Will reserch cost, towers cost in new 5days conquest will be reevaluated? Even now it's almost impossible to reach last level of research without extra donations
  5. About version 4.2 spotted aura bugs. Are this changes were applied to early? (a glimpse of upcoming changes?). Are there any more suprises we can expect or Devs just waiting for users feetback?
  6. Laza83

    Sonic Blast Aura Ring

    Auras were things spotted by users. Was it just a bug? Or mayby a glimps of upcoming changes? Are there mayby more suprises? We hope to have some feetback about this situation. PLEASE
  7. Laza83

    A new league for alliance

    hmm. not a bad idea. As fore now this game is missing something. But maybe it could be not a competition between aliances but something like in ninja. Tiers could be get by total trophys count. This could prevent of getting rid of trophys. And it should be al long as league (long lasting events are not a good idea). But in genelaly LacunaC it is a very good idea
  8. As I see it after last two events Conquest is much more concentrated on planning and giving orders than on fighting. SV forces to rush, to set atack time to get as many users as possible online. Mayby it is not RTS like but a bit simillar. I am glad that something new (Conquest mode) was created, that platform is evolving but personally I don't enjoy the Conquest idea. The only thing our conquest leader was wishing that he could move members on the map like a pawns. This could reduce role of some players just to fight. This would make this Event more playable for many who cannot be online so ofthen.
  9. Is there any possibility to change events start time? Now all of them (granny, blacksmith, etc.) take place mainly in weekend. I would like them to be moved a bit. It would be very nice if half of event take place during weekend and rest during normal week days. What do you think about it? Maybe it is only my wish. I don't know 😅
  10. Laza83

    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    Matching is strange because of poor statistic. Yep my alliance suffered it lat time. But still. If people can't talk and be resonable it sucks! Current map is so clear that every alliance could take all box prices. We r trying to help others on map but one alliance wants to show how r they great and everyone suffers because of it
  11. Can we get maybe very simple calculation 'how to get SV'? Describing tower's and terain def parameter, players on tower, troops on tower VS some atacking players with troops as a parameter. Or mayby something like that. PLEASE
  12. About Conquest troops. How r troops reducing after fight. We performed an atack and won by SV. But just after it end i checked troops of participating members. Some players lost part of their troops, some did't. Mayby some simple example please
  13. Laza83

    Conquest approaching... ughhhh

    It can gives you 2 cool weeks without RR. 1st with conquest and 2nd to pass most of the conquest boosts XD. Personally I don't like whole conquest idea. For this one I will just stay to donate resources, mayby make some moves. Time maners make it not playable for me. As for conquest agreements and talking between teams I think it is an opportunity to take out very strong oponent but is it the idea of this game? Mayby so, I don't know I also must say that I have no better idea so mayby this one is better than none. As for me it's week as the idea of pushing ogers and beasts XD.
  14. I play KOW, Kaiser, Shield, Blizard, Firestorm. I also have 2K healing aura and two perks for blizard. I play on 4,6K trophys range