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  1. Philipp22101999

    4.0 shut down / reset the game to 3.9

    The conquest mode is very good and 4.0 is a lot better than 3.9, but 4.0 needs some improvments in the conquest Mode. I like 4.0 but i haven‘t like 3.9 as much as 4.0, because i like the conquest mode. I think when the rewards in conquest mode are better, the game will be better than fit 4.0.
  2. Philipp22101999

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    I have the same problem in Windows 10. When i klick in the trophy Icon, the game kick ne and then the Second hey Workshop.
  3. Philipp22101999

    About the new manager!!

    Welcome @Madlen I hope you have fun in the game and you can help other people if the have questions.
  4. Philipp22101999

    How many of you have the bloody pumps?

    I agree with you, I also think we need a festival
  5. Philipp22101999

    no weekly event this week ?

    What about festivals in the futere of the game? Will there be any festivals in the futere or is this game mode a game mode from the past and there won‘t be any festivals in the futere? @PaSte