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  1. Skagzi1la


    I know it was the leader cause there was zero generals. Lol
  2. Skagzi1la


    not remotely surprised about people doing that to join a clan, I'd think we'd hold a leader to higher standards but w/e Lol. wishful thinking I suppose. Thanks for the info guys
  3. Skagzi1la


    Yea, I shouldn't have to do that though, I'm not reporting anyone, curious about the legality of it. At this point, their just feeding me gold with it. Lol
  4. Skagzi1la


    Is there rules about constantly inviting people to your clan? I've received a ton of invites from a specific clan. I finally got tired of it last night and decided to start attacking them over it. First 3hits on their"fearless" leader yielded a bunch of gold, now another invite so robbed them again. Yes, the leader is the one doing it, only Gen or above. Its pretty odd, so figure worth asking.
  5. Skagzi1la

    I need some hope

  6. Skagzi1la

    I need some hope

    I'm spending money on windows, maybe they'll see this and help everyone. lol, yea right.
  7. Skagzi1la

    I need some hope

    I'm far from top, bit still moving up quick on W mobile, recently started finding tons of crashes though. Mainly in the dungeon stuff however.
  8. Skagzi1la

    Highest Gem Discount

    I'm pretty sure I saw a 50, more than that I cannot say
  9. Skagzi1la

    concerned parent Age restrictions RR2 stores vs TOS

    I know in many cases, younger audiences can get access than the T&C allow, the company running it is obligated legally to ban said audiences if they happen to mention being below the requirements. Most cases said companies don't actively seek out the rule breakers so long as the kids don't admit it.
  10. Skagzi1la

    Behemoth cham. 4 freezing

    Finally got it to work earlier after another 3 freezes in the same spot, using werewolves seemed to fix it somehow. I removed, ogres from third slot I think it was.
  11. Device: Nokia Lumia 635 Win 8.1: version 3.9.2 Name Phillip Yabut I've attempted to run this map at least 8 times at this point, every time I reach the second corner the game locks up. Just spamming troops doesn't help and neither does going it alone. Hopefully it isn't a difficult problem to fix. Getting past more dungeon floors is kinda important. Thanks