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  1. As for nemesis rework: I am glad. It might be worth it's price As for gruadians buff: Cool, gentle and senssible As for Viking changes: We will see but i am happy of it As for ceres changes: Its was VERY unecessary. I am sad about next ceres nerf especially that there are combos thar r VERY unbalanced but it all was mentioned a few times. Greate thanks DEVs for bothering anyway.
  2. I don't know the details of force update. I know that yesterday if someone did not logged via new client was able to use old one
  3. It is probabbly because they r still using old client
  4. Laza83

    in review Server Disconnects

    I have application crush during/after writing private message
  5. I don't want to cry before I don't see this new guardian but by first look and info it does not fit this platform 😕
  6. Except for this skins everything seems to be a very good idea. I affraid that this new skins will only make game lags even larger 😕
  7. Is far as i know it is a medal case. Dungeon requires a lot of food to take so i don't know the trick about it.
  8. What will happen when you will have all guardians maxed and you will get next one from guardian chest?
  9. Is there any plan of making ogers a little bit less dummy? From a long time they often stucks in turns. It looks that they do moonwalk and they do not atack tempest towers 😕
  10. What do you think about some kind of alliance competition that would not allowed using gems like in PRO event? LacunaC gave an idea that skull gear could by used in some kind of competition like that. It coud least for a few days (2-3) alliances would be matched like in conquest - by users activity in this event in general and latest scores. Fight would be limited as in war (by day for example) and total skull (or any other points) will be compared in the end. There might by 4 teams participating with the same max number of players (what is most important i think) It would give one day fight period what this game is missing so much after introducing conquest engine. My and my friend idea behind of it is to make gem free competition between teams (so rewards could be also gem free - maybe some alliance gold ). What do you think of it?
  11. it is nice that we have some new things going on. But yet i was expecting something more interesting (ninja like event). Number of guardians to collect looks a bit depressing 😕 ofcourse if you don't spend gems on it. I wonder if devs took a game balance into account making those guardians.
  12. Laza83

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Pressure was build when FG was presenting glimps of conquest and ...... pufffffffff XD I don't think it will work again after such mid quality event presented last time. I only hope it will bring some no gems fun Yet, I'am very happy that something new is being created. This is a sign that platform is still alive
  13. So once again. Any chances of any game performance updates? Since conquest boost many users expiriences game lags.
  14. Is there any chance of an option to change graphic settings? When I attack def with double Gargoyle boost my phone is acting crazy (5fps) 😕 . When I click on the path game reacts when its to late 😥 Mayby turning of shadows and boost aura (violet one) will change something.