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  1. KingAdityaKumar

    RR2 forum event - Winter 2018

    IGN: King Aditya Kumar I will make it with Fritz combined with celestial phoebe so that I would stay active for long and make a tall and large snowman. My king would jump on it with all the other kings looking with jealous eyes towards me... Haha 😀😀😀😀
  2. KingAdityaKumar

    Sad moments!

    Yeah, it was because for the love and trust I had for the game and now, it is nothing to play.
  3. KingAdityaKumar

    Sad moments!

    I played Royal Revolt 2 day and night for gold and gems. I know how to get gems and gold. In 2014, when I was a lvl 80 player, I used to get more than 7M gold in a single raid. But see now, it was rare to get even 200k and unique for those who give us 600k+. Getting gems is a tough task as it was before. Now, it is useless to win leagues. Before, there was tough competition in leagues. We have to score more than 3000 medals to get rank 1 but now, I play 4 fights, get 130 medals, and see, I have rank 1 at the end of league. Wars are useless now. Ninja event is unworthy, for me I think. The competition in ninja event is declining. Before, if someone start a pro league, he start at a very low rank but moves up slowly. But now, you have 6000 at the start and 1200 after fighting the first fight. I found that competition is for tough and strong alliances. After this update, I first thought it was really good, but after knowing it properly, it was useless to stay in a game with this kind of feature. Uff, it is too long.
  4. KingAdityaKumar

    Sad moments!

    Here, it's me. Kind Aditya Kumar. When I started playing Royal Revolt 2, I was mad in playing this game. I never stayed even 6 hours offline. I played all wars, all ninjas, all events. Even after losing my lvl 115 account, I continued the game. This was because of my love for the game. I never thought that this moment will come soon but it have come for now. I, Kind Aditya Kumar have decided to leave the game. Guys, I am extremely sad after I decided to do it. But, I can no more stay with bugs, no events, no gold and no gems. There is no entertainment in the game. Why we play? We are entertained, but I don't think that Royal Revolt 2 is full of entertainment now. I am feeling really bad after saying this. I know it was me who decided that I will play the game forever. I promoted the game to all my friends, relatives and twitter followers, but really guys, I don't think Royal Revolt 2 is still playable as it was in 2014. Bye guys. I am just waiting to play another pro event and then, I will leave. Till I get the next ticket, I will be inactive for a while. After the pro event, forever.
  5. KingAdityaKumar

    INDIAN ROYAL HUNTERs! Looking for you.

    We need yOU. Many have booked their place. When would you?
  6. KingAdityaKumar

    One piece143 -ally lvl65 -lingua italiana

    Do a great job this time. Good luck.
  7. KingAdityaKumar

    Your Current Conquest Scores

    Average is 203. Before I joined, the score was 173
  8. KingAdityaKumar

    Next conquest in 20 days?

    Yeah. I didn't get a pro chest after a score of 366 but will get it next time. Still, cool rewards.
  9. KingAdityaKumar

    Next conquest in 20 days?

    Same for me. Mid level players always love conquest rewards. Like me. Congratulations.
  10. KingAdityaKumar

    INDIAN ROYAL HUNTERs! Looking for you.

    Join Join Join
  11. KingAdityaKumar

    [update - solved]Missing conquest rewards

    Funny. Thats all. Flare cheated us. Better is, just throw their game on them and leave. Hehe....
  12. KingAdityaKumar

    [update - solved]Missing conquest rewards

    We recieved our chests and boosts just as the conquest ended. about 1700 vouchers. 6 pals 3000 pearls Many good things in uber cheasts (I have 130% xp bonus for now) Hehe. For me, hehe.
  13. KingAdityaKumar

    Your Current Conquest Scores

    My alliance - INDIAN ROYAL HUNTERs had 366. Can't get a screen shot for you.
  14. INDIAN ROYAL HUNTERs We are looking for you. A crazy alliance who is made to win. A alliance level: 61 Current Members: 52/61 Gold Bonus: 43% Firedoms: 54 Rank 250+ Boosts Active 24/7 (Max Level unlocked yet) Blazing Knight Power Archer Tough Barricade Frost Trap Stunning Ogres Storm Cannons Raging Wolves Mad Monks Tempest Tower Other boosts activated too in wars and conquest. This conquest 2 score: 366 All four Conquest Boosts active now. 2 Pro boosts active now. Beasts All unlocked to minimum level 2 Only Aska and Bela left. REQUIREMENTS Minimum Level 80 Minimum Donation 250k (150k accepted in Rare Cases) 100% active in all events (or get a message of kickout) 100% Active on Alliance Chat (Communication is necessary) Friend with at least one general (Communication) Minimum trophies: 1500 All fights in wars, minimum 25 islands in Ninja Events. CONTACT Write below InGame contacts King Rajiv Sinha (Leader) King Aditya Kumar (General) PAWAN TYAGI 79 (Co-Leader) LOOKING FOR YOU. JOIN NOW
  15. KingAdityaKumar

    Where are the rewards??

    Again same happening.