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  1. What is the weekly event schedule now ? Before, the weekly event was very regular (since I joined this game almost 2 years). it used to start every Wednesday or Thursday (announced one day before). In mid of August to mid of September this year, It changed to every Saturday. After mid of September, the event becomes irregular, sometimes it takes 10 days to emerge. This makes our players very upset. We need to guess and wait every week for the event announcement. Player used to arrange workers and forges during the event cycles . especially the forges, it takes at least 7day for each. So everyone doesn't want to miss it .
  2. Stanleun

    One Time Offers

    Thank you , It is unfair to got difference offer . Since I got Eldrak and Nidhoqq long time ago. and donated some to alliance bought from your gift pack . So hope can get Nemesis this time 😀 @Madlen
  3. Stanleun

    One Time Offers

    I got the Eldrak version. But many member received the Nemesis version. I also want this one . It is unfair . Is it any chance have the twice turn if I don't buy Eldrak ( I had that pal long time ago )😭 @Madlen
  4. i just read the new post for new update for window. I try again , thanks
  5. @Sasch I reported this problem one week before, but still not slove . please check ....... thanks
  6. I heard new members of our alliance ask and complain that they can't find the place and input their friend code. It happens every time before the conquest event, and be normal after the event. I took their screenshots today and found that Is the icon of the Conquest that covers the input location of the friend code, please check ............ thanks
  7. Cannot connect to facebook for those new log-in in PC , It started from yesterday. Many of my friends met this problem, But It still connected for those log-in before. please check , thank you
  8. It was the worse chance to get pal than before pal event. I got no pal open almost 20 chests. And only 3 pals for whole alliance ???
  9. Now how is the weekly event cycle arranged ? Now that the previous rules have changed, especially in the two weeks, We just keep waiting for the whole weekend and don’t know how to make arrangements for the worker and forge . @Madlen
  10. no weekly event arranged this week ? forgot ? This rarely happens. If this is the case, please announce it early, without everyone stop everything for waiting . ? @Madlen
  11. Archimedes' Wisdom show increases the duration of the pal's stun spell by 0.8s, but it actually increase 0.1s only, please fix it ?
  12. The last Pro Shop update was on 27 Jul, That was no advance announcement that time ?
  13. Why no one answer and slove this problem , all of our member waiting for get in the map , it waste 1.5 hour already . my alliance : 劍之初心 @Pete @PaSte @Lisa
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