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  1. Hi OR team, I would like to request you to add this small feature. This would really help. Somewhere before the forum structure was changed, it was requested by someone. But it was not implemented. I am asking this feature again. Please try to implement it. During defense set-up, the area viewed while trial attack(self base test) is similar to the normal attack on other peoples bases. This should be changed. Please zoom out, so as the tester can see the whole path(Currently: 29 Tiles +17 towers) at the same time, so it really helps to further customize the path and towers location for best defense. The current view able area is just around the Hero. This is okay, if we attack another person, but while testing defense it really doesn't help... I hope, my explanation about the required change is clear.....
  2. IllidanVishnu

    Hero deaths in battle log

    @Madlen or may be if a short video of the attack on our defense can be viewed by defender(Duration can be for 24hours)..... post that the video can be pulled down.... This would really help bigtime in planning the defense.....
  3. @Madlen This is really good idea. Please look into the possibility of implementing this. Will help Caddy a lot..... Please ask the devs, the units are locked on the fly.....
  4. IllidanVishnu

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    Hi OR Players, IGN: illidan stromrage Ladies Chat Area: All statues of Ladies LOL All Golden Roads from fallen enemies
  5. I started roughly by the end of 2016. Mostly it'd be December 16 & it was by pure accident.. Was searching for something else and OR came up... Never ever looked back since then... Nothings comes close to this. Also I am a Big fan of AOM, AOE 2 & Greek Mythology. ❤️ Currently the other games I play are Darksiders III and Condition Zero(Shooter) on PC. @Madlen My kind request, please don't let OR die for any reasons.... there are so many hard core fans......
  6. IllidanVishnu

    December Dev Q&A - submit your questions

    @MadlenWe still see duplicate unique items around. Can you please ask the devs to stop that random algorithm..? I received 3 Helen boots..... Total waste of resources.... and also when is new update coming? Will there be any new monsters?
  7. IllidanVishnu

    OR forum event - Winter 2018

    IGN: illidan stromrage I will build the snowmen using Artemis & Prom. She has the "Hail Storm" power that provides unlimited ice for the snowmen. Moreover, she is a fighting woman, who has both the courage and nimbleness required undertake this daunting task. Her feminine touch would make my snowmen sooo curvy and groovy. It is said that Prom created Humans from Water & Earth.. Similarly I will have Prom install LIFE into my snowmen, so I can have a lively snowmen army and Celebrate Christmas at Mount Olympus. @Madlen You are most welcome to the Snow-Party. We will have Snow candies and make Snow Angels....
  8. Yeah this especially happens with Cadmus... When he summons many hydras due to his power, other units cant pass hydras at the bridge and this causes a issue, when trying to kill the GK. Reduce size of hydra or make pls make units able to pass them without hindrance...!!!!
  9. IllidanVishnu


    Friends account: ASPWINZD active everyday
  10. I have had this strange effect during attack. My phoenix gets stuck when it has to take a turn in the path. It just stays there like a chicken and does not attack. I have no proof at the moment. It gets stuck at the 90* angle when to take the turn, no sure why.
  11. IllidanVishnu

    [Discussion thread for] - New Levels coming soon™

    @Hellslord @HOLYDIVINE @vasudeva1 As I see with these pictures, just to max the buildings, towers, units & powers with only 5 workers, it will take another 4-5 months least(Had I calculated right...). That's one very good way to stop us from complaining for next 5 months. Great... Waiting for the new levels.... Excited.
  12. Hi @Madlen & Other developers, Whats the long time plan for this game? Even Leveling to 131 from 130, it will take a month without gems... So, if new levels are added, I guess that is just like prolonging the game time instead of any new features being added. This all seems to be an advantages to the already elite players, whose have more resources at their disposal still increasing the gap from newbiees. I understand that the new levels forge system will normalize the game eventually, but still something seems to be missing... What would be the next major update?
  13. IllidanVishnu

    in review Area Damage Bug on GAteKeeper and Hero

    Now the best way to mend the game back and to stay fair is to remove the GK completely and provide triple times health to the Gate. With this way, the bugged Gk concept is totally out of the picture. This is how a completely broken set-up is to be repaired. @Madlen Why can't this be done? As we see, FG has taken so long to rectify this bug... I am providing a way for FG to remove the BUG easily.. LOL.... With this, the controversy of Perseus alone as GK is also put to grave... and for the fact I really know that most people(Non-elites) will definitely would welcome this move.
  14. IllidanVishnu

    ChikiBumBum Alliance

    @AwesomestKnightest that alliance name though.... lmao... It has kind of a ring to it, when you say... lol...
  15. True... What holy has said here is the same scenario on my map.... being hit my LVL131 players from top 3 alliances... All I get on my map are people with 18k trophies or above with Chaos Gate and Styx towers or styc & Phalanx with all unit & building blessings..... The new update is causing more problems.. I was happy before where I was facing players of my level(Lvl:126-131 with less trophies and less blessings) Y FG, y u do so? @Madlen