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  1. ?? WOOHGANG! ?? Royal Revolt 2 ! Dungeon Guides ! @EwoahGaming Series! Hey guys , I know alot of you are very unfamiliar with me.Probably thinking twice about reading this But i encourage to continue ! For the sake of your own goodness ? --> My name is Ewoah Gaming ! Im a royal revolt devoted player ! Play Mostly All the time when life's not getting in the way at least. But i make videos for those who may need advice or a first look on something unfamiliar in the game Ect. its so many things i can go on to say im going to do But im not the the type. Ive started a Royal Revolt 2 Series Based on covering all Unclear aspects and tactics and tips On the best ways to take on the deepest vessels of the Almighty Dungeon ! This forum will Inform you and update you on anything that you may request or other may request ! (DUNGEON AREAS MAY RANDOMIZE) Royal Revolt 2 "DUNGEON GUIDES" XVII XII III? Watch Full Episode with link below ! Main Channel ----> Ewoah Gaming For those who have discord you can add my code #5783 (Videos On Dungeon Guides Will be Posted In quotes upon new arrival) Social Media Facebook @Ewoah Yungsta Twitter @Ewoah Gaming Instagram @Ewoah Yungsta
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    (Beginners)"GAINING XP FASTER"(Mid-Players)

    Thanks Thanks , However I wanna chase my dream im gonna chase it , Thanks for the opinion But Quite Frankly im not breaking any rules and not posting anything outside its boundaries. Im Not Flothaboss Or Pellez Im Ewoah Gaming, Thanks for your concern ...... If you actually wanted me to have good luck you would support ? Not try to demote someone from advertising in the correct manner and chasing their dream at the same time . Thank you @REVOLTROYAL Please inbox me if you have anything further you would like to speak upon.
  3. Ewoah Gaming ! Hey wassup guys , you may not recognize me as some super huge youtuber or what not . but i am for sure a major factor in Royal revolt 2. ive come to have time and make time to show you and other how to do certain things faster ! Picture yourself turning into the may weather of Royal revolt 2 ! EXACTLY WOW! Watch some of my videos i only have 4 right now but this will give you an idea on what path you should go on when starting to play royal revolt 2 ! GAINING XP FASTER FOR Beginners ! CLICK LINK BELOW Beginner XP GUIDE ! Theres alot more to learn when it comes to becoming a better General player on royal revolt 2 ! Check me out guys ! I make daily videos ! Giveaways coming Very soon! (Soon as i reach 50 subs TBH) You can check out my page if you wanna learn about me more and find other ways to contact me or watch me ! Thank you guys so much for even veiwing my forum !
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    (Beginners)(Mid-Players)(Royal Revolt Pro!)

    Lol no Seriously tho ! Dont jinx it lol ! But thank you @egg For the positive feedback brother ! Please be sure to check out my newest video uploaded last night thank you man so much you for sure made my day ! Check me out on facebook to check me out more as a person ! My Facebook ! Click Here To Check it out !
  5. Hey Guys ! Keep Up the great work ! Hope to see your clan on the top Billboards Bro's! I Just wanted to mention my youtube channel to you ? You may like me as well as my gameplay check it out give me some feedback in the comment section .... check it out click the link right below this text .... Ewoah Youtube Channel aye man keep doing your thing positivity brings greatness!
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    (Beginners)(Mid-Players)(Royal Revolt Pro!)

    Lol Trust Me i have buttt .... He is no longer posting videos of them ! Guess Who yours Go To Now ! plus he dosent use voice its like watching a demo or something
  7. EWOAH GAMING BOI!?️ Wassup Guys ! This is Ewoah Gaming ! Im A Youtber That play Royal Revolt 2 ! And upload videos daily ! I want you guys to check out my videos especially if your a beginner looking to make Royal Revolt 2 your every day game! Take a perspective On my game and learn and acquire new skills ! I Upload DAILY ! My clan is now accepting clan members But i am not leader ! i am just a good loyal member and a youtber ! LOVE YOU GUYS MAKE SURE TO CHECK ME OUT AND FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK PAGE TO GET UPDATES ON ALOT MORE ! FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK PAGE HERE ! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR CLAN WARS VIDEOS ! Check out my Youtube Videos Click Here <------