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  1. That's why I said that if you fail the first part, you're dead, because the big hits will kill you while the GK only takes a fraction of the damage. Personally, I stopped using Tartarus. Game crash (even on the bridge) is the main reason. The other reason is that there are more reliable ways (but more expensive) if you want to spend gems (I am not talking about the Frenzy bug, I don't use it).
  2. Phil, since you are talking about academic, it's not a problem of bugs related to the GK. You hit the GK with Hades. After using Tartarus with these troops, Hades hits really hard so the reflected damage kills him. Nothing to do with AD/DR bug. At first I thought that the explosion damage can be reflected back and kill your hero. It's because my Hades died instantly after the explosion, so I thought "it must be it". But there were other things going on: Hades and the GK both hit each other at the moment of explosion. That GK doesn't have any AD.
  3. Hades' Tartarus is more powerful than the invocation. However, Hades has 2 problems: having full troops with him at the gate is a big challenge if he can't kill the GK with the explosion, then he's dead
  4. I take my words back, I was wrong in both points 🙂. The explosion damage can be reduced by DR, but can't be reflected back. It's strange but it is the case.
  5. Tartarus might be the almighty when max level was 131. But with the new levels, GK's HP nowadays is way more but all invocations stay the same. I agree with Philstar. Some GK will kill you with high DR before Tartarus kills him.
  6. League of Gods' 3rd position is now the most wanted spot in the game 🤣
  7. Everything you say here is true, I don't argue that. That's why I mentioned the "attitude" thing. The top alliances are full of top players. Hard work, time, money, good understanding of the game mechanism, natural talents ... If you (not you Phil) only want to enjoy the game with some efforts, set yourself obtainable objectives and enjoy your own challenges. Look at my team @Phalanx, most are weak, really! But we managed to get ourselves in TL and we stay. We have the same players for months, years. We are into this together, ppl know who they are (not all of them, of course). But in overall the right attitude is there, and we enjoy our own challenges.
  8. I think that there are two types of players: Those who are satisfied when they can pass (95%) a max base with great design, heavily enhanced. The base is already a challenge for them. Top (means only a few) GKs should be ignored. Those who can 95% any base with pretty much any hero (Artemis is a mistake ) and have a decent time against GK. For these ppl, the GK is the only challenge left, it's the only fun thing in the game. Killing the tough GKs, building a GK that most can't kill, or even a step further: building a GK that most can't kill and can kill most of the heroes. Challenges are good, competition is good. Taking it the right way it makes everybody better. Eeestil's GK killed my Ariadne in 2s. Did I get frustrated? No. I revived her and killed the GK back, and I am working on some heavy refines to give her a few seconds more of resistance (so I can get to the back of the GK or take a few hits to protect the troops). It's a question of attitude. Some ppl, when hitting a wall, smile and think "now I have smth to work on", some get frustrated. Whatever you do, it's always the case! Have you ever seen any system that satisfies everybody (not just game)?
  9. Exactly! A guy in my team claimed that his Perseus (as attacker) has never been killed by any GK. In my 1M-hit example above, if the attacker has zero ice resist, he takes 400K of ice damage. I think that it's a good thing for the game.
  10. I meant GK with petrify (or stun) perks. The GK can stun the troops (not the hero) and can petrify both troops and hero. A guy in my team (I won't name him here, but I'll give a hint: he has the best GK in my team) has a ring with petrify on his GK. I tested his GK with Hercules on solo. His GK petrified my Hercules on hit and killed him. That's why I think that petrify perk on GK is arguably better than MG. The advantage of MG is range (area). But Frenzy also adds area (2 range units) besides damage 😉!
  11. It's not really every hit, since FB itself is "chance". BTW, hit too hard like that is ... not good either. Say, the GK fires a 1M damage hit. Your Perseus has 40% of DR, 400K bounced back to the GK (no resistance to it). The GK take 400K damage. You have 90% of the elementals (phy and ice) resistances, you take 60K damage. The GK dies, you don't. And even against non-shield heroes, you can ressurect the heroes, the GK dies, it's over! There's a balance there in the game. You need to find a balance between LoH and damage output of the GK. Hitting too hard you kill yourself. Hitting like a pillow the troops will kill you. I've never seen a GK that I feel like "no way I can kill that". I am not pretending that I can kill every GK in the game, but if I can't I always come close, and try to figure out what's missing or what should I change to make it. BTW, two of my best heroes are non-shield: Ariadne and Jason. And I have to be careful with Ariadne. Archimides' GK killed her in 2 hits. She died almost twice against Eeestil's GK recently. I have to move her a lot. Letting her fight (and spawn troops) behind the GK. Letting her take hits when I can afford it or I need to protect some precious troops. A lot of actions and quick decisions to take when fighting a top GK. But if you do it right, you do have a big smile after the battle.
  12. I don't think that it's a bug, the two x3 are different: one is GK's damage is multiplied by 3 to the hero. The other is that when you are petrified you take 3x damage from all sources. It's normal for me that they add up. Oh and there's FB which also makes x3, which is x27, and Frenzy makes it x42 . And the bonus 120% Damage of Ajax 🤣. Some hits can be comparable to a big Tartarus explosion! I'd like to see it this way: heroes have 100% stun reduction (as opposed to 80% stun reduction of the GK). The hero's movements are totally under your control, therefore they should not be "stopped" by stun. As for petrify: the heroes are special units, like the GK, when being stoned they ... walk 😃. The damage multiplier just applies to anything petrifiable (all sources and targets).
  13. OK, that makes sense: my Mirror Shield is very weak, only ~32% DR. As the amount of DR if you refine, I didn't mention the ring for nothing 😉. If you read my post, I did mention a slot gained, so you can put DR (3rd DR refine) there if you want to, in which case even a strong Mirror Shied would be surpassed. You do need a DR items, but when you sit at level 150 for 1 year, you certainly have those. I'll take an example: If you want to have max Physical, some Ice, and the DR of the shield on Perseus: you keep the Shield as is, refine physical on the vest (no need to superforge this one), refine ice on, say, a ring Take any shield bearer, refine DR on an ice shield, then refine DR on the vest and on one ring. You end up having slightly more DR than above, and slightly less ice. Same slots used. The problem with the Mirror Shield is that you don't want to play with it, so there are 1-2 slots lost there. If you add petrification (x3) and FB (x3), some hits can be deadly, but needs "chance". But even without these two perks, Ajax with DR/AD bug is already deadly. Back at the time when I still had 1 AD in one mastery slot, my Ajax did kill a half-HP Hercules (lv.146) with 1 single hit. But I replaced AD with LoH. At my level, my GK needs to survive first before thinking about killing. To "compensate" for my luck with DR items, I have no item with AD .
  14. Shush let's pretend that the discussion about Ajax never existed On a serious note, Perseus' MG as GK is overrated imo. Totally useless against solo heroes. Against troops it petrifies once every 16s (unless you have CD bonus). The duration of 11s is not necessary since the petrified troops would be gone within a couple of hits or the GK is weak. Think about it, if you really want petrification, superforge+refine+superfoge (silver-star) a petrify perk will give about 16-17% of petrification. That's about 1 petrify proc every 6s, isn't it better than the MG? Perseus does have 2 big advantages: 60% of HP bonus (highest, along with Ajax, among the shield bearers) and huge AS bonus (38% IIRR). If that AS bonus really give bonus to other perks other than damage, say LoH, then that'd be a big advantage for Perseus. But I am not totally convinced, that's why I asked the questions about animations in the Q&A of this month. The Mirror Shield is overrated, IMO. Think about it: if you want max physical you would keep the Mirror Shield as is and refine physical somewhere. Now if you refine DR on the shield and another DR on, say, a ring, you would have max Physical and same amount of DR as the Mirror Shield, not to mention the other perk along with DR on the refined shield. So actually you gain a slot to refine anything you want, say Petrify which is arguably better than the MG. Perseus might be the ultimate GK before the refine era. He still is one of the best choices today. But there are other options nowadays if we think about it. And it adds varieties to the game, which is a great thing. Ajax is all about damage (his unique power + his damage bonus). No amount of refine can make Perseus as powerful as Ajax in this department. I am still far from reaching max level. But I have more DR items than time and ressources to refine them (no joke!), so I used some one Ajax and put him out there to show ppl the possibilities. Of course mine is nothing compare to the top GK in the game, because of my low ascension level and low fames, but my Ajax is certainly stronger than my old Perseus.
  15. Except the unique items which are always a few levels old, the level of all other items is relative to your ascension level when you find (not open/receive item) the chest that contents them.
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