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  1. Laza83

    What about ProTickets donation?

    Can we get any details about this issue?
  2. Finally Top players are where they wanted. I hope that gap will be growing very fast.
  3. Teams matching and mayby tiers granulation are things that can be solved/changed in some way. But time manners / time zone difference is the most painfull issue. I'am very curious about if next week changes will do something about it.
  4. Laza83

    Conquest rewards

    In current game state it will be quite hard to make 100% on highier levels 🤪
  5. Laza83

    Conquest rewards

    Hmm. Still waiting for my rewards. My alliance started with 7h delay. I waited till last secound of conquest and.... no info about "the end". UI just dissadeared. I don't know what should I get 😅 IGN: Laza83 I just want to get it/melt it and make a few weeks breake. 🤯
  6. Laza83

    Other games.

    Yep. Candy Crush 🤣
  7. Laza83

    Conquest Mode - The Aftermath

    Yep. They are very strong. As the Ceres and hammerstrike was. Maybe they will nerf it or make impossible to get some boost in the same time. Sad thing is that balance seems to be in ruin again. If they make another nerf change or add some unit/spells level during let us say next week it will chage nothing. Balance in this kind of platform is a VERY fragile thing and it should cost a lot of effort to make it works propperly. I like this game a lot. but as i see it last changes are chain of failures 😕
  8. Laza83

    Blacksmith event?

    Maybe this will be some kind of stronghold upgrade week (like -90%). They will try for sure save 4.0 somehow :)
  9. Laza83

    Ogres' behavior changed?

    Hi. I did not report it but I face this issue for a few months. Before this problem they were stucking to tower till it fall.
  10. Laza83

    Did Opelle leave the game?

    Hey KK Star. Can we talk ingame on priv? IGN: Laza83
  11. Laza83

    Did Opelle leave the game?

    Ech... It is a great loos to this platform
  12. Hi. My current feedback: I am very glad that this event ends soon. I am affraid that people in my alliance will not remain in RR till it ends. Mayby I am to oldschool to stay online for most of the day. I will try cheer up my friends and ask my leader to reduce below 15 members before next event. This engine is not fore us because of time manners. PS. I Just want to give my feedback. Please do not Quote.
  13. It is up to you to play it or not. But YES. The time and online rules are excluding many many many many players. Mayby Madlen could ask dev team if they made reserch about login frequency and time spent before planning such update. I don't want to complain. I just would like to know. Mayby majoriti of players is ok with this 🤔.
  14. I have no power for this. I am also DEV but so many errors ....
  15. Hi there everyone. After some time in conquest mode I want to share my opinion about it. The first and the biggest problem is timing. In last version whole team had 24h combat time during the seazon and time to play. Current mode became unplayable because of it. Also when teams are in different time zones might be a big problem.