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  1. Laza83

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Pressure was build when FG was presenting glimps of conquest and ...... pufffffffff XD I don't think it will work again after such mid quality event presented last time. I only hope it will bring some no gems fun Yet, I'am very happy that something new is being created. This is a sign that platform is still alive
  2. So once again. Any chances of any game performance updates? Since conquest boost many users expiriences game lags.
  3. Is there any chance of an option to change graphic settings? When I attack def with double Gargoyle boost my phone is acting crazy (5fps) 😕 . When I click on the path game reacts when its to late 😥 Mayby turning of shadows and boost aura (violet one) will change something.
  4. Laza83

    Blacksmith bug

    This morning I checked meldown time. My blacksmith was on the boost but meltdown time was like I have no boost activated. After I run next boost meltdown time was realy x3 🙄
  5. Yep. This event is mean when you consider time manners 😕 New boost (especially gargoyle) fix defs. The most resonable way is to not donate for resources. Loosing is a part of almost every game and it is very refreshing But mayby I am still during def development and don't understand max def players. But from the other side I still enjoy this game
  6. Laza83

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    Me 2. Time consumption of this event steels all plesure of playing this game. But I think it is the way it will be 😕
  7. Look at the bottom of first page. It means 'YES' for me.
  8. As I remember some DEV said that game should be balanced that it supports skillful players/teams
  9. Tech should be balanced that you should be able to make about 4/5 of tech tree when all members has their conquest buildings at max. Rest only when you have an extra library building. Something like that
  10. While there will be extra donations with gems things will be the same whatever changes will be made. I am not from very conquest upgraded aliance but last conquest we were able to make 5 or 6 techs. When you use gems you can ruin every model now Only pushing current resources (5 gem) is resonable.
  11. Laza83

    solved Server problems

    Ech. Again ?. Reset this season and PRO and give yourself a breake.
  12. I think if granulation of war boost level vs fiefdoms count will be greater it would help a bit. I think it could prevent loosing fiefdoms by alliances that want to be strong. Any new future improoving def/off might crush the balance. Looser bonus idea is right but it might be balanced a bit. And yet: it is good to loose from time to time. It is refreshing
  13. Laza83

    Conquest complaint

    I think the whole idea of donating Conquest resources via gems is wrong. Now you can have very 'online' team and loose because ptw. It shoul be nerfed in some way.
  14. Laza83

    Multitouch and so on

    Yep. Since some time I suffers it also. Sometimes game responds after a while and hero runs in some strange direction ? It seems to be caused by hardware issues (too many units) - Lumia 950
  15. This whole aura case is VERY strange, cunfusing, unclear and once again strange.