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  1. What was the first compensation for? If nothing has changed then.
  2. ZuZuu

    War blessings

    That's interesting. How long have the blessings in your Union been extended ?))
  3. ZuZuu

    War blessings

    This was mentioned long ago. But it's been almost half a year. You have missed the threads of this SERIOUS problem. It is strange that the developers do not own game information...
  4. ZuZuu

    War blessings

    What then compensated for the gold ??
  5. The main square of Olympus. The main Christmas tree, around which the rink) and Christmas fair) Shops with Souvenirs, mulled wine and pastries) the name of the game: ZuZuu
  6. I Had the madness of Ajax, two in a row, in less than a minute. This is probably a new record for the speed of duplication of unique things But the worst part is that after the improvement they are weaker than the madness of Ajax which fell much earlier.
  7. How about a reverse action ? With unnecessary unique item to upgrade to 5* bronze Titan to the statistics of the current level.
  8. Another offer. Add for each League a separate trophy rating inside it. It may be difficult, but it will be interesting. In the world ranking I am 150+. And in my League, I could be top 10. Leagues and seasons are created on the football principle. Let us and rating players on this principle, too, ) That would be very interesting. )
  9. In the Russian-speaking community several alliances have written about similar mistakes in the war. Error 1: when trying to attack each time throws out of the game. Error 2: displaying the benefits. On the General map shows one number. you go in for an attack, it's different. Maybe someone else ran into it ?
  10. It would be great to create a table with the values of things by levels. For example 131 levels green 11K-18K blue 18K-25K .... and so on
  11. The RED SQUADRON continues to receive first place buffs in the League of titans and a Golden statue.... Did they win the last season ?))) S. S. S. R gets a siren for second place in the League of titans. Some alliances who got demoted in the League, continue to have buffs which are not available in their new League. Although I can't extend the buffs any longer than 42 days. They can... This is not the first season. But every time we hear that the problem is solved. Sometimes you have to use prayer not to lose an attack. Against a corrected error))
  12. You wrote it. With the new forge you can get more than a ring of Puria
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