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  1. The blog may be long, it states out many things. Like pro tickets, and much more. Thanks for your advice.
  2. Interesting Topic Again! I have an interesting topic for you. Click the link below to visit King Aditya Kumar. CLICK HERE TO VISIT Thank you all for your support. LIke, share, subscribe.
  3. I have written in the first line. It happened with me and I cannot say, I will happen with you or not.
  4. I got DIGGER much before you. Level 86, Pro Bonus 4/10 Hehe. Good Luck for future dungeons. They are hard.
  5. Hey Guys, another post is here. Do you still get the same amount of gems as before? Do you think the banning of dungeons has put you in a loss? Then, this is for you! Then, click the link below to get your answer. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PAGE
  6. Giving information to the community is my Target. I will work for it. Thanks!
  7. I DON'T THINK IT IS NEEDED. We don't focus on old events. Talk about 2019. Then also, thanks for you searched for the posts.
  9. Guys, Madlen said that something is going to happen tomorrow. Probably it is the COMMUNITY WEEK. So, here is a short database, if you want to know about the community week. Feel free to ask any questions if you wish. So, view my latest Blog. Just giving a start to it. Please don't forget to subscribe. https://adityaroyalrevolt.blogspot.com/ COMMUNITY WEEK - Explanations by KING ADITYA KUMAR
  10. Read my post. It will make you excited....
  11. READ THIS! You can expect all Events together. Last year we have 200% XP, 100% gold boost, high chances of finding pal, 50% reduced upgrades (even alliance tower), blacksmith event, 3 pal chests for without facebook and 6 for facebook login. fOR THE FIRST FEW DAYS, nothing will be good. But, in the last two days, you will be shocked with surprises. OMG, can't say anything more. Can't wait.
  12. I feel shocked and I understand your problem. I waited for one year for transferring my account on my new device.
  13. Oh, sorry! I meant rewards. Well, really, I got maximum 3 pro items, when I participated in Ursa Cup.
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