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  1. Goruc cannot suck units from opposite lane, It brings them closer uptil end but cannot eat them.
  2. Got the new guardian. it depends on morale points, 47 for level one
  3. No no not Devour, It was supposed to be black hole. Anyways I had a question; When we use devour ability does it suck all units in ??? range or does it depends on morale points?
  4. You have the right to temporarily ban the accounts and to change rules of participation. But taking away a whole feature is not the solution. I really wanted to be first in monthly league some day. 😔
  5. We moved up a tier and it still shows i marker on previous tier.I don't think it is supposed to be a bug. But I wanted to know which teams are in for our next conquest.
  6. Happened again Happens when you move to watch tower and you have selected it. The icons are showing on the bottom then the hero cooldown ends and icons shift towards left
  7. In previous conquests we had some amount of resources which we used to start the conquest for eg 20 troops and 20 stone which we used to donate more then half of team and start almost all of watchtowers depending on workers. Now these resources are halved. will it nor effect the starting , eg quarter of team is equipped with troops and half the watchtowers started watchtowers are started. then generals waiting for soldiers to come online and donate to continue the routine and one complete donation is added to balance the change.
  8. My monk was upgrading before this event( boost your offence) started and now it is showing this. There is still 2 days and some hours remaining for event and only 2 days for monk. I don't know what will happen after the countdown ends.
  9. No the bottom buttons just shifted towards left and left sided buttons disappeared. I am a windows (pc) user. I don't remember what exactly I did to trigger this but I was doing it in the conquest map and its related buttons. when I head back to kingdom and open conquest again it was normal.
  10. Just like war wins first one gets golden frame and so on I would like to have similar kind of display for conquests also somewhere or anywhere maybe time limited beast skins maybe thin frames on shield logo or maybe some really "beautiful" "time limited" colors
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