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  1. Well I wanted to have some change to the queen so I decided why not make it myself Necromaning Mancer : The girl who calls necromancers. IGN: Hackerisback
  2. I am a free Player still I managed to get 500k alliance donations before hitting level 80. Maybe this was the reason I was invited by a good team. Also I have +2 exrta workers, +1 troop slot, +1 spell slot, level 4 stronghold buildings, +8 ruins removed, +13 extra inventory slots. I still have enough gems to do another upgrade. I may get 750k or 1000k without buying a single gem.
  3. Pixels

    Useless Visual Bugs

    these numbers came out of no where and disappeared when I headed back to kingdom and again opened conquest. Also there are numbers on war screen which refer to skull collected and are probably negative.
  4. Pixels

    Pro League Bugs?

    Is flare trolling us by giving hammerstrike boost with no hammerstrike? Maybe that is decided but what am I supposed to do in the video? Oh cannot upload it its over sized. But It was ; I was playing pro league and game crashed. The music could be heard but screen freezed.
  5. Pixels

    UnBalanced Map?

    So I made this topic in bugs subforum and was expecting more of review and player inputs there. But maybe players donot go there often.
  6. Why is the map unbalanced? Was it a time pressure mistake or decided? Are there ever going to be similar un-mirrored maps?
  7. Pixels

    Unbalanced Map?

    And worst part is We and right team are much stronger for other two teams so they will never have a shot at claiming that special tile
  8. Pixels

    More Power To Sergeant Rank

    I didn't know that but what I know is Sergeants can only start upgrade watchtowers and assign troops nothing else. I would like to see more power in them
  9. If more ranks are added its good enough but still there are few things that sergeants can enjoy 1. notification chat. If someone makes spam notification he will be demoted 2. vip chat participation if possible. or at least spying Just these two for now which I would like to see implemented. More can be recruiting new members. Launching wars. Generals can promote upto sergeants. Conquest war approval system. I donot know yet but I hope sergeants can start watch tower upgrades and collect them
  10. Pixels

    Alliance Member Ranks and Chats.

    Sargent rank system looks promising and in future maybe there can be some war approvals system also
  11. As the topic says. Just not needed to be fixed bugs 🤥 I already reported the uber chest discount overlay and then command overlay no need to mention them here. Also there is a probability window "whatever" when icon is pressed after giving up the chests in chamber of fortune
  12. Pixels

    Next conquest in 20 days?

    Conquest should be only once a month but if their time is decreased from 8 days to 5 days then it may be liked after all. also if the map is made bigger it will have same effect as making duration 5 days. Cause it will then require that much time to play. In the first conquest we reached desert in 3 days and then captured whole of desert for 3 more days. After that The other team came and started destroying our Lvl 2 towers cause it had low defense modifier in deserts. We were asleep and it took much time to reach desert and we lost our boosts. Luckily it had some kind of feature that once claimed rewards cannot be lost but still who would have wanted those rewards for a 8 day 24 hours journey? Anyways I would like wars and ninjas to be back at what they were and make conquest 30 days of cooldown (not 8+20`~30 days) Other solution would be Increasing Ninja and War rewards and making conquest duration 6 days. (or making map a bit more longer)
  13. Pixels

    Change the shape of Conquest map

    Instead of surrounding system I would like different paths leading in the center with different energy costs like swaps in a place and easy way in other place; Which is kind of implemented atm. and maybe some day in a conquest there can be an island tile surrounded by lakes and to claim it you have to make level 2 tower.
  14. Pixels

    Kingdom Map

    Its actually more to say as RR3 instead of 5.0.0 I mean if defense and attack system changes and all the food and research things change RR2 wont be RR2 anymore.