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  1. It would be a win win for everyone since it wouldn't actually cost flaregames anything. It's not like they have to pay for the gems themselves. I think the draw would have to be based on someone's ascension level though since the higher ranked players would obviously have more items to put into the draw. They could have two draws with levels 120 and above in one draw and everyone below in another. I wish more people would respond to this post though so that flaregames would take notice. No one as of yet has responded from flaregames. So it looks like they don't really care what us players think. They just want the appearance of caring.
  2. I'm hoping to garner support for a method to make use of unique items other than simply selling, forging or cursing since we only get pennies on the dollar when we sell an item that we have more than one of. I think a daily or weekly lottery in which a unique item is the required entry fee would spice up the game and at the same time offer a way for a person to recoup gold and gems spent trying to get unique items. Gems though would not have to be the only prize offered. A Titan chest or a chance at increasing a mastery could also be offered as a prize. And I'm sure members can think of other prizes that could be awarded. I'm certain that I can't be the only one that is annoyed with useless unique items taking up space in slots. You could even hold the lottery as an alliance event rather than individual. Members of the alliance could give up their useless unique items for a chance for the alliance to win some prize. just think of the chatter something like this would create. The contest/lottery could be built around Hermes since he is the god of gambling, profit, hazard and gaming.
  3. I recently received a unique item after going through the cursing process only to receive an item that I already had. But worse than this the new item was not as good as the unique item that I had upgraded by way of refining it. Rather than keep an item that I wasn't about to go through the process of cursing it again I thought I would just sell the item. I thought for sure that I'd get a minimum of one million gold pieces for it considering the fact that I had had to use a 5* Titan item and 10 million gold to curse it. Imagine my surprise and disgust to find that I would get less than 33,000 gold for it. If we just take into account the 10 million gold that I had to pay to curse the item this means the resale value was less than one third of 1% of what I paid. But we have to also add the cost of a 5* Titan item, which 1 million gold would be a conservative number. This means the resale value is less than 0.25%. But I also paid 1,000 gems to get the item immediately rather than finish a challenge that would have taken between 2-3 weeks to complete. This than puts the resale value somewhere around 0.05%. This is absolutely ridiculous, and seems to me that a fairer resale equation needs to be implemented. There are many ways this can be done. A minimum of 10% resale value does not seem unreasonable based on the approximate cost of a 5* Titan item and the 10 million gold paid to curse the item. Another method might be to hold a bi-weekly or monthly garage sale type deal where players are given the opportunity to sell unwanted unique items for gems. A player wouldn't mind the double item if they knew by holding onto it for a few weeks they could get a few gems for it. The company holds contests from time to time and has no problem handing out gems for it. As it doesn't actually cost the company any money to give out gems I don't see why they can't give back a bit. Getting 100 gems for a unique item does not sound unreasonable to me. Another suggestion is to hold a lottery where players would enter the lottery using unique items. A random draw would then see gems given out to the winners. I personally would rather use the useless unique item to enter a lottery rather than sell it for 0.25% of what I paid for it. A monthly or bi-monthly draw seems to me to be the way to go. Thoughts? Would any other players use your double and useless items for such a draw? Or do you think simply paying a fairer resale value is the better solution?
  4. I agree with the pro-tip. I just wish I'd known about it sooner. I keep seeing the same gaming tips show up on the screen that I saw the first day that I started playing. If they can have those continuously pop up, why can't they have something for cursing items? Anyway, thanks for the input.
  5. When someone reaches level 125 and above it is not nearly as big an issue as it is for someone around the 100 ascension level since the higher level player can accumulate gold and wisdom, and ambrosia much quicker. As well, the alliance level/rating a person belongs to also plays an important part of the equation since a higher rated alliance will no doubt have more trophies accumulated and therefore will have a higher gold rating. So someone at ascension level 100 that is part of an alliance that only has a 70% gold add on will not accumulate gold nearly as quickly as someone with ascension level 135 that belongs to an alliance with a gold plus rating of 105%. This also calls into question Dumpster's claim that a person can easily take over 500 islands in 2 weeks. Yes, someone that is an elite or who is at level 125 plus and who belongs to an alliance in the top 25 might be able to take over 500 islands in 2 weeks since they accumulate gold, wisdom and ambrosia at a much faster rate. But not everyone has the time to take over 20 islands on a daily basis. But even if it is done, to get a duplicate that is not as good as the one that a person already has means the 5* titan item and the 10,000,000 gold is wasted. And if you decide to sell the item you get pennies on the dollar. For example, I would only get 32,199 gold for the duplicate of Perseus mirror shield that isn't as good as the one that I already had. So I spent 10 million gold and a 5* Titan item for a unique item that only has a resale value of 32,199 gold. But since I spent 1,000 gems to get the item early it also cost me that much in gems. It seems to me that there are some easy fixes. And there's no reason for it not to have been fixed before now. Since none of the mods have added any input to the conversation I think it is pretty clear that the people in charge have no intention of doing anything about it.
  6. As I have spent more than $350 buying gems, (probably closer to $450) I think it behooves the people involved in creating the game to put in some measures that a) reward people that do actually spend their hard earned cash and b) have in place a system that does not punish those that do so. I mean seriously, how hard would it be to have a system in place that upon receiving a double, a person could have a do over that would not cost them gems, gold, or 5 star Titan items. And why not make it so that a person could sell a unique item for gems rather than gold. Or at least make the gold that one would get for selling it a reasonable amount. When you curse an item you have no idea what challenge you will get. So planning it just before a war begins does not help if the challenge involves Odyssees. Though I do see your point. But someone would only think of that if they understood the process - which most do not since the process is never explained. In my previous alliance I twice asked if anyone knew how the cursing process worked since I didn't want to spend the 5* Titan item and 10,000 gold to find out for myself. And each time no one responded. So I have to assume that no one had ever tried. I refined the unique item because I had an existing refined item that had out grown it's usefulness. So rather than sell it and get pennies on the dollar for what it cost me to refine, I thought I'd be better off using the now useless refined item to refining the much better unique item. Instead of costing gold to upgrade the unique item it costs instead wisdom, which is harder to generate. Given what I've spent on the game, I don't see why the masters of the game cannot simply give back the 1,000 gems I spent trying to figure out a game that they haven't supplied instructions for. Because I will not spend another dime on a game that pulls such stunts.
  7. Yes. Very few people even know about the ability to curse. And those that have heard of it don't know how to do it. I recently explained the process to people in my alliance that had been playing much longer than me. It is in part due to there being no mention of it when someone forges an item that they are equipped with. I only started playing with it when I forged an item that I wasn't equipped with. Only then did it give the option to curse. But there were no instructions telling me that I wouldn't get back the same item. And there was nothing to tell me that there would be a very long challenge attached to it. The worse part though was getting an item that wasn't s good as the one that I had refined. The original shield that I refined had a protection against physical damage of 43,525. The new shield only had protection of 40,755. Out of curiosity I checked to see what I could get if I forged the new shield. If I'd been willing to use a 5 star titan item and spend 10,000 gold the shield would have increased to 43,572. So there would have only been an improvement over my original shield of 47 points. I'm going to attach a pic in my original post for the mods to see.
  8. To date I have spent three 5 star Titan items, 30,000 gold and 3,000 gems to curse 3 items in an effort to get a better one. The first time I did it I thought that it would simply improve the item I was cursing, as I liked the item and the hero it belonged to. Then I end up getting an entirely different item that went to a different hero. The second time I knew what I was getting into. But the challenges are ridiculously long. The first time involved having to take part in a minimum of 2 wars. The second one required taking part in a minimum of 2 Odyssees. And the last one required me to take over 500 islands. So in each case I spent the 1,000 gems to get the item early. The problem is that the item I got this last time was Perseus mirror shield. And I say it is a problem because I already had one that was better than the new one. I say better because I had spent a great deal in wisdom to refine the item so that it had three qualities instead of the usual two. So I'm obviously a bit peeved for the great cost that everything is costing only to get something that isn't as good as what I already had. I have spent roughly $350 of my hard earned money purchasing gems since I started playing this game. Two war seasons ago everyone in my alliance received gems at the end of it. But I did not. I only recently learned that everyone had received gems after that war season. Then to get an item that I already have after wasting a 5 star Titan object, 10,000 gold and 1,000 gems on is just too much - especially when the original one is better. I'd like to know what other players think of the refining and cursing system. And if the mods want to do something to correct this, my user name is Benedict Donald. And the alliance I belong to is Gardarica. The top shield in the pic is the new shield that I received and the bottom shield is the one that I refined.
  9. Hey NaN. I like the use of the term Joker. It's fitting. I think the solution is to simply have an hour or two cease fire prior to the strikes beginning. That way each alliance can see who they are up against. Alliances would then have an opportunity to contact the people in charge of the game and put in for the Joker if a poor match up meets certain criteria. I don't think this would be too difficult of a task to work out since most conflicts would not meet the criteria. I'm sure the wizards at Flare games could figure out how to make it work. But if not the Joker idea, then I don't see why they couldn't just dole out gems to the alliances that were mismatched. I spent roughly 50 gems in the first 90 minutes due to the fact there were only three people that I could attack. Another suggestion I have is that in the first two hours if it can be determined there is a huge miss match, blessings could be randomly removed from the stronger alliance for the duration of the war. So if they have 12 regular blessings and 3 war blessings, three or four could be randomly removed. In fact, this might be the best idea of the three that I've presented. I think it is near impossible to work out an algorithm that will work with so many variables. But once the alliances are paired, something at that point could be done to even out the playing field. This would even be more in line with reality, since the underdog often won in war due to certain strategic advantages they were able to create. The Joker, as you called it, could represent an underdog creating such strategic advantages. Under the present system though there is little room to take into account representation of real life strategy once the war begins.
  10. I recently started a thread in which I complained about the most recent war activity in which I found the alliance I'm in pitted against a much much stronger alliance. while there were a few replies, there were no real helpful solutions. I was pretty much told to just be patient and that the next war will be more in our favor and not so one sided. Well, that got me to thinking that there had to be things that could be done to even the playing field. So here are my two suggestions. I would like to see what others think, and if they have other solutions that could help make the game more enjoyable. One of the most obvious problems in an unfair match up is that the weaker side is forced to use gems if they want to win even the first few chests, which do not offer all that much in rewards. The stronger alliance of course than receives the benefits of gems having to be used against them. So the much weaker side loses gems for very little reward while the stronger alliance receives extra rewards in the form of gems simply because they are much much stronger. A solution to this would be that the leaders of each alliance could be given the opportunity to put in a formal request to have their alliance declared to be at too huge a disadvantage. A ratio of 4-1, for example, might be a good way to test this, whereby if one alliance has a ranking 4 times that of the one they are fighting against the members of the weaker alliance would receive 100 gems each. These gems could then be used in battle to make things a bit more fair. The stronger alliance also wins since they would get a portion of the gems used against them. If this is too difficult to implement, an alternative could be that the gems are given at the end of the war if it is determined there was too great a disparity. Knowing a person would be compensated after the war, they would not feel so bad spending a few gems against a much stronger opponent. So alliances would win gems if they finished in the top spots. But alliances would also be compensated if pitted against an alliance that they had no chance against. A second option might be to allow members of the weaker alliance to call on Zeus and Hades in the same way they can upon them in regular combat. So they could only be summoned once every 24 hours. This would mean an alliance with 30 members would be able to call Zeus 30 times and Hades 30 times for every 24 hours at war. The granting of Zeus and Hades to be used in the war would only happen if the leader of the alliance puts in for it soon after the war begins. This could be done if there were a one hour cease fire between the time the alliances are assigned and the time they could begin attacking. So weaker alliances would have one hour to put in a request for either gems or the right to use Zeus and Hades. Let me know what you guys think.
  11. I'm in an alliance that is ranked 186. In the war presently taking place we are paired against an alliance with a rank of 38. Our alliance obviously has no chance whatsoever. But the most discouraging part about it is the amount of gems I have to spend just to win enough points to get a few chests. I'm level 94 while the lowest level in the opposing alliance is level 100. The only people I have a shot at are the three that have the lowest rank. This means I have to do repeated attacks against the same three if I want to use all my furies. But each attack after the initial attack receives a reduced amount of points. And I have to use at least one incantation on two of the three people that I am able to attack. This is so unfair that it makes it so that it is no longer fun to play. I like a challenge - but this is simply too much.
  12. I opened a gold chest today that I received as a daily prize chest. It showed the items that I was to get, and I accepted them all. But when I went to look at them after getting all the items, I found that I had not been credited with them. I know this to be the case because I had recently finished a major forging operation which left each of my gods with strong items, but also a minimum of items. I had no blue and green items among all my gods, and only a couple of gold items that were not in use. One of the items that I got from the chest was a gold sword. But there was no gold sword and no blue items when I looked for them. I was also very careful to make sure that I did not sell the items. And to the best of my knowledge, there was no increase in the level of my gold after opening the chests. If this had been the first time that it happened I would not even say anything. But it happened about a month ago as well. Though that time it was a Titan chest - which really pissed me off because there were some good items that I thought I was getting, but didn't. In reading the forums I did not come across others having this problem. So I'm wondering if it is just me. One other problem that I'm having is with signing in. I have signed into the forums roughly a half dozen times in the last couple of days. And each time it would not accept my password. Each time I was sent an e-mail telling me to reset it. The sign in always works then when doing the reset. But the extra couple of steps is getting a bit annoying. Thanks for any help you can give me. It sure would be nice to be credited with the gold and titan chest that I did not receive the items from. For the glory of Olympus Benedict Donald
  13. Since half of the Halloween trick or treat tradition is trick, it makes sense that it wouldn't be a proper party without the one known for being the trickster - who happens to be Prometheus. It would be interesting to see what new trick Prometheus would play on Zeus for chaining him to a rock and sending an eagle every day to eat his liver. In all likely hood Prometheus would team up with the god Hermes, since he is also known for being a trickster. And I'm sure the two would cook up an absolutely develish plan. Of course there would also be the question of what kind of costume each god would be likely to wear. I can imagine Zeus putting on an eagle costume so as to add insult to injury. Then Prometheus in a drunken stupor would hit Zeus, thinking he was finally exacting revenge on the eagle that ate his liver everyday for eons. And that's when the fun would really begin. IGN - Benedict Donald
  14. Under new leadership and rebuilding the alliance. Now have only 20 of possible 27 players. Most (12) blessings have been paid for at least three weeks. Looking now for daily players with an ascension level of at least 80. But will accept those with lower levels that have exceptional defenses, which prove someone is serious and helps during time of war. An alliance hall that allows someone to donate a minimum of 100,000 gold is also expected. If not at time of joining, then expected to achieve it soon after. Our alliance level is 22. And while our ranking is only 250, this means that with the help of higher level players we will easily win wars and quickly move up the ranking ladder. So this is an opportunity to join an alliance that is on the rise. And for the right person, to "POSSIBLY" take command of it.
  15. I know what the international standard is for the colors red and green (stop and go). But during a strike, who or what displays the colors? Does the person in charge of the alliance manipulate it for the benefit of people in the alliance? Or does a computer program do it. And does both the attacker and the defender see the same thing? Or does the defender see the opposite of what the attacker sees. And what does the yellow circle stand for? Am I right to assume the colors are guidelines to let people know when they are either winning or losing by a large margin?
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