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  1. Glad to see Pals buffed, but I think more balancing is needed across all pals to see them picked more strategically. I've only ever used the same pal until I get a stronger one, and after that the others never see the light of day. I think Kaiser is in a good spot with a unique gold boost, but the others provide similar and minimal function of each other.
  2. I think a bigger issue that Pals like Aska and Janus bring to mind is the unit clutter during a raid, no matter how many morale points you have it's always going to be capped by how many units you can fit and use in a lane. If you have too many, you can slow or end your own raid when units start blocking each other's movement and targeting.
  3. Assign them to insta-troops, can clear a wave or two and nearby towers if their level is high enough
  4. Not a bug, just a trait of the upgrade. AT Upgrades take too long and are too infrequent for this to be of any impact in alliance donations.
  5. Happens to me too, except I actually crash when I click on the tent's information button when I can see the boost.
  6. I'm sure you've already done this, but have you tried re-installing the game/clearing caches? Also, try checking your App Store or Play Store account settings, it might be causing issues grabbing your locality to get currency, or local payment regulations for app stores. If you're playing on Windows PC or Mobile they have even more regulations with advertising and in-app purchases, so double check your Windows account and your store account.
  7. Does anyone else feel like they have to stop from spawning too many units? If I have too many ogres or werewolves at once (say 3 or 4 of each), they start to slow each other down and can't pass each other. Consequently they don't get close enough to towers to attack them or move too slowly, and costs a lot of time during raids trying to get them positioned again. I think the collision hitboxes need some work, and maybe troop targeting AI. Even hero scream doesn't fix this, and sometimes worsens the issue by bunching them together. This is honestly what it feels like most of the time, even with a reasonable number of troops:
  8. Please do, it feels like we're being penalized for having spawned too many troops. Unit targeting with ogres has been an issue lately where even just a 3 or 4 in a lane cause a lot of unit collision. They will get stuck and can't get close enough to attack Firebolt/Lightning towers. Even when they do get close enough, they stand still and block other units in the lane. It ends up costing me a lot of time in raids, where I have to wait for hero scream and move to the side just to get them to attack towers. I wish units didn't have such large collision boxes with each other, I have to hold off on spawning too many. They start to crowd each other and significantly slow down, and then can't reach any firebolt/lightning towers. Hero scream will sometimes worsen the issue, they push each other out of the way and you end up just having troops walking towards towers without attacking them.
  9. I'm from the US, no issues here. Both Windows 10 and Android
  10. Short-version: I think we should be able to see upgrades, alliance info, and next conquest rewards/time from within the Stronghold map, rather than having to be on the main map to see them. So, this is our Stronghold map right now: Doesn't it seem a bit uninformative and plain? To view when the next conquest is, or the name of the conquest battle, or any rewards and standings in the conquest, I need to exit our Stronghold and view it from the main map. It seems a bit unproductive and counter-intuitive to have the info on another screen other than the one it pertains to. What about facility upgrades in the stronghold? I have to manually check them -inside- the stronghold map. It's just that all the indicators are scattered or non-existent, and pretty disorganized. I'm sure the conquest mode will be enjoyable, but some aspects are pretty rough. Think of the ninja event, or the pro-league, and even the dungeon. You can view everything you need to know from within that event location without having to leave it. Why should it be any different from those modes? Even dungeon exploration has its upgrades featured in the upgrades panel. I understand these things are easier said than done, but it's an important quality of life update that I think we can all benefit from to improve the quality of the Stronghold map. Maybe Flaregames knows this and was just focused on getting the functionality of the mode working first. Regardless, I think this would really make the new mode more put-together.
  11. A developer on another thread about this said it's related to platform and country policies for advertising. Depending on what you play on and where you live it will be different - personally my ad boosts have been the same as before.
  12. I think it's because they want Pro-League to focus on late-game advancement. Pearls and pal upgrades are mostly used when you have maxed a lot of things out, and you are forging to improve those upgrades. The Pro-League battles are also independent of your troops or level, and rely purely on strategy to win which is very important late-game. They're just trying to provide something that other aspects of the game don't.
  13. I've never noticed, but how do we tell the difference between Unique and Uber items?
  14. Flare says they've already uploaded the files to the stores. I'm a student developer and I've seen the difference between uploading and publishing a release - they've already gone through the country approval process when they uploaded it, and they can do that without sending out the update to everyone. Now Flare just has to make the file public. That should be almost instant.
  15. Called it on the dot - server maintenance just got schedule on the game at exactly 1PM in Germany. Here it comes!
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