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  1. ID: 7QVGSCD4HSFN Nickname: hfghzu, level: 33 Device: Samsung NotePro 12" (Model Number: SM-P900) OS: Android 5.0.2 Issue: In Boss-Hunt mode on Floor 83 I am trying (and failing) to fight "wounded claw" who has both a heal skill and health leech. This is a bit puzzling since I upgraded my equipment so far that the next level of each would cost me at least 450 million. Yet the mobs on this floor only give me a few thousands at most. Even with 2 revives and any possible skill combination at most I can bring this boss down to 70% health before dying. That is with currently 590k attack, 13.5m armour and 782k skill damage. I assume that this boss was randomly created. Is it possible that the combination of both health over time and health leech makes him much, much stronger than intended? On the issues of possible bugs: The shield-spin skill does not seem to block damage from boss special attacks like dash or spin. I do not know if this is intentional either. If it is, it would be nice to update the description of the skill which currently reads "blocks all damage".
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