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  1. Stop! The festival is shorter and shorter. We barely have time to have an article that is already finished. We could have a Festival with a reasonable duration, from Thursday to at least the Friday of the following week. Or do it in 2 parts after the conquest, then after the war. Because here it's unmanageable. Unless you want us to spend our diamonds ... But what interest if we must spend each time to have a second article. I do not dare to mention the 3rd article. Thanks to Flaregames for doing the necessary to make the Festival a real time and fun game, without the frustration that already in this game is quite common.
  2. Can we expect dynamism for levels over 130? Many of us leave. Do you plan a queries system every day to have fun? Can we expect a real rise in levels, with a cash flow of 20 million, and at least 3+ levels of each building / tower / lot / unit?
  3. Hello Can you raise the hero level to 200 so that level 130 players have a real interest in the experience? Another question, can you create new bonuses for wars as well as modernize them as the system starts to age? Question also about the quests, when will the renewal? Can you create a diamond mine, which one would evolve so, like taverns, to have a few diamonds every day? Well, I wanted to thank you for the new war / ninja / conquest / ninja-festival rhythm and also guardians, a pretty interesting principle. Good continuation.
  4. Diddy7

    Wake up Flaregames!

    I want to make it clear that this is more of a reflection than a suggestion for improvement. I think that the game goes too much in a collective direction, and that it penalizes it a lot. Now, all the events are turned to the collective: - the war, since always, and it's normal - ninjas, with interesting collective rewards - conquest, new game mode where all alone you can do nothing - the pro league, with bonuses depending on the collective result In short, the game put more and more collective, and it is not the improvement of the buildings of the conquest that will affirm the opposite. It takes gold from the alliance, which is paid by the players of the alliance. And the individual game in all this? There is the festival, but so rare (unless you are monthly, what I doubt) .... the dungeon, but when it's finished ... and that's it! So, after this short analysis, I think it would be wise to think also of the alliance, and not the expenses of gems: - Penalize the jumpers, who go from team to team without doing anything! It's unbearable! - We earn gold rewards for alliance - Do not do more events based on the collective, there are enough - Increase the donation ceiling The current problem is that the big 80 level alliances had a lot of gold before the maj 4.0, while the alliances below must manage the bonuses, the fortress improvements and the jumpers because some of their players are attracted by the big alliances . So Flaregames, are you going to do anything to improve the conditions of the average alliances, which are dragging on? Or are you going to leave this system, which only benefits big teams? When are you going to make unique challenges without the leaders of the team constantly watching to wear out the nerves? When will the hero be able to win interesting stats over level 130 again? Diddy7, an angry leader (French to English translation by Google)
  5. I would add that a shorter conquest would be a bad idea. It is necessary to improve the timing, the fast victories (so that one is the time of reaction, especially in a day of work) and the rewards (completely derisory at the moment). Rewards during conquest would be a good idea, with why not creating reward for covenant gold.
  6. The complaints about the conquest, we have heard enough. Flaregames knows the timing problems and will correct them gradually. For once we have a new game mode, with an interesting system, a tactical implementation and a need for coordination in the alliance. I find that very interesting. Those who complain do not play for more than 4 years, have not witnessed any progressive improvements. Now, you need everything right now. You do not remember the first waiting time of ninjas? There was a correction. The rewards of ninjas? There was a correction. The rewards of war? There was a correction. Let's be patient, learn more about this second conquest and see if it's better or not. And nobody forces you to intervene every 2 hours, there are generals for that.
  7. You can join my team that I started from scratch 2 years ago ? It's a big challenge! ("Guerriers de Diddy7") ?
  8. It's been 18 months since I'm at level 130. I've just passed the 5,700,000,000 XP and I was waiting for new and 4.0 impatiently. Flaregames would need to raise the level cap (150? 200?) So that level 130 players can continue their progression. Flaregames, when are you going to increase the levels?
  9. Personally, I do not understand this movement. Being one of the most experienced players in the game (in terms of XP), I was looking forward to a change. We had months and months of silence and platonic play where lassitude became immense. And now, Flaregames starts to move and we protest? But what are we protesting? Large teams that have too many subscriptions? Great teams that crush the game? Big teams that influence everyone? I do not understand. On the contrary, we should push Flaregames to continue its novelties started since 4.0, and stop being conservative on a game that was out of gear. Suggest ideas other than making your life easier than before. We have some chengement, more or less bad but we have, and that's it!
  10. The festival must regain all its glory in 2-3 weeks and not 1 week ...
  11. This is my last idea for today Flaregames should give us the means to defend ourselves against the new balancing that has seriously increased the defenses. An increase in buildings (with waves, troops and spells) would counter, instead of another balancing. Obviously, it's an endless circle, but it's also the goal to advance the game, especially for players who have already made the most of their buildings in their village.
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