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  1. the problem isnt low level Phoebe aliance beast 3 and hero level 106 no problem just push and kanon do the rest use donkey instead of schield the problem is level 6 and up for Alliance and hero level 115 and up if a level 130 has a howl aliance level max it also hard work but 6seconds its gone and no need of spells vs Phoebe who goes in mad mode destroys 90% of troops still not dead after 30+seconda so you must buy a time spell 15 every battle you fight.. with time spell Phoebe goes down rapid but dont like to spend gems we are a top 40 Alliance only up against stong members last conquest 30 attacks =450gems Thanks for tip of toxicspell i gone try but mine is weak didnt use it /forged it for ages
  2. hi all.. dont like too complain but feel i need to i am a win10 player iam a level 114 player Phoebe takes 35 sec and 90% off my troops before a dicide too buy one or two spells a 15 gems a pop so i dont lose too much trophy for compearance howl l10 6 seconds bucky level9 4seconds and no gems spells 99% of opponents have phoebe be fair downgrade Phoebe like you did cerus ps for those who say archer and mega archer kill Phoebe easy maybe on os or android but not for win10
  3. Hi to all i am rebooting dutchie a level 24 alliance Our Alliance is dutch Chat is english all level/nation players are welcome we are a fun Alliance just play donate as you can we only delete you: if you didnt come online in 7days and became inaktive if you misbehave in chat
  4. Hi Is the breadsuit a bug or did flare activaded this to exclude cheaters since today i use bug to gain a player who went up 30000 in just 2 hours dont like to lose to a cheat but dont want to become a cheater a well. friendly regards
  5. Dungean exploit fix. poor o poor!! low level players a 500 player yield as much as a 2000 player with bread 17 =35medals 500 medal 45sec to beat 2000 medal 3.4 min do the math dont think its smart a low level will quit when he is attacked 300 times a day not good for the survival of the game fix medal yield first friendy regards
  6. Today i had thusties out of birthday/chrismass chests 6/12 for next level 5 last i checked and there gone 0/12 for next level 5 6 gone missing playing windows10 pc
  7. The chat list in the game is too short. If you type someting with in 20min. it gone Making it harder to communicate with players who are not using other chat services
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