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  1. Flare should change rewards to pro items. Uber items are out-of-date already.
  2. Good point! Thank Morfoz78. Then you have to pay MORE money, if you want to donate more!
  3. Is it normal? Maxed AT but only able to donate 4M gold with 750 gems?
  4. Same problem on WP8.1 (Lumia 930).
  5. Is there anyone who did upgrade your item from normal to uber? I guess no. Since the success chance decrease with number of upgrade, at the time the item reach uber level, it must be +15! If the +(number) is reset after the item reach new level, that will encourage people to use blacksmith. Detail: Now: normal -> normal (+1) -> normal (+2) -> enchanted (+3) -> enchanted (+4) -> enchanted (+5) -> rare (+6) -> .... Recommend: normal -> normal (+1) -> normal (+2) -> enchanted -> enchanted (+1) -> enchanted (+2) -> rare -> ....
  6. Okey!!!! Good jobs Flare!! Cheer!! Now I have to digest 160 chests in the next few days, while my slot is fulled, and nothing to spend gold from treasure chamber!!!
  7. I have 3% slow down on my sword, but I cant able to see what is the difference? Does it make only troop/tower, which is hit by my king, slow down, or all enemy troops/towers? Is that perk useful or just for fun?
  8. Hi, I'm playing RR2 on my pc (windows 10) via keyboard and mouse. Mouse is OK, but keys for spawn troop and cast spell are really uncomfortable. I have to move my left hand across the keyboard to do that. (Key 1~7). Is there any way to reassign those key as my wish?
  9. Poor you! I've got 10M of gold without any shield! Had to wait 12hrs until another upgrade finished.
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