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  1. I love this πŸ’Ÿ
  2. Madlen

    cover the costs of boosts

    Hey there guys , I have forwarded your concern, but I do not have more information yet. Once I do, I will let you know.
  3. Hello there, Our forum will be updated today at 23 pm CEST today (9 pm UTC) to a new version (security updates). We expect a downtime of 30 minutes. After that everything should run smoothly again. If you encounter issues after the update, please leave a comment below. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you!
  4. Madlen

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    The devs provided me with some footage. I am not gonna post all of them today, but let's start with these 2 highlights
  5. Hello, I had to delete a thread called "worried" because it ended up being full of profanity and personal insults. However, if you still want to discuss the topic of the thread, which was how to bring excitement back to players or why you think people are stopping to play and how this could be helped, feel free to discuss below. Thanks, Madlen
  6. Madlen

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    Hello, great idea AK and Hellslord. πŸ‘ Let's see what we get! And let's see if we find in our archive some funny bugs as well that I can post here
  7. Madlen

    unfair matches in the war

    Hello GuruHeinz, Thank you for your question. The only relevant information for the matchmaking is the number of fiefdoms. If you play an alliance for a long time very successfully it could happen that you are being matched against alliances that have a similar amount of fiefdoms, but which are larger. Since it is possible to modify things such as amount of members, active members or trophies before a war starts, the matchmaking is based on the fiefdoms. It is likely that the next time your alliance plays you will get rather easy opponents. I hope this clarifies your question. I have forwarded your concern though and I wish you a "gg" for next time.
  8. Madlen

    sublime edict

    Hello pleasurablydisgruntled, I have forwarded your question to a dev, and we were bot a bit unsure, what you exactly meant from the first comment, so I hope the following text and example answers your first comment: Everything works as intended here. The Heal spell perk works exactly as Hammerstrike for example. It adds a flat amount of bonus heal to your heal spell. For example: A maxed out lvl 16 Heal spell (without pearl upgrades) regenerates 7919 HP over 8 sec. If you equip an item with a Heal spell perk of i.e. 9328 it will increase the Heal rate amount by 985 to a total of 8904 HP healed over 8 sec. If this is not the answer you desired, let me know. Thank you. _ _ _ _ One thing: I think AwesomestKnightest just wanted to help you with his answer, so I think your below answer is a bit overly aggressive. Please refrain from attacking users personally in the future. Thank you.
  9. Madlen

    Friend code

    Hello unnomeacaso, There is a thread for friend codes. You can post your code there: Thank you
  10. Madlen

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    Moving this to General discussion - Pals and Beasts.
  11. Hello guys, the original posters question was answered by me. Then this thread is the usual: - accusing Flare of being greedy and lying (whoa how original!) - attack of the forum rules being enforced (classic!) - attack of another forum user who has a different opinion If this thread goes anymore downhill from here, it will be locked. Last chance. Thank you!
  12. Madlen

    Community dissapointment vbillion

    This thread is going downhill and is now looked. @Edward the 7th and @Eyja please refrain from attacking users verbally by pointing out their upbringing etc. _ _ _ _ _ And one last time: This forum has had these rules for a long time. Too bad they were not enforced in the past and this forum turned into a sea of a toxicity, but now this forum is moderated. Everyone who wants to discuss here in a proper way, wants to chat with friends and wants to inform himself about the game is more than welcome to stay here. And I will try my best to make your issues heard with the devs and to get back on suggestions, improvements and game feedback quickly. BUT everyone, who wants to troll, be toxic, flame, rage, or just leave his hate here, we will have a problem.
  13. Madlen

    New level for defensive waves

    Hi LacunaC, Thanks for your suggestion At the moment, however, there are no plans to add something like this. Have a good day. ___ @Warriornator whilst I understand this is an emotional topic for many, please refrain from attacking users personally for giving a suggestion that you do not like (or at all basically) in the future. Thanks all.
  14. Hi there, 1+2 - We cannot fix the blessing. This has occurred because of the issue with the prolonged blessings. We won't fix it any further, because it may cause other issues, but essentially the fix has ensured that the problem won't get any worse. 3 - No, it is not forever. They just have additional time. But the problem won’t get any worse. 3- Forging items with multiple stars is significantly better. That is most noticeable when forging an item through a full cycle.
  15. Madlen

    Donation Cursed Quest

    Hello, This should be fixed now with the new update of yesterday. It won't remove quests which are already in progress, but they won't occur again. βš”οΈ