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  1. I sat current (venom cup) out. All these events and festivals... feeling swamped. But my clan mates tell me the top player in venom cup right now, is a level 54 INACTIVE player?! Did cheater get kicked but not removed from ranks?! yeah... I’m not spending real money buying tix just to get cheated...
  2. Thanks 🙏 😜
  3. I forgot to take note of the name of last conquest.. does anyone remember what it was called?
  4. All clans are struggling with communication. Clearly... some more than others! All clans have inactive players. Again... some more than others... We don’t use third party software to communicate. Maybe 75% communications get through so... we win a lot I found that communicating with players I know to be active BEFORE conquest starts and assigning roles to be effective. I use the middle chat que for rules of where to build towers and such... then keep that chat clean. The third chat que is more for active chat. Calls for help. Calling attention to certain tiles. Still it gets messy but... we manage well. Turning players loose and letting them build towers, roads, attack, defend, scout... whatever. Mistakes get made. Calling attention to mistakes with positivity creates learning! Then next conquest we have more experienced players and less mistakes! Unfortunately... we also have new players and start over with them... if players blantantly, and continually disregard direction and cause problem, then... why keep them around?? We’ve had to bounce a couple knuckheads like that. However, the more who learn and enjoy it then: the larger your active group becomes!! If communication is organized, you wind up with a strong conquest team! If your plagued by inactivity and poor organization. Then conquest will be unenjoyable... It seems you have self identified your clans weaknesses! Now to be proactive or succumb. But I can say this: Not all clans are frustrated with conquest! We are enjoying it. We are learning. The timer in the last conquest gave us a serious beat down, not being able to counter attack. But all the clans were stronger, so it was time for us to lose! But regardless we fought well and earned our rewards. By the way, the larger your active group becomes: The more sleep you can get! if you feel the need to make every move 24-7, sounds to me that your alliance members need training/direction...
  5. How is others experiencing SV now. Down here in the trenches no fights are lasting 24 hours. SV feels like a hair trigger. I joined an allies fight who was 1 vs 2 and then I was out of energy. So I checked back in 1 hour later to fight but they SV’d us before I could. And this timer has worked out exactly as I feared. No counter attack possible. We can’t stop enemy advance: They’re at our stronghold now... so I guess I’ll chock this up to- we need to drop a tier? So now very strong players can just march in and wipe entire clans? No more big battles... at least not this go around. we went from fun to helpless now that it’s impossible to counter attack, I feel like why bother playing, just give the team with highest trophy count first place. No counter attack... can’t you guys do as Dena suggested? Where the timer only applies to defending teams, NOT ATTACKING ONES!
  6. Uh... because it voids the game of variety. Makes retention in my clan difficult. 25 for for lvl1 btw. And is a pro pal/beast that has found its way to the beginning of game
  7. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to nerf Phoebe! i truly want to boost it I just don’t like that it voids the game of variety, makes starting a clan impossible while players hunt Phoebe clans, and definitely feel it shouldn’t be in the beginning of the game
  8. I don’t know any level 50 players who have monks let alone black magic I guess.. It wasn’t so long ago that I can’t remember my first Phoebe encounter. I thought it was a savage Tammy and was like, “WTH just happened?!” Even my Gaspar fails vs some Phoebe’s. And I chock it up to I’m weak! I don’t have end game gear. I shouldn’t win every single fight, nor would I want to! but... I have adapted! I have changed my attack plan based on 1 thing only! The enemy defense maze, towers, troops... who cares... My attack strategy is for Phoebe only... in the end that will flip. And player defenses will make my attack strategy change and Phoebe won’t matter. But for the middle! It’s all about Phoebe. And very soon, even now... the beginning to?!! how is that ok???
  9. Sorry I disagree AK. This player Leadership is at 600 trophy level too. He doesn’t get to fight Level 1 Phoebe with an army of cannons and arblasters, but a handful instead. just make your new account. So you can remember what it’s like. Then make that Phoebe dies in 2 seconds video, with practically no gear! Let’s see this level 50 player rock it!
  10. Ahem.... hey ARREBIMBA, you’re wrong! 2500-3000?!? Whaaaaat??? Can one of you pro’s make a brand new account, then make your Phoebe dies in 2 seconds video? As you can see above there are plenty of Phoebe to fight at the brand new noob level. We all get it that not only will our play style evolve to super pro. But more importantly... SO WILL OUR GEAR! And we get to spam hammerstrike every 2 seconds... And Phoebe can’t hurt us with our max’d Heal ring. And in our top tier alliance where all our troops are boosted Phoebe will be a big joke. Until then, 95% rest of population doesn’t have any of these things. Our noob play style is limited to the tools at hand.. Gaspar has been a good fix for me though! Dunno if brand new players have gaspar yet but.... if they stick around, they’ll see Phoebe die in 2 seconds...
  11. Where is the calculator for 300 troops = 25,000 skulls?! This seems very inaccurate But regardless there’s a timer now so. Problem solved!
  12. Definitely not the case. He had 300. Which maybe isn’t a lot up there. But he was maxed. We had 17 people though! I don’t remember our exact troop count but.. max would be 5,100 troops. So... even if we lost 30%, that means: 1 player: no bonus with 300 troops vs 17 player: 150% bonus with 3,570 troops (and all other defensive bonuses) He didn’t last long. How could he? I think 1 attack on him and we were free again. It sounds to me that the difference up there is: More enemies / More activity! You described 1 turns into 2 and 2 turns into 5 pretty fast. But even up top. 1 vs 17 shouldn’t buy much time. 1 battle doesn’t wipe out all your troops. Does it?? It doesn’t down here. It’s just that 5 mins with 20 active enemies is not a big deal. Whereas 2 mins vs 45 active / organized enemy would be an eternity. But the problem still remains. That with many people in 1 tile, SV does become astronomical. So organized big clans, well... why send 1 pinner. Why not send 3, or more...
  13. We’ve had a couple fights play out this way. Where the bulk of both teams forces pile into one tile. Maybe not to such a grand scale as up top. About 17-19 players in one tile. Neither of the 2 big battles ended in SV. There were so many troops in the one tile both sides needed half-a-million points to reach SV. We won the first big battle and someone try to pin us. But it failed. We SV this 1 person in about 2 mins. We had so much troops that 1 vs 17 can’t pin for long. Unless 17 people are asleep... unlikely... That said however, if there are many more active players on the board: 2 mins could be an ETERNITY! When there are many troops in one tile. SV is unattainable. I agree with that. 24 hour battles and large groups is what pinners dream about! Thanks for the clarification ARREBIMBA. I agree that SV should be re-worked but not in the way this thread has intended. SV is a counter to pins. Dena mentioned a time limit after battle ends. But I fear that a powerful advantage to invading forces. What about a saturation curve for troops to become less efficient at a certain amount. Or a cap! I like caps 😜
  14. Enemy fights against SV, and they are more and stronger? maybe come down to the trenches 8D
  15. Yes, that is correct. We work together and get SV to free trapped allies. I don’t say there is 0 pins down here in the trenches. 1/10 battles an ally is pinned. We must choose whether or not to defend, press attack, build tower elsewhere, etc... Sometimes choosing to not free a trapped ally is strategically decided! Usually it is scouts far away from action who become pinned while the enemy chooses to press the bulk of their forces forwarded rather than seek SV. So, 1/10 battles an ally is pinned down behind enemy lines. But we don’t view this as a problem, rather an interesting element of real time war fare! Also, the occurrence is low, therefore the issue is minimal. ARREBIMBA, Why is the top% unable to get SV to help eliminate pins??? Can you explain this please
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