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  1. 14 hours per day with cadmus in autoplay x2...not so fun, even boring.
  2. This is a video of one of many teammates that have the same problem.
  3. @Madlen During the hero preparation, when one of my teammates switches between two heroes, the connection keeps getting interrupted. I think that this problem comes from the fact that many of us have taken 3 heroes in war but in the spoils of war we see only two heroes per person. Can you help us immediately? That's a big problem for us!! Tilose EDIT: This happens specially with Athena (and one of us said also with Odysseus).
  4. What is the maximum level of the waves? It seems to be level 15 in one picture, but in the other I can upgrade it to the 16! So, what’s the right?
  5. Are there any updates on a possible application for Mac? We are a group of friends that plays on iOS but we would also play on our Macs! Thanks! Byeeee
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