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  1. Someone explain him, we are not talking about the conquest.
  2. You say you need to stay more online, but probably, you didn't read it properly... It will be once a week and not every day. I wrote, the rewards may be decided by Flare. So, no need for bargaining for rewards. One ticket, once a week, means, you can use it in any event, whenever you feel, you are online, and you can stay active for long, better than daily leagues, you lose or win. Just saying that short-duration events shall be implemented into the game.
  3. Royal Revolt 2 is a nice game, which is loved by everyone. However, all the events in it, Wars, Conquest, Ninjas, Pro-Leagues are all long and not all people can participate in them. Pro leagues are still better because we can play it whenever we wish, but removing the monthly pro-league is bad. Wars are still good as we can stay online at every time and fight. Ninjas are unexpected. The ratio islands and duration do not fit for people who can't give much time to the game. Conquest is the worst thing we can have. It have the longest duration, and players need to stay much online in it. I wish, a new short duration event can be introduced into the game. It can be the CONQUEROR LEAGUE This league will require a ticket like a pro league. But, it is an individual league, so conqueror tickets cannot be donated (safe than pro leagues). This league will happen every day and will end everyday means. 1-day Duration. The people can fight any opponent in the game. Everyone participating in the league will get the Same number of points, though they attack anyone. The number of players participating shall be 20. 20 participating players. The person with the maximum number of points shall be the winner. There shall be three ranks. Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The league depends on the number of bases fought and not on the tier and trophy of players. Rewards Rank 1: 10 Uber Chests, 500 gems and 5000 pearls. Rank 2: 7 Uber Chests, 250 gems and 2500 pearls Rank 3: 5 Uber Chest, 100 gems and 1000 pearls Rank 3+: Your Choice Or may be better rewards.... or Every league may have different rewards as pro leagues. The leagues like this will make more people active in the game. For its short duration, people will play it and it will be successful. People who cannot give much time to the game, can play this league on weekends as it lasts only one day. This will make RR2 popular.
  4. It is happening with me... I used Armaggedon in dungeons at the gate...But, it works really bad... It does not destroys the gate and the game finishes at 70% saying... RAID with three crowns. Do something for me!
  5. That thing, I know... why there are of low health. They are summoned as their most health is already taken away, even though their parent troops have full health...
  6. No, it is not the algorithm. The real game is far behind this. A level 88 player usually have 2000 trophies. I am at 2450 now, and all players around me have an average 91-94 level.
  7. Can anyone help me? I want to know why ceres summons low health troops. Means, if it copies a max health monk, which have full health, why a monk which have lost most of its health appears. I want to know, is it working of ceres or a bug?
  8. I got three Hans... I was probably very lucky... I need an Aska but I never get it.
  9. Yeah, I was also thinking on it. I thought, it is a syle of calculating... I experienced it from the first day of the release of 5.0. I is happening with me in every raid.
  10. One of my friend said, if we buy the skin, we will get the pal. Is it true? @Madlen
  11. Yeah, thanks for giving a festival like this. However, it is bad for people, who are on Easter Holidays. Owe, but no problem for me. Great Thanks Madlen for running this festival.
  12. I say, they already have good players. Golden Knights have only a few places left. If they merge with their 19 players, it will be rude for players in Golden Knights, as they will be kicked out. You all didn't understand things completely and starts bargaining.
  13. Better you keep your mouth shut Dena. Usachan is kicking out only inactives, who don't online continuously for 3 days. Don't come in other's matters. No one likes you in the game. I got only bad reviews about you, whom I asked. No one likes you on forums. You think that you are ruler of the forums, but you are not. If you a single word against me, it would not be good for you. Better you understand. Don't quote me or reply to me. Stay away. I stay away from you, and better you stay away from me. I was respecting you from many days, whatever you speak. But, now, it is unbearable. I cannot bear you anymore. I didn't say anything about you. You cannot behave as you wish. I hope you understand.
  14. You may be interested in joining with Usachan world. It is a level 70 alliance, with a good leader. Usachan used a lot of money in the alliance, but the players did not support him. They have some awesome generals, who will help you in every case. They keep all the boosts active, that you want to have. Phoebe is ready. If you want to perform a merger, talk to poocha or King Aditya Kumar (me, an old member, tasked to recruit players).
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