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  1. Hi Byhyo, We do sincerely apologize for the delay. Our Support Staff is unusually busy at the moment, but they will surely get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for hanging in there!
  2. Hi abrada, Thanks for your message and sorry to hear that. Please contact our customer service. Thank you and good day!
  3. Madlen

    Donation Cycle Vote

    Thanks all for participating.
  4. Madlen

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    I am scared of this panda 🐼
  5. Madlen

    Share the love^^ (emoji) + new like button

    Changed the Like-Button as well as per request!
  6. Madlen

    PRO-League GEAR for Sale

    Thanks for opening a thread here. Bumping this topic, let's see what the others think.
  7. Madlen

    Updated Profile Options

  8. Madlen

    Updated Profile Options

    Hi, I realized the forum asks for ICQ names and AIM chat bwahahahaha, all that was missing was My - Space and welcome back to the trip to 2005! Anyways, I have updated the options a bit. Hope you enjoy! Please note: Only share information you are comfortable with sharing and none of this info is a must!
  9. Madlen

    Hunter Armor PRO League Hunter Cup

    I suggest opening a thread with this suggestion in the feature request section 💟. Thank you!
  10. Madlen

    Share the love^^ (emoji) + new like button

    I will think about the thumbs up. No angry emoji but thank you for the suggestion!
  11. Some lighthearted news for today. I added a love emoji to the possible reactions on the forum. Share the love^^
  12. Madlen

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    How dare you ask a lady how old she is? 😮
  13. Hi there, The devs like both of your suggestions. We will discuss internally (feasibility and so on) Thank you!
  14. Madlen

    Favorite children series and their music

    Oh wow, these were the days back then, but I never really liked Pumuckl to be honest (haha oh mei, das waren nochZeiten, aber Pumuckl war mir nie sympathisch)
  15. Hi there, I have forwarded it to the devs. If I get an answer I will make sure to post it here! Thanks for your suggestions.