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  1. Pixels

    3.9 vs 4.0

    They should rename 3.9 as 5.0 and release it 🌚
  2. why not add walls and siege weapons in conquests
  3. Pixels

    Conquest Mode - The Aftermath

    I didn't even got a single chest and I made 7 moves a day I think this conquest should be names totally wasted and not the upcoming war felling extremely angry
  4. Pixels


    Oh Donot take it serious I was just blabbering and maybe I still am because I didn't had a good sleep for past few days. Btw conquests are great as they are now our team is doing amazing in this one we have full control over desert but maybe we will lose control because others are coming in great numbers. Also were the rewards only a bait to get everyone playing or this pl chests will have better contents or rewards will go back up before end? I know players who paid gems to get a ticket in order to participate in this pl
  5. Pixels


  6. I am not buying tickets using some kind of hack tool or third party software. I am using games feature to get one more ticket each month. Still I will be short of 2 tickets. @GalaMorgane or other administrators I need Answers.
  7. Well I wouldn't had but my friend got banned today just for playing on his friend's device at his friend's house. I am kinda scared on losing my account so I need to confirm before doing.😅
  8. Its in his own interest. He is ready to give me a pro ticket / month for 100 PKR ~ 1 USD.
  9. That is why I asked and want an authentic answer. I mean there is a donate feature to use. Also my friend lives close to my house so we have contact.
  10. My Friend is banned maybe for the same reason (he does not know why) he says he played pro league at his friend's house with his friend's id just to show him his skills and posted it somewhere on facebook then maybe someone reported him. He got banned from Pro Leagues first then from the game. Can you tell what he can do to get things back working? I don't know if his friend's id also got banned. . Also I have a question. I happen to have a friend who is not that much interested in pro leagues and is happy to sell me his monthly free pro ticket at extremely low price. This way I can get 2 tickets each month. Can he donate me tickets? Will I also be accused for using multiple accounts if he keeps donating me tickets? @GalaMorgane
  11. Pixels

    Hacker / Cheater

    Its very shameful if FG got hackers in this game But These Cheaters are quite tolerable and control-able. They cann't take off top position from fair players. The reason they cann't be banned is that they cann't be proven a cheater depending upon their name similarity. FG needs a tough statement for banning them permanently. But temporary banning can bring down a number of cheaters. If they are shown they are permanently banned but banned temporarily they will probably delete that account. The fair players will contact support (if there is any fair player or banned account was a primary account).
  12. Pixels

    Question About League Records

    Also If other Leagues end before mine and someone from there makes a record will I still get gem rewards?
  13. Pixels

    Question About League Records

    Also If someone else (not in my league) scores higher than me still I get the gem rewards?
  14. If I beat current league record even if I am in second or third place. Do I get Gem rewards?
  15. Pixels

    New Button for Equipping Item

    Anything Like This Would Help. It is a great Idea anyways. Here are some Examples to consider. I Also added meltdown button. (Pic 3 is of equipped item in current slot)