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  1. here is my Easter Cup Osterhase Outfit. Enemy players und Alliances I wiggly my fuzzy bum in your direction.
  2. Frohe Ostern (Happy Easter) my fellow RR2 Spielers (players) may the Osterhase 🐇 Easter bunny bring you lots of chocolate und candies! Here is a link for an Easter video/song I found on You Tube which I want to share with you.
  3. For Ninja events you get Ninjas to fight with. Halloween had Zombies und Christmas had Yetis. I remember the bonus missions in Royal Revolts, Bunny Armies plus that amazing battle music. this will be my first RR2 Easter I want to get a Bunny armor set but also would like Bunnies! und... please Flaregames make available on Facebook, You Tube or website the Bunny War music from the original Royal Revolt. each castle gate landscape has its own unique RR2 theme of music I would love to set a landscape with the awesome bunny war music.
  4. I like the movie Van Helsing, Hugh Jackman got a cool costume to wear, I would love to see a RR2 version of Van Helsing, mask, cross bow and all.
  5. Tower Madness for me was more like Tower Sadness. I did not do very well at all, not that I ever do awesome. I can clear several challenges 100% then I get partials,and a few where if I make 1 crystal I consider it a personal best. I am not entirely sure (and usually get into trouble) voicing this opinion; BUT... 1.) I thought the league was made so you can not do all 12 Challenges 100% and that "IF" a player did complete all 12 it would notify Game Devs that a player is using some form of game exploit. and 2.) knowing human nature as it is, and since games are code, IMO people tend to share within select inner circles, programming hacks which would allow them to complete all 12 levels with perfect scores. Because although I am not a top rank player and never will be; I would be suspicious of any player who claims to have completed any PRO League Cup, especially Tower Madness with 12 100% scores. and here it comes in 3,2,1 Madlen to ask me not to say such things. (sorry Madlen)
  6. I have several things to say concerning the PRO's & Con's of the PRO League PRO: I love doing them ~ CON: the event should be either free to do like festivals & events are; or... ticket timer needs to be drastically reduced so players can participate more often. PRO: (not exactly) I am not sure how many Cups there are? I am sure I have done some more than once please create more ~ CON: all Pro Cups should have 3 spells (this current one has only 2) CON: Tower Madness Cup NEEDS the Sonic Blast spell ~ CON: PRO Shop needs to reduce it's prices for items ~ CON: ticket donations should be for all friends on your Friends list not just Alliance. PRO: did I mention I really love doing them? anyhow I do like doing them.
  7. Community Week is over, TY RR2 Forum community for replying to this topic.
  8. well I am still experiencing my 1st Community week, and I have to maintain my first impression, this is by far a most disappointing RR2 event. the perks of XP boosts and such are nice enough however...the New Sanzu armor set costs 194,000 (approx) PRO League crystals and the Birthday set costs 130,000 crystals. personally daily Uber chests with items from these sets would be a much nicer way to celebrate and participate in a RR2 Community week.
  9. LOLest so farest Awesomest my friend, Community Weekest is rather shall we say disappointingest. I was hopingest for a Festivalest, a special offerest, something more thanest a Blacksmithest eventest. it has beenest a very longest time since RR2est offered me any newest specialest offersest. I am still wearing the eskimoest armor setest, I was hoping for a special offer for the Sanzu or Birthday armor or a Community week offer of armor, guessest maybe easterest is my next hope for new gear. anyways a Ninja event is a few days off, another PRO League, another Conquest so I will have something to do. Personally I found the Birthday week sort of blah, skins for a few units, new tokens was hoping for armor or a pet.
  10. Community Week is 21 hours away, but the banner is mysterious and gives no hints as to what this event is. I am still in my first year playing RR2 so this will be my first one, I was wondering what to expect? Please feel free to clue me into this event (you can even make up some fake activities)
  11. Happy Birthday RR2! I just saw today the Birthday set in the PRO League Shop, I think to help us celebrate the 5th Birthday of RR2 the complete Birthday Armor set should be one of the following: FREE as a gift for all players who are active during this 5th Anniversary time or... make the set extremely inexpensive to buy using PRO Crystals or gems or... make sure all players get one of those "Special Offers" which pop up, and then make it again inexpensive to buy using real world money.
  12. YES!!! now that's what I'm talking about! Happy Lunar New Year RR2 Spielers! Danke dir, FLAREGAMES/KEENFLARE und Madlen fur posting it! 🦄
  13. I found a token, a new button to push and have a farmer token. I also watched the video about new skins etc.. you can get during the Royal Revolt Festival. In the video it showed two different times, one saying 9 days from now another 8 days; this is Sunday February 17th, 2019 when I am posting; Unfortunately I am away on Friday February 22nd, Sat Feb 23rd and Sun Feb 24th PLEASE! do not tell me I am missing some RR2 event? it is bad enough that I am going to miss the next Ninja Apocalypse.
  14. Bugles = bags of deep fried crispy baby unicorn horns🦄
  15. Unicorn Cupcakes fur alle Royal Revolt Spielers! they are pink und filled with love und have Virtual(ly) zero calories.
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