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  1. Another issue with the festival is getting 400 currency in a chest, I mean, why? Its already a 5 day event, and now its immpossible to get the sick new froster or pyro skins without spending gems? Whyd you do that, flare?
  2. Can Flare Explain To Me The frost trap skin. I mean, seriously? It is litterally just the frost trap, no difference. Was it lazy or just not thought through? Leave a comment below.
  3. I took over leadership of my alliance this week, and boy, does it need clean up. Very small donations and weak players. This will help a lot! Thank you very much flare, if this is only a tease, I can't wait for 5.0!
  4. The festival is great, I understand about wanting to have a blacksmith token, but who knows, they might be planning to add that in 5.0. Compared to other things that didnt work when they were new (i.e. conquest) this is a hit.
  5. I think it would be a good idea to put the tokens from the festival into the voucher bizzar. They can be the same price as during the festival i.e. 450 vouchers for Upgrade Token, 550 for XP...etc
  6. Why did I not get gems for this won defense with a resurection? Why?
  7. This is awesome, but you cannot change the weapons of the werewolf, in this case, its hands
  8. I like where your idea went, its kinda like a heavy duty iron armor suit.
  9. If they nerf fritz, the game will die on the spot. Its like murdering a cute small animal.
  10. They ruined sonic blast and hammerstrike, which many people use at least one (I use both), which balences out the new guardians. I absolutley agree with orko, nothings changed.
  11. In the Santa Festival, I got the same generosity belt as Awesomest, but his is worth more. It's cause he is at lvl 100 and Im at 80. Like AK said, after 90 or so you can run into good items. The ring from the Sanzu pro set has 3.8% skull boost and Im lvl80, so thats another way to get more for now.
  12. Here's mine, Birthday Cannon skin Happy 5th! IGN: " Lord French Fry. "
  13. Did you say, GOLD. Oh how Id love to get my hands on a pot of a million coins In these gold-starvation days! 😂😅😆
  14. I get a max of 40,000 gold witha regular attack. I am trying to gain trophies, but 2000+ trophey players take me out every night. Max of like +10 every 24 hour because I lose 9-15, but only gain 4 to 5 for a win. The monthly festival will help A LOT! Thx for the advice, I appreciate it 😁.
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