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  1. Why not just allow us to keep back those upgrading tower and obstacles into the inventory? Any loses for Flare? No body will spend gem on speeding upgrade on tower?
  2. As title, anybody can share your idea on which level is most efficiency or valuable for pal nemesis? Everyone is complaining nemesis in beast form is terrible, it is better keep it in pal form, so please share your opinion. Thanks.
  3. hi buddy, i like yr video very much. Since Flothaboss quit the game, no one create great video like you. Keep it on.
  4. Totally agreed with @Dena4, there are a lot of ways to getting gold, it is a bad idea to include gold reward in pro chest.
  5. i have 5,251 and 3 items, left 2 chests. quite good luck this time.
  6. same to me too, android phone, asean countries.
  7. yes, u can do like that, but it is time consuming. u can also go in with farm set and surrender, it will help u change the battle also.
  8. open base with full gold, some one would help you.
  9. Festival fight is based on real player base and according to their trophies. Current trend is like this, mostly player drop their trophies purposely, so they might drop from 4.5k to 3.5k, unlucky they have been chosen in your fight. My self around 4k, dropped to 3.7k, i still facing base with 700 medals. The solution are drop trophies or skip the fight.
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